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Mr. Brog Pipe Lighter

The Mr. Brog Tobacco Pipe Lighter is the best pipe lighter on the market for those who want a reliable lighter with a 45-degree soft flame. Also, we like the fact that it comes with a 3 in 1 pipe tools kit that retracts into the lighter.


Why do you need the Best Pipe Lighter?

For those of you who like to smoke pipe tobacco, do you know that there are specialized lighters for you? Most people probably think a lighter is a lighter. There isn’t much variation in them except in shape and size. However, if you dig digger into the world of cigars and pipes, you will know that aficionados will make a distinction between cigars and pipe lighters.

First and foremost, a pipe lighter should contain butane. There is probably no exception to this rule. It is the preferred fuel to create a reliable flame. However, different lighters will definitely have different flame types. For example, cigar lighters have a far more aggressive and hot flame that extends from the top of the lighter. This is the traditional type of lighter because you light a cigar perpendicular to the flame.

However, for pipe lighters, they tend to have a softer flame that is wider and covers a bigger area. The most important part of using the best pipe lighter for your pipe tobacco is the fact that many of them draw the flame from the side. This makes it incredibly easy to angle your flame without burning your fingers off.

Finally, a pipe lighter should be compact, safe to carry around, and should be reliable and durable. You should be able to refill the butane in the lighter so that it can be reused again. Investing in the best pipe lighter should be like investing in watches or stamps. They are collectible pieces and serve a very functional role in the pipe tobacco smoking process.


Best Pipe Lighter

1. Mr. Brog Pipe Lighter

For those who want the best pipe lighter with built-in pipe tools, the Mr. Brog Tobacco Pipe Torch is definitely the way to go. The key feature of this pipe lighter is its 45-degree angled soft flame, which really comes in handy when dealing with a tobacco pipe. This means you can angle the flame down perfectly without risking burning your fingers. We should note that the flame size is adjustable on the bottom wheel. Also, butane is not included, so you will have to get your own fuel. But this is against the law to ship lighters with butane.

Our favorite feature is probably the 3 in 1 czech pipe tool. These tools really help you pack and maintain the tobacco in your pipe better and also help scoop out leftover tobacco. Furthermore, you should note that the flame is soft and specifically designed for pipes, which need a softer and wider flame type as opposed to cigars, which need more of a strong focused torch-type flame. Finally, there is a cool little gift box that is included with this.

– 45 degree angled flame
– Soft flame perfect for pipes
– 3 in 1 pipe tools
– Nice gift box

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2. Jifeng Lift Arm Pipe Lighter

We really like the Jifeng Lift Arm Pipe Lighter and think it is the best pipe lighter for those who want an attractive looking lighter. This pipe lighter is made of high-quality metal and it has a bunch of cool pipe imprints on it. Also, this metal is nicely coated and doesn’t rust or corrode over time. The flame lights a good 45 degrees up so it hits just the right angle for pipes without burning your hands. There is a cool little picking tool that retracts into the unit as well.

Our favorite feature is probably just the way it looks, especially the actual fighting mechanics. The lighter opening has a cool little cap that comes out and lighting the flame is really cool as you watch the gears move. Finally, in terms of durability, we find it to last for quite a while longer than the cheap lighters you pick up at the gas station. It definitely works and is super reliable.

– High-quality metal
– Cool pipe imprints
– Nice flame
– Very durable

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3. Extremus Dual Arc Pipe Lighter

For those of you who want the best pipe lighter in windy conditions, the Extremus Blaze Dual Arc Pipe Lighter is the perfect solution. This is a plasma lighter with an open arc, so it won’t limit your ability to light your pipe because of a narrow Tesla coil. Also, keep in mind that this is a double electronic arc, so it lights things much faster than single-arc plasma lighters.

The key features of the Extremus Dual Arc are that it doesn’t need butane and it recharges via USB. It is also a flameless lighter so it won’t pose too much hazardous situations. Finally, it is windproof, so one of the key reasons to get this over other butane pipe lighters is so that you can take it with you outdoors. The trade-off to using a plasma lighter is that it doesn’t have a wide coverage area like butane pipe lighters. In other words, it won’t light the tobacco as uniformly as a butane lighter. But there is a nice little gift box and tobacco pipe that comes with this set.

– Great for windy conditions
– Recharges via USB
– Windproof
– Doesn’t need butane

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4. Tobacco Pipe Flint Stone Lighter

If you want the best pipe lighter with the ultimate performance and a slew of features, the Tobacco Pipe Flint Stone Lighter is the way to go. First and foremost, this lighter is strong durable, and really built to last. It is one of those lighter that you don’t want to lose and will be a collectibles item. We really like the fact that there is an interlocking tamper tool so that it doesn’t slip back when you press on the tobacco. Also, it is quite easy to change the flintstone and the change-out process is pretty seamless.

Additionally, there is a slide-out reamer knife on the side. The flame itself is very consistent and lights up pretty much every time. Also, the flame is rather soft and wide so it spreads much better than traditional lights with a harder flame. And finally, as a bonus, this lighter comes with a very cool gift box.

– Strong and durable
– Flintstone is easily changed
– Interlocking tamper tool
– Reamer knife on the side

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4. Sarome Flint Pipe Lighter

The Sarome Flint Pipe Lighter is a premium pip lighter for those who want to completely splurge. This lighter is made in Japan and done in acute detail. First of all, the lighter itself is made of solid brass and is very slim. It is hard to describe but when you hold it in your hands, you can definitely feel the premium quality. Sure, it will still light up pipe tobacco just as well as some of the cheaper lighters, but you aren’t getting this lighter for its functionality. You get it because it is simple and elegant.

For those who enjoy smoking pipe tobacco and aficionados, the Sarome Flint Pipe Lighter is a must-have. It is almost a rite of passage into an elite club, where membership fees include having a premium lighter. Sarome is well known for making timeless pieces that are even collectibles. To own a Sarome is to buy into a brand.

– Solid brass material
– Top quality lighter
– 45 degree flame
– Made in Japan

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