Best QRP Transceiver

QRP transceivers are becoming increasingly popular among amateur radio operators due to their high performance, low power consumption, and great value.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced ham looking for a new multiband rig, there are plenty of options on the market. That’s why we decided to work out which of these QRPs are best rated on the market.

We obviously tested them and selected from kits and ready-to-use rigs to specialized QRP transmitters for a wide range of bands.

#1. Xiegu X-108G QRP Transceiver

If you want the best QRP transceiver, you should definitely take a good look at the Xiegu X-108G.

While it is not the most expensive, the one with the most options, or the best-performing GRP transceiver, we like it because it is good enough for most people and it comes at a very reasonable price point to performance ratio.

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What is a QRP transceiver?

A QRP transceiver, also known as a QRP rig, is a specialized radio transceiver designed to operate on low power levels. These devices are constructed with high efficiency in mind, resulting in superior performance while consuming minimal battery power.

A QRP transceiver typically runs between 1-5 watts of output power, compared to conventional radios that typically run at 50-100 watts or more. However, some people seems to accept that a transceiver operating at around 20 W and even up to 50 watt can be considered as a QRP.

QRP rigs often have built-in features such as digital signal processing and adjustable filters that make them very attractive for amateur radio enthusiasts who want the most out of their equipment.

Due to the low power levels used by these rigs, an external amplifier may be necessary for contacts over long distances or in noisy environments.

With careful selection and setup, however, a well-designed QRP rig can allow users to communicate effectively over significant distances given their limited power usage.

Best QRP Transceiver


#1. Xiegu X-108G QRP Transceiver

When it comes to finding the best QRP transceiver, there are a plethora of options on the market and a few do-it-yourself solutions.

We did our analysis and think that the Xiegu X-108G has the best value. In terms of specs, this is a low-noise, single-conversion superheterodyne receiver. It also has double-balanced diode mixers which do a great job of giving you incredible dynamic range.

Additionally, it has a built NC APC circuit, a transmission power constant, and high control accuracy. It even comes with a narrowband standard 500Hz CW filter. Finally, in terms of receiving sensitivity, you have 0.25uV. And to cover the realization of any WARC bands, this transceiver has a narrow double-tuned band-pass filter.

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#2. Xiegu G90 HF Radio 20W SSB/CW/AM/FM SDR Structure with Built-in Auto Antenna Tuner QRP Transceiver

Next, we have the Xiegu G90 which is the best QRP transceiver for those who have a solid device in terms of performance and signal with plenty of options on the side. We like that this is a multifunctional system with the following options: an SSB/CW/AM/FM SDR standing wave ratio meter, with a built-in auto antenna.

Additionally, in terms of display, you get a lush screen with a VCC power supply voltage indication table, and a transmit signal strength display table. Overall, we think that the Xiegu performs as advertised in terms of build quality and list of features. At this price point, it is definitely not a bargain but is a great transceiver to have around.

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#3. MFJ QRP MFJ Cub Transceiver for amateur radio

For those who are interested in more of a smaller portable transceiver, the MFJ QRP Cub Transceiver is probably the best QRP transceiver for you.

We really like the fact that it makes very low noise from receiver electronics, which definitely makes it stand out amongst the rest of the competition.

Next, you have an adjustable transmitter with an RF output that is variable to zero and two watts out.

You also have a full QSK, so there’s effortless electronic switching which leads to a smooth break-in. And lastly, we just really love the portability. Just set it up pretty much anywhere and get it out of the way easily when you are not using it.

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#4. S-Pixie HAM Radio Transceiver Shortwave Telegraph 40m DIY

If you want a do-it-yourself QRP transceiver option, the S-Pixie HAM branded transceiver is certainly a nice starting point. It is a really cheap system you can buy.

But we have to warn you that it is not for the faint-hearted. While it is definitely cheap, just keep in mind that it is the raw basic goods. And this kit doesn’t even come with instructions, so you will have to techno-geek it out to find out how it works.

Fortunately, if you look online, you can find the instructions and it takes around 2 hours to build if you know what you are doing.

You will also need a screwdriver set, pliers, wire cutters, and a soldering iron. All in all, this is a great cost-effective way to sort out your own QRP transceiver as it is super cheap. But you have to kind of know what you are doing and work to build it.

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#5. Yaesu FT-818 QRP Transceiver

Yaetsu QRP TransceiverLastly, we have the Yaesu FT-818, which is a premium luxury QRP transceiver for those who have lots of money to drop on a fully decked-out gadget.

With this transceiver bundle, you also get an LDG Z-817 Automatic Antenna Tuner and a Ham Guides TM Quick Reference Card, which is basically everything you need to get started.

It comes fully loaded with features that we are not going to list, but just check the website for detailed information.

But trust us, you won’t be complaining about the lack of features. Finally, the FT-818 comes with a 6W of solid output power with an external DC power source. And while using the adapter, you must have the batteries in.

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