Best Delay Looper Pedal Reviews

#1.Electro-Harmonix Canyon Delay Looper Pedal

The EHX Canyon is the best delay looper pedal for those who want very flexible delay and looper functions in a pedal. There are 8 delay voices, a 62-second looper, and other effects onboard such as reverb.

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Best Delay Looper Pedal

#1.Electro-Harmonix Canyon Delay Looper Pedal

The Electro-Harmonix Canyon Delay Looper Pedal is the best delay Looper pedal that is loaded with features at a reasonable price. There are ten time-based effects that are controlled with onboard tap tempo. For its small size, this is an incredibly vibrant delay pedal. It features eight different delay voicings such as shimmer, tape delay, and modulated delay.

Besides the 8 different delay voicings, you have a fully functional onboard 62-second looper. Additionally, there is a footswitch to start, stop, dub over, and erase your loops. Overall, this pedal is awesome if you want plenty of delay and looper effects. We like that it also includes a great-sounding reverb and more effects.

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#2. TC Electronic Ditto Delay Looper Pedal

If you want to delay and looper functions on a pedal, the TC Electronic is one of the better options. While this unit is very pricy, it also has true stereo looping and a fully programmable stereo delay. This pedal is fully decked out and comes with loads of controls for fully fine-tuning the specific delay or looper effect you need.

In terms of looping, you have 5 min of looping time with unlimited overdubs and undo/redo. This has been designed by guitarists, for guitarists. It is a true bypass and analog dry-through. Note that the Ditto Looper requires a 9 V power supply providing 100 mA or more (not supplied).

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#3.TC Electronic Alter Ego V2 Delay Looper Pedal

We really like the TC Electronic Aler Ego V2 because it crams in the most desirable delay and loop effects in one single pedal all at an affordable price. Some of the cool features of this pedal include a stereo in/ out, a true bypass, an analog dry through delay time, and feedback and repeat controls.

In terms of delay, there are 11 delay types with audio tapping of 7 seconds of delay. As for the looper, there is a 40-second looper that is very easy to use. Finally, this pedal is built with very high-quality components and can take a beating on the road. Unfortunately, the DC adaptor is sold separately.

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#4.Boss DD7 Delay Looper Pedal

The Boss DD7 is one of the industry gold standards in terms of delay pedals and has a decent looper function via the hold knob. We like how there is a tap tempo control via a footswitch. You can also use an expression pedal to control things like delay time, feedback, and effect level.

In terms of delay, the DD7 features up to 6.4 seconds of delay time. There is also a nice modulation delay mode that has chorus-like sounds and an emulated analog delay sound. Overall, we feel that it is safe that say that this is a very “boss” pedal with plenty of delay features and a dash of looper effects.

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#5. Zoom Multi-effects Pedal Delay Looper

The Zoom Multi-effects pedal includes analog delay, 75 looper effect functions as well as a classic 13 amp and booster. Additionally, it offers a true bypass to kill signal interference when switched off. Also, the Zomm has a standard Input/Output and headphone output.

The analog delay really has a natural-sounding delay effect that can be tweaked with parameter knobs. Additionally, the loop function can access other effects or effects chains. All in all, the Zoom Delay Looper offers plenty of options for those hungry for effects. It is built incredibly durable and is even lightweight enough to be portable.

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