Best RC Rock Crawler

best rc rock crawler

Redcat Racing Everest-16 Crawler

The Redcat Racing Everest 16 is the best rc rock crawler if you want a solid all round entry level vehicle that’s 1/16 scale. Although the battery and power is not as good as the 1:10 Everest model, the reason we recommend it is because it has great value, increased speed, and is the perfect entry level gadget.


best rc rock crawlerRock crawlers, as the name implies, are scaled down versions of monster trucks and cars that can be controlled by radio frequency through a small remote. The best rc rock crawler is fun and safe for people of all ages and sizes: they can be used by kids, to adult hobbyists, to competitive professionals. Although they don’t have to be scaled down replicates of real life automobiles, many of them are and even include model plastic drivers.

RC rock crawlers aren’t just an average everyday toy for your kids: they are serious and powerful radio controlled vehicles. Many of the more expensive models have alloy multi-link full suspension, solid axle mounts, aggressive treading, road rash resistant body and frame, and more. Although these rc rock crawlers vary in terms of build, they all essentially work the same way: they are four wheel miniature vehicles that are controlled via a radio remote control and powered through a rechargeable battery pack.

A few features you should look into while choosing the best rc rock crawler is cost, power, battery life, durability, and build quality. Durability is quite important because you aren’t just going to drive these things around your paved driveway. You will be pushing these rock crawlers to the absolute limit by taking it to the great outdoors and smashing it up on dirt roads, rocks, and jumps. You will need a rock crawler that can handle maximum impact without parts breaking or falling off.

This is also where build quality comes into play. The type of suspension, tires, wheel weight, steering system, flex and body trim all have to do with how the rock crawler can handle itself out in the wild. A rock crawler with good build quality has the power to go over steep inclines, bumps, and will not tip over when you make sharp turns. We have taken all of these factors into consideration when reviewing the best rc rock crawler. Please read below for some of our favorite picks.

Best RC Rock Crawler Reviews

Redcat Racing Everest-16 Crawler 1/16 Scale (Under $100)

best rc rock crawlerThe Redcat Racing Everest 16 is the best rc rock crawler if you want a solid all round entry level vehicle. Just bear in mind, the Everest 16 is by no means a total thrasher. First of all, it is 1:16 scale, which means it sort of a mini version of the real sized rock crawlers for professionals (1:10 scale).  The 1:16 Everest model is about one third the size of a full 1:10 Everest Rock Crawler. It runs off of a 2/3A, 7.2V 1100MH Ni-MH Battery that is rechargeable.

Although the battery and power is not as good as the 1:10 Everest model, the reason we recommend it is because it has great value, increased speed, and is the perfect entry level gadget. First of all, if you don’t really know if you like rock crawling, or you if want to try it out or buying it for your kid, we recommend you look into 1:16 scale rock crawlers like the Redcat Everest-16. It comes at a much cheaper price tag than traditional 1:10 crawlers and many can be found for under $100.

Here are some of the other pros of using the Everest-16 other than price: it can be easily upgraded/modded and gear switched; it runs faster than 1:10 scale models because of the lower weight/size (so this is good for off-road speed runs, speed trail runs, and bashing). Some of the cons are as follows: it is not so good for heavy duty rock crawling and slow trail runs; it does not handle rough terrain as well and does not have enough torque to make it up some steep inclines; it is generally not as fun to crawl around terrain in a 1:16 ( in our opinion). So there you have it: if you want speed, bashing, and affordability, get the Everst-16.

If you want a more expensive model but the ability to power crawl over any terrain, get the Everest-10. Overall, we think the Everest-16 is the best rc crawler for its size. It comes loaded with premium features like a 4WD drivetrain, spring coil shock absorbers, suspension lifted, and aggressive threaded mud tires. It is about one foot long, just to give you an ideal of its relative size. The battery is charged to full in 8 hours and runs longer than expected with about an hour of continuous play.


Exceed RC MaxStone Rock Crawler Ready To Run 1/10 Scale ($100-200)

best rc rock crawlerIf you want the best rc rock crawler that is 1:10 scale and very affordable, you should look into the Exceed RC MaxStone 1/10 Scale. First and foremost, we believe that you should be using at least a 1:10 if you are doing or planning on doing any serious rock crawling. It is at least twice as big as the 1:16 scale rock crawlers and really built to thread all terrains. You should be using a 1:10 scale rock crawler if you want to have more fun with a bigger vehicle that crawls over steep inclines, large cocks, mud, dirt, and jumps.

The 1:10 scale crawlers will be slower than the 1:16 scale ones, much endurance, power, and crawling ability more than makes up for the lost speed. Since the 1:10 is about the length of your forearm and hand, we consider this a hobby vehicle. It can no longer be classified as a kids toy, although you can definitely still buy it for you kids. The Exceed RC Maxstone 1:10 Scale is the perfect entry level pro rock crawler.

It comes loaded with quality gear including 4 wheel drive, ally lower suspension link bars, solid axle mount, multi-link suspension, full ball bearing, and much more. It is ready to run (RTR) so you don’t have to assemble anything from scratch or from a kit. This makes it simple to get into the hobby. In terms of stock battery life, we got a good 45 minutes of continuous play with it, which is pretty good compared to other similar models. Although it is not the top model for 1:10 scale rock crawlers, the Exceed RC Maxstone has packed in a decent amount of power for the price. It has no problem going up and over large rocks, tall grass, and other obstacles with lots of friction. Its 4 wheel drive really helps power the crawler through all terrain and prevents it from tipping over when making sharp turns. All in all, it is the best rc rock crawler if you want to get an entry level 1:10 scale unit that is affordable and packs in lots of value.


Axial 1/10 Yeti Rock Racer Ready to Run (RTR) RC Crawler ($200+)

best rc rock crawlerThe Yeti Rock Racer is the best rc rock crawler is you are looking for a top of the line crawler and you are willing to pay premium dollar. If you are considering buying this beast of a vehicle, you should at least know some of the basics of this hobby, including how to mod gear and understand industry specs and stats.

This rock crawler comes Ready to run (RTR) which means it is ready to operate right out of the box, no assembly required. There is also a kit version that does not come with a motor you can buy if you are into assembling rock crawlers yourself. If you do choose to assemble a rock crawler yourself, please carefully read up and research how to do so before buying one of these kits. The Axial Yeti Rock Racer is a quality piece of engineering and definitely should not be classified as a toy.

First of all let’s talk some specs: 1:10 scale (about 20 inches long), 4WD, front differential open, back differential locked, slipper clutch, plastic driveshaft with metal joint,  oil filled aluminum threaded , single rate spring shock absorbers, Axial 2.2 BFGoodrich Krawler tires, Axial 4-Pole 3150kv motor, waterproof, and 32 mph top speed. If you understood all of that, please read further. We highly recommend you get a 3S Lip battery for a better overall experience. Don’t worry, with a push of a few pins, you can swap out the battery easily. Playing with the Yeti Rock Racer is awesome with its amazing top speed.

Axial has made it incredibly easy to mod to crap out of it as well, which is always a plus. Also the thing is incredibly durable: bashing the Yeti and taking it out on rough terrain rarely puts any major dents on it. Going through bumps at high speeds is no problem with its EXO suspension up front. With the 3S Lip battery installed, you will pull some serious power. The only thing we worry about is the handling, which tends to be a little nose heavy on jumps and a bit hard to turn tight. In terms of value, even though you are paying quite a bit, we think you get it back in terms of build quality. It is also not enarly the most expensive rock crawler on the market, so excellent dollar to value here. Overall, we say the Yeti Rock Racer is the best rc rock crawler if you can afford it!



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