5 Best Antifungal Nail Polish in 2024

Fungal nail infections can be an embarrassing and uncomfortable problem. From yellowing nails to brittle and thickened growths, toenail fungus is not something that can be ignored. While there are several treatment options available, the lengthy process and need for consistency can be frustrating. For those looking to cover up this unsightly issue, antifungal nail polish can be a game-changer.

Antifungal nail polishes are specifically designed to reduce the growth of fungus while keeping your nails looking their best. These polishes come in both colored and colorless options, making them a versatile solution for anyone experiencing fungal infections. However, finding the right polish can be a difficult task.

This is why, in this article, we have explored the world of antifungal nail polishes and summarized the 5 best treatments for your infected nail. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or a long-term solution, we’ll outline everything you need to know about fungus treatment through nail polish. So, let’s dive in and discover the best antifungal nail polish for your needs.

5 Best Antifungal Nail Polish

Is Nail Fungus Dangerous?

Nail fungus, in most cases, could be treated with topical (local application of cream or liquid) or oral antifungal medications. Note that oral medication is seldom used nowadays. It is not considered dangerous if treated correctly and on time. In general, nail fungus occurs when fungi enter the skin through a small cut or injury. As the nail grows out, the fungus grows with it, leading to infections.

There are cases where the untreated fungus could spread and worsen the condition, causing pain, swelling, and thickening of nails. In some severe cases, the infection could lead to permanent damage to the nails and surrounding skin. Note that people who frequently use communal showers or share pedicure tools are at a higher risk of developing nail fungus.

In order to prevent nail fungus, maintain good hygiene practices, wear shoes that fit well, and avoid sharing pedicure tools. Using natural nail paint to prevent fungal growth could also be helpful. It is always advisable to seek medical advice if any of the above-mentioned symptoms persist.


Best antifungal nail

#1. Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Care – Best Quick-Drying

Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Care is the perfect solution to strengthen and protect your nails. This nail polish 3-pack anniversary kit includes three beautiful shades – Brave Berry, Resilient Rose, and Total Two-in-One Glaze. The antifungal treatment is designed to strengthen your fingernails and toenails with organic additives and natural properties. It is specially formulated to fight nail fungus and prevent further infections.

The formula is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly and it is made in the USA. It contains biotin, tea-tree oil, garlic bulb extract (not smelly), lavender, wheat protein, and vitamins. The organic nail polish features a quick-drying formula, a brilliant shine, and long wear which will prevent breakage and keeps nails hydrated. The polish is non-toxic, making it safe for everyday use, and an ideal solution for those with sensitive skin.


  • A lightweight coat that dries off quickly
  • Prevents breakage
  • Organic and non-toxic nail paint
  • Anti-bacterial and antifungal ingredients
  • Cruelty-free product


  • The nail paint chips within a few days of application
  • Pretty thick consistency

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best antifungal nail polish

#2. DaniPro Antifungal Infused Nail Polish – Best Long-lasting

Next up, we have the DaniPro Antifungal Infused Nail Polish, which is the best antifungal nail polish for those who want a nice chip-resistant formula with anti-fungal properties. While it doesn’t have the anti-fungal properties of Gold Mountain Beauty mentioned above, it does tend to last longer and doesn’t need to be applied regularly.

This is one of the few nails polishes out there that is infused with undecylenic acid, which is great for eliminating fungal build-up around your nails. More importantly, it is just as functional as traditional nail polish and is pretty much just as durable. This brand comes in many different colors as well so you don’t have to pick pink.


  • Use natural ingredients
  • Long-lasting
  • Use undecylenic acid for better protection
  • Easy to use


  • A bit too runny

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Best anti fungal nail

#3. Dr. G’s Clear Nail Antifungal Treatment – Best Free-Odor

Dr. G’s Clear Nail Antifungal Treatment nail treatment is the best free-odor antifungal product you’ll find in the market. It is made in the USA and is free from harmful acids and unpleasant odors. The secret to this product’s effectiveness is its active ingredient, Tolnaftate (1%). Tolnaftate is an antifungal agent that works by keeping the fungus from growing.

In essence, if you prevent a fungus from growing, then it’ll have nothing to thrive on. It will weaken through time and die out. Note that the main risk with a fungal infection is that it can quickly spread to other nails. This is where Dr. G’s formula helps to lower the risk of spreading to other nails.

To use, clean the affected area with soap and warm water, then let dry thoroughly. Now, apply a thin layer of the antifungal treatment twice a day, in the morning and evening, especially around the cuticle area. With consistent use, you’ll see results in just a few weeks. Don’t let nail fungus get in the way of your daily routine. Use Dr. G’s Clear Nail Antifungal Treatment and take back your confidence.


  • Gentle formula
  • Antifungal and germ-killing solution
  • Acid-free
  • Easy to use every day


  • May take up to 90 days to see full results

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Top Antifungal nail

#4. FUNGINIX Healthy Nail Fungus Formula – Best Strength Formula

With Funginix Healthy Nail Formula, you can finally treat fungus once and for all. This topical solution is designed to penetrate the nail bed of each infected nail, delivering a powerful formula that is the most complete solution on the market. Whether you’re suffering from toenail fungus or finger fungus, Funginix can help you eliminate the problem.

What we like about this product is that if you’re not satisfied with the results, the manufacturer offers a full refund. Note that applying Funginix is easy – simply dab the solution onto the skin at the base of the cuticle and at the edge of each infected nail twice daily. Allow the solution to absorb for five minutes and you’re done.

Not only is Funginix effective, but it’s also natural, safe, and has no known side effects. You can trust this finger and toe fungus treatment to help you look and feel your best again.


  • FDA-approved
  • Active ingredient
  • Good blend of natural oils and minerals
  • USA made


  • May take some time for old fungus

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#5. Rejuvica Health Better Nail Fungal Nail Treatment – Best Seller

Rejuvica Health Better Nail is a best-selling antifungal nail paint that uses a combination of science and nature to effectively treat nail fungus. The product contains the highest concentration of Undecylenic Acid at 25%, which helps support the removal of fungus under and around the nail.

This nail treatment also contains six high-quality, organic, and natural oils including Citronella, Lavender, Tea Tree Oil, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, and Clove Bud. These oils work together to nourish the nails and promote healthy nail growth. Additionally, this is an oil-based Vitamin E that helps to keep the nails strong and hydrated.

With a simple and easy-to-use brush applicator, Rejuvica Health Better Nail Treatment is an effective and convenient way to get rid of stubborn nail fungus. Combined with Undecylenic Acid, this product takes the power of science and nature to get your nails back to their original luster. Say goodbye to unsightly nail fungus and hello to healthier, happier nails with Rejuvica Health Better Nail Fungal Nail Treatment.


  • Great formula to treat toenail fungus
  • Highly effective
  • With vitamin E


  • Sometimes the cap may not close easily

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How to select the best antifungal nail polish – A Fungus Treatment Buying Guide

  1. Ingredients
  2. Durability
  3. Color
  4. Application type
  5. Price

1. Ingredients used in the antifungal nail polish

You need to choose formulas with ingredients that target its growth and inhibit further spread. The best treatments often include natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, garlic bulb extract, biotin, cinnamon, lavender, and undecylenic acid. These ingredients have antimicrobial and antifungal properties, making them ideal for combating the fungus.

However, it’s also important to avoid toxic ingredients that can affect nail health and may harm the environment. Toluene, for example, emits harmful fumes that can cause breathing disability and nausea, while DBP damages sensitive organs and causes endocrine disability.

Formaldehyde, on the other hand, has the tendency of drying out nails (this is what you want) but may cause nausea and breathing troubles (so best to stay away from this). When shopping for a fungus treatment, always read the label carefully and opt for products that are free of these toxic ingredients. By doing so, you can ensure that you’re receiving a safe and effective treatment that will help you get rid of fungus once and for all.

2. Durability of the nail fungus treatment

One of the essential factors to consider when using antifungal nail polish is durability. Choosing chip-resistant formulas can help prolong the effectiveness of the treatment. But you also need to look for a fade-resistant solution for the best durability results. This means that when using both the formula and solution together, the antifungal nail polish stays on for extended periods. In other words, you’ll get a more thorough and effective treatment of the nail fungus.

Additionally, using high-quality antifungal nail polish makes it easier to maintain the nail’s appearance while treating the problem. Overall, the durability of the nail fungus treatment is a crucial factor in achieving the desired results. So, if you’re struggling with nail fungus, using antifungal nail polish and selecting durable formulas can make all the difference.

3. Color of the best antifungal nail polish

While most antifungal nail polishes come in clear colors, there are also various colored nail polish options available. Choosing your favorite shade that complements your skin tone and outfit can be an excellent way to boost your confidence and brighten up your day while also treating your nail fungus. It’s essential to remember that the color of the antifungal nail polish doesn’t affect its effectiveness. Whether you choose a clear color or a bold shade, the treatment will work to help clear up your nail fungus and change the appearance of your nails. So go ahead and express yourself with your favorite nail polish shade, knowing that you’re also taking an important step in treating your nail fungus and maintaining good nail health.

4. Application type of the fungal nail treatment

There are a few different application types to consider. One option is using a fungal nail polish, which can be applied to the infected nail twice a day. Fungal nail polish is specifically designed to penetrate and treat the common nail fungal infection, and provides a protective barrier against future infections.

However, it’s important to choose a flexible but ergonomically designed applicator that helps spread the product precisely on your nails. Avoid polishes with wide-headed brushes as they usually pick up excess product resulting in uneven application. Additionally, if you want to prevent fungal nails from occurring, an antibacterial hand sanitizer may be useful to keep your nails and skin clean.

You can also use a type of antifungal cream but this does not provide the nice finish nail polish you’re after. It’s important to keep your nails trimmed and avoid sharing nail clippers or files with others to avoid spreading the infection. With careful application and consistent use, fungal nail polish can effectively treat and prevent nail fungus.

5. Price of a fungal nail infection remedy

Fungal nail infections can be a pesky problem for many people, and the cost of treating them varies depending on the remedy. One common method of fighting fungus is through the use of topical treatments. Some of these treatments come in the form of a cosmetic nail polish that has antifungal properties. These types of polishes can range in price from around $10 to $50, with most products falling within the $20 price tag.

It is important to note that the effectiveness of these treatments may vary, so it may be necessary to try multiple products before finding one that works well for you. Additionally, there may be other costs associated with treating a fungal nail infection, such as visits to a doctor or podiatrist. While the cost can certainly add up, the discomfort and embarrassment caused by a fungal nail infection may make it worthwhile to invest in a reliable treatment solution.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

What Is Nail Fungus?

Nail fungus is a common fungal infection that affects millions of people worldwide. It is a natural fungal growth that occurs in, around, or under the nails. The fungus thrives in warm and moist environments and can easily spread from person to person. The infection causes the nail to thicken, become discolored, crumble, and break. In some cases, it may also cause a foul odor, degraded appearance, and little pain. Unfortunately, there are times when the fungus infects the nails, and in these cases, it can be difficult to treat and may require long-term medication or therapy.

Overall, to prevent nail fungus, it is important to maintain good hygiene, avoid sharing personal items such as nail clippers and footwear, and keep your feet dry and free from sweat. Regularly checking and treating any signs of nail fungus is also recommended to avoid further complications. Overall, nail fungus is a common infection that can be easily prevented with proper care and attention to personal hygiene.

Do antifungal nail polishes work?

Yes, antifungal nail polishes are a solution for those struggling with nail fungus. The truth is, these polishes can be effective in preventing the growth and spread of fungi in the nails. They are full of antibacterial and antifungal ingredients that not only prevent the fungus from spreading but also help in healing the nails. However, it is important to note that antifungal nail polish is a treatment option that requires patience and time. Consistent use of the product is necessary to see results.

Antifungal nail polish can take several weeks or even months to eliminate the fungus completely depending on the severity of the nail condition. In some cases, antifungal nail polish may not be the best option to treat nail fungus. In these cases, a medical professional should be consulted to determine the most effective treatment for individual cases. Overall, antifungal nail polish can be a useful and convenient way to keep nail fungus at bay, but should not be relied on as the sole solution to solve the problem.

How to make the toenail fungus look better?

Toenail fungus can be both uncomfortable and unsightly. If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your affected nails, antifungal nail polish is an excellent option. The first step is to clean the area with water and an appropriate cleanser each day. Next, trim and shape the nails, being careful not to overdo it. Finally, file the nails and apply a transparent coat of antifungal nail polish. If you prefer to have colorful nails, you can also choose a colored nail polish to conceal the fungus and elevate your nail game. The antifungal nail polish will not only improve the appearance of the infected nails, but it will also help to combat the fungus. So, pay attention to hygiene and nail care, and you will soon be able to show off your healthy, neat, and stylish toenails.

Can I wear nail polish if I have toenail fungus?

If you have toenail fungus, you might be wondering if it’s okay to wear nail polish. The good news is that you can wear antifungal nail polish to help treat the infection. In fact, using antifungal toenail polish is one of the best ways to get rid of toenail fungus. It contains ingredients like tea tree oil, undecylenic acid, and clotrimazole that help kill the fungus and prevent it from spreading. Plus, antifungal nail polish can be covered with non-medicated nail polish if you want to add some color to your nails. However, it’s recommended to completely avoid non-medicated nail polish if you want your fungal infection to go away quickly. Non-medicated nail paint will slow down the process of the antifungal treatment that permeates the nails and might make it more difficult to cure the infection.

Where to buy antifungal nail polish?

Many drugstores and supermarkets carry antifungal nail polish products, which can be readily available on their shelves or behind the pharmacy counter. You can also order them online from retailers like Amazon, Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens and get them delivered to your doorstep. Moreover, some specialty stores such as beauty supply stores, health product stores, or podiatry clinics may also carry a wider selection of antifungal nail polish options. It’s important to read the packaging labels for usage instructions and ingredients to ensure that the nail polish is suitable for your individual needs. Some antifungal nail polishes contain harsh chemicals like formaldehyde or toluene, which can cause allergic reactions or damage your nails. Consider consulting with your healthcare provider or a licensed podiatrist before using antifungal nail polish to receive personalized recommendations and assess any potential risks or side effects.

What kills nail fungus fast?

Note that there is no such fast remedy for fungus unless highly chemically based ones. These have many different side effects, which you may want to avoid. Natural-based antifungal nail polish is an option that can be painted onto infected nails, allowing the medication to sit on the nail for an extended period of time. Such polish helps prevent further infection from developing. Another option is an anti-fungal cream that can penetrate the nail bed and target the fungus from within. This type of cream is excellent for those that are unable to paint their nails or prefer not to. However, it is important to note that medication should be used correctly and as directed. It is also essential to stay vigilant to reduce the chance of reinfection. Keeping the nails trimmed and dry can help reduce the risk of fungus returning. Oral medication may also be prescribed for more severe cases, and it is important to discuss all options with a healthcare professional to ensure the quickest and most effective treatment.




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