Best Portable Basketball Hoop

best portable basketball hoop

Lifetime 71524 Portable Basketball System

The Lifetime 71524 Basketball System is the best portable basketball hoop if you are looking for value. It strikes the perfect balance between usability and costs. It has a large base that supports a lot of weight, a great backboard, an easy height adjustment system, and a sturdy rim.


best portable basketball hoopBrowsing for the best basketball hoop or the best portable basketball hoop is not an easy task. There are many types of basketball hoops for you depending on your situation. Maybe you just want a simple functional basketball hoop for some recreational play. Or perhaps you are looking for something a bit more serious and want to organize some street games at your home. Before buying, you need to research and compare all the different factors that make a basketball hoop.

These include but are not limited to the following: backboard bounce, durability, size of the base, portability, and ease of installation. Generally speaking, many people buy the best portable basketball hoop because they are cheaper than a real standard basketball hoop, they can be transported and stored easily, and they are easier to install. The sacrifice you make by not buying a professional basketball hoop is that you won’t have a balanced, long lasting hoop that you can hang off of the rim from.  Playing on the best basketball hoop is a real noticeable difference and we strongly encourage you to look into it if you have the resources. If you need the best outdoor or indoor basketball, read our reviews here.

Best Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews

Lifetime 90040 Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System (44-Inch Polycarbonate Backboard)

lifetime starter hoopIf you want the cheapest best portable basketball hoop that is standard sized, look no further. The Lifetime 90040 Portable Basketball System is the perfect hoop for you. For starters, it features a steel frame which has a 5 year warranty. While it is not the most durable frames, it is also not a toy. It does a good job holding up the basketball hoop.

There is also a 44 inch backboard made of polycarbonate that is acceptable. Because the bounce on this backboard is very light, it is also more forgiving and allows players to make more mistakes. While this is great for kids and beginners, if you want a backboard with the bounce of a NBA hoop, you should look somewhere else. Nevertheless, the backboard is quite durable and coated with UV protection so the sun does not destroy it over time.

The other parts of the Lifetime basketball hoop are pretty standard. There is a large base that you can fill with water or sand that supports up to 225 pounds of pressure. It has 18 inch steel rims and a nylon basketball net that can weather any storm. The height of the hoop can be adjusted anywhere from 7 ½ to 10 ½ feet in six feet increments. It is a bit difficult to adjust this alone, so we recommend having someone help you. In terms of assembly, it is quite easy to put together and you can even do it yourself. Overall, this is definitely the best portable basketball hoop if you want a beginner set that is extremely affordable.


Lifetime 51550 Courtside Portable Basketball System  (48-Inch Polycarbonate Backboard)

lifetime basketball systemThe Lifetime 51550 Courtside Portable Basketball System is a step up from the Lifetime 90040, which is their entry level product. It is the best portable basketball hoop if you want something a bit nicer than a starter hoop which is made for kids and beginners. For almost double the cost of the Lifetime 90040, the Lifetime 51550 Courtside more than doubles its features. It sports a larger base, a more flexible rim, a superior backboard, and a much easier height adjustment system.

The Lifetime 51550 has a very sturdy base that holds more than its entry level hoop. It can support up to 260 pounds of weight, which makes it great for those who want to dunk without worrying about tipping over the entire system. In terms of the rim, it is made of solid steel with welded steel net hooks.

There is a double compression spring that makes sure the rim has enough flex when grabbed or when the ball hits it. Basically dunking on this rim should be no problem. Additionally, the backboard on the Lifetime 51550 Courtside is definitely a step up from the Lifetime 90040. First of all, it is a 48 inch backboard which is 4 inches longer diagonally from the Lifetime 90040. With the Shatter Guard Fusion technology, the Lifetime 51550 is made stronger and has better bounce. The backboard is also unbreakable, which is a nice perk when you are dunking.

Another great feature about Lifetime Courtside is the height adjustment system, which makes it the best portable basketball hoop in its price range. The height can go from eight to ten feet in six feet intervals with a speed shift mechanism that can be adjusted with one hand. This is so easy that your kid can easy do it. In terms of installation, it took a bit longer to put together than the Lifetime 90040, but the instructions and assembly was easy and smooth. The Lifetime 51550 Courtside is definitely worth the investment and is a great intro level basketball system that is meant for professionals.


Lifetime 71524 XL Adjustable Portable Basketball System (54-Inch Polycarbonate Backboard)

lifetimefeaturedThe Lifetime 71524 Basketball System is the best portable basketball hoop if you are looking for value and it is also our top pick. It is not so expensive that you will have to borrow money to buy it and it works great as a semi-professional basketball system. It strikes the perfect balance between usability and costs. Compared to the Lifetime 51550, the Lifetime 71524 is another significant upgrade. It has an even larger base that supports more weight, a better backboard, easier height adjustment system, and an even better rim.

The large base holds water and sand and can support up to 300 pounds. Shaq can dunk on this thing and it would be alright. Although the 54” backboard is made of polycarbonate material, it still bounces nicely. Although it is not the regulation 83” backboard, at this price level it is the best you can hope to get. The backboard is large enough that it does not feel like you are playing on a kiddie hoop and garners respect when you are playing a competitive match. The height adjustment system is made even easier than the Lifetime 51550 and also supports one handed adjustments. The difference is that the Lifetime 71524 can be adjusted in an infinite number of increments, making it easy for you to adjust to the perfect height of play.

All in all, the Lifetime 71524 basketball system is the best portable basketball hoop that has a great price and is for people of all ages. When comparing all of these factors, we decided that this basketball hoop deserves to be at the top. Of course you can always just get the Spalding Beast, but you would be breaking your bank in doing so as well.


Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System (60-Inch Acrylic Backboard)

Spalding Portable NBAThe Spalding NBA Acrylic Portable Basketball System is the best portable basketball hoop if you want an entry level professional system. This basketball system is designed for those who have some money and want to have a nice basketball hoop in their homes. Spalding is a brand that is very well known for their basketballs and is a brand name that everyone trusts. This particular Spalding has some impressive features that separates it from the Lifetime systems: a 60 inch acrylic backboard, steel frame, breakaway rims, easy lift system, and a large base for support. The most noticeable difference between the Spalding system and any Lifetime system we reviewed is the build quality. Spalding clearly uses higher grade materials and looks much better.

Probably the best feature of the Spalding 60” is the backboard. Besides almost close to regulation NBA sized, the backboard is acrylic which has a much better bounce than any polycarbonate board. Not only do acrylic backboards last longer than polycarbonate boards, but also they resemble features of glass, which is the official regulation material used in the NBA. In having a bounce that closely resembles regulation quality, you get to practice on a almost real NBA hoop at the luxury of your own home.

In terms of the rim, the breakaway technology makes it so flexible that it immediately snaps back when someone dunks on it. It also offers strong reinforcements so you don’t shatter the backboard when you dunk and hang onto the rim. The 40 gallon base is enough to handle 340 pounds of weight, which is more than enough to weather any storm or any person dunking on it. The height adjustment system is state of the art in that it can go in infinite increments and is easy for anyone to use it. Finally, the system is quite portable, as it can be moved with attached wheels, which can also support a lot of weight and a good beating. This is the best portable basketball hoop if you have some money and want a real basketball system that is also portable.


Spalding NBA “The Beast” Portable Basketball System (60-Inch Glass Backboard)

spaldingbeasthoopThe Spalding NBA The Beast is the best portable basketball hoop you will ever find. The only problem is you need to be able to justify the price which presents a huge premium over most basketball systems on the market. Here are some of its specifications: 60 “ tempered glass backboard, pro image breakaway basketball rim, and a huge 50 gallon base.

Probably the best thing about the Spalding the Beast is its tempered glass backboard. For those of you who don’t know, tempered glass is the most expensive backboard material and is the material used in NBA matches. When you have a tempered glass backboard, you exceptional bounce as it mimicks the real deal. It is great to practice and play on this basketball hoop because of the backboard alone. For on point bank shots, this is the backboard to get.

In terms of the rim, the Spalding Beast has a NBA regulation sized rim. It has a pro image breakaway technology that snaps right back in place when moved. The bounce of the rim is just right when a ball hits it. Again, if you want standard NBA equipment, the Spalding Beast is the way to go.  Everything else on the Beast is pretty straightforward. Its height can be adjusted from 7 ½ feet to 10 feet in 6” increments. Of course you will probably want to keep it at 10 feet to simulate a regulation sized hoop height.

The base is incredibly large and stable. It can support up to 400 pounds of resistance when filled up with water and more with sand. The base also has nice thick wheels to help it with transporting it to the garage for storage. There is even a “rebounder” added on the base, which basically is an angled slab that sends the basketball straight. This is great for practicing free throws. Keep in mind the rebounder only works if you make a shot from facing the basketball hoop straight.  All in all, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get the Spalding Beast basketball system other than the price. It is the all-time best portable basketball hoop if you can afford it.



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