Best Nail Stamping Plates

best nail stamping plates

Born Free Stamping Plate Set

The Born Free Stamping Plate Set is the best nail stamping plates with quality and intricate detailing. This is a 5 plate set that comes with 20 unique designs. The etchings are just deep enough to hold nail polish but not too deep to risk smudging.


For those of you who are into painting nails and nail art, you are likely familiar with nail stamping. Stamping is the process of transferring special nail polish onto your nails from a template to make it easy to do it yourself. You can always have an professional artist hand paint the design onto your nails, but it is both time consuming and costly.

With the best nail stamping plates, you can choose between many cool pre-made templates and imprint them onto your nails in a matter of minutes. Stamping plates are basically metal plates with designs imprinted on them. You spread some stamping nail polish over them and use a nail stamper to transfer to polish over to your nails. It kind of works like a stamp or the old way of producing books and newspaper.

Not every stamping plate is made the same. Nail stamping plates mostly vary based on the designs offered. Most of the time, you won’t be buying just one design but instead a wide selection of designs. There are usually 10 or so designs on one plate and multiple plates in the stamping plates set. Be sure to carefully examine these stamping plates and pick a few designs you actually like.

Next, focus on quality. Believe it or not, stamping templates can wildly vary in quality. Look for ones with great detailing, high quality stainless steel, and good finishes. Getting a set of stamping plates with good quality means they are last longer. Also, make sure the the etched grooves are deep enough to hold enough polish to transfer over properly. This also factors into quality as the good stamping plates will have nice deep grooves. Finally, make sure that the plates have drop protection and that they sit even. The last thing you want is a wobbly stamping plate.

What are the Best Nail Stamping Plates?

Born Free Stamping Plate Set

best nail stamping plates

We think Born Pretty sells some of the best quality stamping plates on the market. These plates are made of high quality stainless steel and you can really feel the quality when you hold it in your hands. They also have a high polish finish with a thin transparent protective film to protect the plates. The plates do not bend easily and they are heavy and even. They don’t wobble around and stay put firmly on most surfaces.

With the Born Free Stamping Plate Set, you get 5 plates, each with 20 unique designs on them. We really like the quality and detailing that goes into these designs. The etching is just deep enough on all of them to hold plenty of polish. But they are not so deep as too hold too much polish in fear of smudging your nails. It is really the goldilocks scenario. This results in a stamping that is uniformly distributed and precise.

We are not going to teach you the proper steps to apply this as you should know better. In general you should have applied a layer of base coat or nail polish before starting the stamping. We like the fact that there is a design for everyone. They can be used with all sorts of different styles of nails from long, short, flared, medium length to skinny.


Ejibas Double-Sided Stamping Plates

best quality nail stamping plates

If you are looking for the best nail art stamping plates, the Ejibas Double-Sided may just be your cup of tea. It has one side with a collage of graphics like flowers, leaves, vines, and butterflies. And if you turn it over, you will find another side with individual patterns, flowers, and mandalas. This is a great nail stamping template for beginners as it leaves a lot of room for error.

The etchings are set in a way that does product an overflow of polish when you transfer it to your nails. The grooves have just the right amount of depth – not too deep and not too shallow. In terms of protection, there is a cool blue film that protects the entire stamping plate from scratches and drop damage. The double sided plates are nice and even and made of sturdy material.

Finally, in terms of washing and cleaning this plate, it is a breeze. If you just wipe the entire plate with acetone, all of the previous nail polish will go away. You must remember to let it dry completely before you begin using it again.


Pueen Nail Art Stamping Plate

best nail art stamping plates

If you want the best nail stamping plates in terms of value, you can’t go wrong with Pueen Nail Art Stamp Collection. This is a 24 piece nail stamping plate template. Each button has its own unique design and measures about 1.8 inches in diameter. Each and every plate is made of high grade stainless steel, which doesn’t scratch easily when you store it. Additionally, the edges of each button are properly sanded down so that you can comfortably handle them. There is also a protective nylon screen on each stamping plate.

We like the fact that each nail is fully etched, so there is no longer any limitation on your nail’s width or length. The images and designs on the stamping plates are all detailed and crisp, so they transfer over easily. These images are fit for nails of all sizes and shapes too, as there are some big images as well as smaller ones.

All in all, we think these plates offer excellent value. Pueen is one of the most reputable nail stamping brands out there and their products are all quality. With this collection, you get 24 stamping plates and a plethora of designs. The etches and grooves are just deep enough so that the perfect amount of nail polish gets transferred over.


Bundle Monster 26pc Stamping Plate

best selling stamping plates

The Bundle Monster Collection 26 Piece Nail Art Set is great for those who want to go crazy on their nails. It is the best nail art stamping plate with a wide variety of cool images. With the Bundle Monster Stamping Set, you are not just limited to flowers. There are all sorts of designs ranging from animals, to skulls, to geometric figures, to cool lines. And yes, the plates have protective paper on the back so they won’t break when you accidentally try to scratch or drop them.

We think the designs are where this nail art set shines. Most of the designs we looked at have very girly and childish designs. The designs on the Bundle Monster are quite abstract and look cool. And we can definitely vouch for the quality here. These stamping plates are not like the cheap Chinese ones with weak designs and bad etchings. We like how there are different sized etchings as well to accommodate for different nail sizes and shapes.


Gogoonly Nail Stamping Template

best stamping plates

We think the Gogoonly Nail Stamping Template is great for those who want an easy to use all in one solution. This nail stamping plate comes with 60 cool designs on one plate, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing any plates. The plate itself measures 5.9 inches by 7.9 inches, which is about half a sheet of standard paper. It is small enough to even carry around with you on the road.

This stamping plate by Gogoonly also has plenty of protection. It comes with sanded edges, paper backing, and a protective nylon screen so that you can handle it easily. The finish is quite nice and polished and the entire unit is made with high quality stainless steel. It feels quite heavy actually, so you know its made from good materials.

We are pretty sure you will find a design that you like and strongly suggest that you browse over each individual image first. Each image is around 1.5cm by 2.0 cm, which is a standard image size to have on a template. You can use this stamping pad with both gel, regular, and stamping nail polishes. It transfers polish over quite well and doesn’t smudge the polish in the process, unless you mess it up yourself. It truly is the best nail stamping plate if you need something that is affordable and has a variety of designs.



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