Best Serger Thread

#1.AK-Trading Serger Cone Thread

We think the best serger thread is the AK Trading Serger Cone. It has superior quality, and high tensile strength, and is offered in a variety of colors. In terms of value and quality for your money, you can’t go wrong with this brand.

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Why do you need the Best Serger Thread?

If you are into sewing, chances are you may have a serger. Sergers are also known as overlock machines and are a bit different from a sewing machines. The main difference between the two machines is that sergers bind and cut the fabric while with a sewing machine, you have to cut the fabric yourself first.

Sergers bind fabric together with an overlock stitch, which is created with 3 or 4 different threads. On a sewing machine, you typically use one or two threads. In our opinion, sergers are far superior to sewing machines on every level. In other words, it is the lazy person’s way of sewing. Sergers tend to be much quicker, easier, and more efficient than a comparable sewing machine. It results in a more durable stitch and creates a raw clean edge.

We would say the only place a sewing machine is better than a serger is in topstitching or for things that you need a long neck. When using a serger, you will need to buy the best serger thread. These threads will be used in one or both of the loopers in your serging machine. First and foremost, the color of the thread is the most important selection criterion.

Many serger threads will come in a bundle set that comes with many different colors to choose from. Next, you should focus on the purpose, as different threads will have different functions. Some will be good on fleece, flannel, or wool only while others are great for all-purpose threading. Finally, pay attention to the strength of the thread as it will impact long-term durability.

Best Serger Thread

#1.AK-Trading Serger Cone Thread

The AK-Trading Serger Cone is the best serger thread for those who want an extremely high-quality serger thread. There are 22 different colors to choose from and each color is very solid and won’t fade over time. We prefer the black serger thread because it is the standard color. Additionally, these serger threads have high tensile strength, which makes them great for stretching around without breaking.

We like the fact that this is a low-lint thread, which means there is very little peeling and you never run into die transfers. With the AK Trading Co Serger Thread, you get 4000 yards per spool which is more than enough to last a while.

It has the best quality out of all the serger threads we tried and more importantly, it won’t break at high-speed machines.

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#2.IZO Home Goods All Purpose Serger Thread

If you want the best serger thread, the IZO Home Goods All Purpose Serger Thread is a good option. This thread can be used for a variety of sewing projects and features a polyester-covered core for strength. Each cone is 6000 yards, which is pretty large compared to its competition. Additionally, each spool is made of 100 percent spun polyester.

Please keep in mind that this brand comes in 8 different colors, so be sure to pick the right color for your projects. We would consider this medium to be strong-duty thread and used for serge seams on clothes. While it is great for a serger, the IZO Home Goods is an all-purpose thread that can also be used for all sorts of sewing.

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#3.Neon Colors Polyester Serger Thread

We really like the Neon Colors Polyester Serger Thread because it offers colors that many Serger threads lack. These neon color threads are cool looking and really stand out. Each cone comes with 2750 yards and this set comes with 6 cones all with neon colors. We really like the outstanding durability, colorfastness, and low lint of the serger threads.

Also, this thread is designed specifically for serger machines as it is made of strong spun polyester on large cones. Furthermore, we would say the standout feature is the fact that it has high strength combined with a soft touch and sheen of cotton.

It is quite good as a multi-purpose thread as well and is 40 weight per 2 ply. Overall, a great little set of serger threads with great color options.

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#4.LA Linen 100% Polyester Cone Serger Thread

LA Linen has the best serger thread if you are looking for variety. This brand will have many of your favorite colors to choose from with a selection of over 30 colors. These serger threads are made of 100% polyester and come in 6000-yard cones. They are medium to strong-duty threads and are definitely high quality.

The colors run a bit deeper and darker than in the picture and don’t transfer dye, which is always a positive. We don’t really see any downsides with this serger thread. It is cheap, durable, and effective in basically any situation. You can use it for a serger, overlock, merrow, single needle, and more.

If you just need a single color, these are nice and cheap to order individually.

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#5. Foamily Yard Spools All Purpose

The Foamily Yard Spools are great for a serger or sewing machine. These threads can be used for a variety of sewing projects and feature a polyester core for strength and durability. The Foamily Yard Spools are great for a serger or sewing machine. These threads can be used for a variety of sewing projects and feature a polyester core for strength and durability.

We like the fact that there is a low level of lint and that the color does not bleed through. You get great value with the serger thread as well as it comes in a family pack and is just a bit more than buying one cone separately.

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