Best Acrylic Nail Brush in 2024 For Top Nail Art

If you are someone who loves to keep their nails always well-manicured, then you must have come across various styles of nails including well-known acrylic nails.

Acrylic nails are popular as they provide an opportunity for creativity and longer-lasting nail art. To achieve a perfect acrylic nail, you will need the best acrylic nail brush possible. And it is crucial to choose a brush that can help you achieve the desired stylish look.

Acrylic nail brushes come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. The right brush for you will be based on your experience and expertise in creating nail art. For instance, professional acrylic nail artists prefer brushes made of natural animal hair as they allow smooth and consistent application of nail gel. However, beginners prefer to start with a flat brush to get accustomed to the process and application techniques. In this article, we will discuss the best acrylic nail brushes for professionals and beginners available in the market today.

10 Best Acrylic Nail Brush Reviews

Best Acrylic Nail Brush

#1. Fuji Hair Acrylic Nail Brush – Top Pick

The Fuji nail brush is the best acrylic nail brush using premium material. This brush has a durable Mahogany Wood handle, which is shaped into a crimped oval to have better control. This product features a large round brush head with a thin tip. It has a large coverage but also allows you to create some exquisite streaks.

In addition, it is very recommendable that this brush works perfectly on coloring the background. It allows you smoothly apply the acrylic smoothly, and easily control the strokes. This premium acrylic nail brush is suitable for both professional salon use and personal use. It will never let you down.

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#2. Pana Kolinsky Hair Acrylic Nail Brush – Best Overall

The Pana should be considered as the best nail brush for its portability and durability. We love the fact that it can be easily brought to any workplace and allows an immediate start of nail art. It brings a feeling of fashion that this product has featured a beautiful beige purple wood round handle, which is decorated by the beautiful purple ferrule.

This brush is not only lightweight but is also easy to hold, making nail art effortless. And it is packed in a specially designed box, which is available in different sizes based on your demand. This product features 100% pure Kolinsky hair, which is high-quality and allows you to apply acrylic smoothly and evenly.

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Acrylic Nail Brush

#3. Makartt Gel Acrylic Nail Brush – Best Combo

The Makartt is definitely one of the best acrylic nail brush sets on the market. Each brush has advanced nylon hair, which has high performance on vivid 3D painted patterns, plaid, flowers, etc. Each nail brush is equipped with a metal stamping, locking the pen body and pen tip firmly, thus making the brush pen solid and durable.

Also, each brush tip is protected by a straight tube, which effectively prevents forking and adds durability. If you love glitter and flakes to decorate your nails, this brush is definitely your best choice. The coating would be even and beautiful.

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#4. Lofuanna Nail Art Brushes Set – Best Size Options

The Lofuanna acrylic nail art brush is the perfect tool for anyone who loves to create beautiful nail designs. This brush is specifically designed for acrylic nail art and is easy to use and clean. With a brush size that is just the right size, you can create the perfect design, every time.

This set includes 6 different nail art brushes, including a poly extension gel brush, nail polish brush, carved brush, art liner brush, and dotting pen. These different brushes help you create a wide range of DIY nail art, including painting flowers, creating fine details, making flat or 3D patterns, drawing lines, applying colors, and extending the nail gel.

Made of high-quality fiber, this brush is soft and non-deformation, allowing you to work with regular nail polish and gel. Its practical design ensures that it is easy to use and clean, making it the perfect choice for anyone who loves to create beautiful nail designs at home. So, whether you’re a nail art pro or just starting out, the Lofuanna acrylic nail art brush is the perfect tool for you

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#5. Future BuyZ Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush – Best For Daily Use

We recommend the Future BuyZ as the best nail brush for its durability. Each brush in this set features a stainless steel grade handle, which is easy to clean. Each brush comes in a plastic round tube, which can effectively prevent the brush from dust, dirt, and so on.

We love the fact that these brushes have nice craftsmanship. The brush hair all sticks together firmly, providing a perfect feel when doing nail work. Finally, this product is designed for all levels, ages, and sex. Whether you are a beginner or a senior manicurist, this brush set will not let you down.

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#6. Aokitec 100% Kolinsky Sable Hair Acrylic Nail Brush – Best Sturdy

This brush boasts 100% Kolinsky Sable hair which is more flexible, softer and has better absorption and ductility. It’s superior coloring also sets it apart from ordinary nylon nail brushes. Plus, the sable hairs don’t fall off easily so your brush can be used for a long time.

The head of this Kolinsky sable brush is round, making it perfect for various kinds of nail art including gel nail polish, acrylic nails, and nail painting. Multiple sizes are available, catering to different needs such as nail extensions, carving, and more.

Before its first use, the brush should be rinsed with brush cleaner or liquid monomer to remove any residue. After the manicure, it’s recommended to clean the brush with the same cleaners and then remove any moisture with a paper towel before storing it away.

The handle of the Aokitec Kolinsky Acrylic Brush is made of precious wood which makes it aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to hold. The brush also comes with a separate straight tube to prevent the Sables from forking, which extends the life of the product. This powerful combination of superior quality materials and thoughtful design makes this brush easy to maintain and an investment that will not disappoint.

Overall, this Aokitec brush is one of the best brushes out there, ensuring that every stroke of the brush helps you create flawless nail designs. Invest in quality with the Aokitec 100% Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush.

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#7. Modelones Acrylic Brush Size 8, 100% Pure Kolinsky Hair – Best Acrylic Nail Brush For Beginners

If you are looking for a high-quality acrylic nail brush that’s perfect for both professional nail salons and beginners new to acrylic nail art, then look no further than Modelones Acrylic Brush. This brush is made with 100% pure Kolinsky Sable hair. As such, it is very soft, natural, and smooth, making it easy to paint and create beautiful designs.

Featuring a sturdy handle made from natural hardwood, this brush is not only durable and sweat-resistant but also easy to handle, making it perfect for all skill levels. In essence, this is the perfect acrylic nail brush for beginners and for professional nail salon operators. The round-shaped brush head is designed specifically for use with acrylic powder, nail extension, and nail carving, and the sturdy alloy tube holds the hair firmly, ensuring it doesn’t split or deform with use.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out in the world of nail art, Modelones Acrylic Nail Brush Size 8 is the perfect tool for creating stunning acrylic paint designs. And while a new brush may experience some shedding during the first few application sessions, rest assured that the molting will stop after a few uses. This will leave you with a reliable, high-quality brush for all your nail art needs.

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#8. Saviland Acrylic Nail Brush Set – Best Durable

The Saviland Acrylic Nail Brush Set is the perfect addition to your nail art design tool kit. This set contains three different sizes (size 8, size 10, size 14) of high-quality and durable nail brushes made of premium Kolinsky hair. The bristles offer proper flexibility, providing you with a smooth and effortless application every time.

The metal stamping design of these brushes firmly locks the pen body and pen tip, making it strong and long-lasting. Whether you’re an expert or just a beginner, these brushes are great for acrylic nail kits or as replacement brushes to do nail extensions at home.

Before the first use, make sure to soak the brushes in warm water for one minute to wash off the sealing wax on the surface. These brushes are not just ideal for nail art designs but can also be used as hair brushes. Invest in Saviland Acrylic Nail Brush Set today and achieve beautiful, professional-looking nails every time.

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Best Nail Brush For Smooth Application

#9. Yasterd Acrylic Nail Brush Set – Best For Smooth Application

The Yasterd Acrylic Nail Brush Set is the perfect tool for creating smooth and flawless acrylic nails. Made with 100% Kolinsky Sable Hair, this brush set is best for smooth application, providing comfort and easiness while drawing. Its lightweight design makes it easy to hold and control, making it convenient for you to create various 3D patterns, grids, or flowers.

The durable design of this brush set is made with hardwood and a sturdy alloy ferrule that holds the Kolinsky sable hair firmly to prevent splitting or deformation of the hair. The crimped oval-shaped brush head is specially designed for acrylic powder, nail extension, and nail carving, making it suitable for all nail art nail extensions or carvings.

After every use on a single nail, make sure to clean the brush with brush cleaner to prevent the acrylic powder from clumping. Avoid using acetone to clean the brush, as it may damage the bristles. For an easy and convenient way to create beautiful acrylic nails, choose the Yasterd Acrylic Nail Brush Set.

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Top Acrylic Nail Brush

#10. Modelones Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush – Best For Nail Extensions

The Modelones Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush is the perfect tool for achieving flawless acrylic nail extensions. This brush is made by a leading brand in the nail industry that is known for producing professional-grade acrylic nail brushes. In fact, the brand not only produces the best nail brushes for acrylic but also makes the brush pen.

Utilizing the latest technology, the Kolinsky Memory Nail Brush features a tactile rebound that keeps the Sable hair in the best condition for perfect application. It is made from high-quality, durable metal material and features vacuum dual pressure for precise and controlled application.

Adding a touch of drama to your nail art, the brush has a unique appearance design. The inside of the brush is filled with glitter that can flow anywhere, making it feel like a magic wand in your hands. The Modelones Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush is suitable for all nail art designs, including acrylic application, nail extension, nail carving, and 3D nail art. With this brush, you can create any nail art design you desire with ease.

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How To Choose The Best Acrylic Nail Brush – Buyer Guide

There are 4 criteria in addition to price that you should look into before purchasing a nail brush (or a set of nail brushes). These are:

  1. Brush weight and length
  2. Quality of the brush
  3. Your skill level
  4. Shape of an acrylic nail brush

1. Brush weight and length

If you’re looking for an acrylic nail brush that won’t tire your hand, it’s important to pay attention to the weight and length of your brush. Starting with a size 6 brush, you can find an ideal size for your needs. Brush size measures the diameter of the brush handle at the ferrule (the metal or plastic part connecting the bristles to the handle). A size 6 is approximately 5mm and a size 8 brush is approximately 6mm, while a size 12 is about 8mm.

A heavy or long brush may be unwieldy to hold for extended periods. For fine details, you might consider using traditional artist brushes rather than nail brushes. Smaller-sized brushes offer more precision than larger ones and are less likely to pick up too much product. On the other hand, a larger brush can be helpful for filling in or sculpting larger surfaces. Ultimately, picking the right brush size and weight/length comes down to your personal preference and comfort level.

2. Quality of the brush

When it comes to acrylic application, the right brush can make all the difference. In fact, choosing the right brush for beginners or professionals is as important as choosing the base and top coat. You need need to prioritize quality in order to achieve a smooth, clean finish.

In essence, start with the quality of the brush’s bristles as it is key to achieving your desired look. You want to make sure that the bristles don’t break easily or spread out, as this will compromise the application outcome. But you also need to choose a brush that holds a lot of acrylic liquid and releases an optimum amount depending on the pressure applied.

Synthetic brushes made from nylon are a great option for an acrylic brush. These brushes are durable, maintain their shape, and are not derived from animals, which is a great benefit to those who are environmentally conscious. However, it’s worth noting that nylon acrylic nail brushes are not the best option for holding acrylic liquid during application. They do not carry very well the liquid and as such are probably best for amateurs and beginners for learning purposes.

Investing in a high-quality brush for acrylic will pay off in the long run, as it will allow for more precise and consistent application, leading to the perfect finish every time.

3. Your skill level

Acrylic nail brush sizes range from 4 to 22. The most commonly used brush sizes for beginners are in the 6 to 12 range. This is because it is easier to control the application of the acrylic with a smaller brush for someone who is not used to the process. Balancing the ratio of powder to liquid is also crucial when creating acrylic nails, and beginners find it easier to use smaller brushes for this task.

On the other hand, experienced nail technicians often opt for larger brushes that allow them to finish the job more quickly. Though larger brushes may be more efficient, they require a higher level of skill to use correctly. In fact, beginners may find larger brushes difficult to use, resulting in a messier application. In essence, it is vital to choose the right acrylic nail brush size based on your skill level and experience.

4. Shape of acrylic nail brush – Round brush, square brush, oval brush

The shape of an acrylic nail brush can vary depending on the type of acrylic being used and the desired result. An oval brush is typically used for acrylic nails. That’s what professionals use. These allow for better control and a smooth finish due to its pointed tip that can fit into small areas.

However, if using odorless acrylic which has a thicker monomer than conventional acrylics, a round or square brush can also be used. Square brushes offer more coverage. They spread easily down to the cuticles, while round brush heads that tapers can travel to the deepest places.

Note that some brushes are crimped and pressed at the base to create a flatter surface. Obviously, a flat acrylic nail brush can hold more liquid. The size of the acrylic nail brush is also an important consideration, with sizes ranging from small to large. Overall, the shape and size of the acrylic nail brush play an important role in achieving a perfect and smooth acrylic nail application.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What size of acrylic nail brush is best?

Choosing the right size acrylic nail brush is crucial for achieving the perfect nail art. For beginners, experts recommend starting with a size 6 brush for easy handling and better control over the liquid application.

However, the best size for an acrylic nail brush is around 8 because it has a precise, pointed tip which allows for accurate application. Size 8 brushes are small enough to give you full control of your design, but also large enough to provide enough coverage for the nail bed. This is the best acrylic nail brush number for beginners to advance.

As you progress in your skills, you can gradually upgrade to larger sizes, such as size 12 or more, depending on your level of comfort and the complexity of your desired design. An acrylic nail brush is an essential tool for every nail artist and professional, so it’s imperative to choose the right size that will enable you to achieve those perfect results.

Should I crimp an acrylic brush?

If you are looking to apply acrylics with an acrylic nail brush, it is best to avoid crimping the brush. Although you may be tempted to crimp your brush to make it look more stylish, doing so can impact its performance. In fact, oval-shaped acrylic nail brushes are the best for applying acrylics as they provide smooth and even coverage. The reason for this is that crimping actually turns the ferrule from round to oval, which causes the bristles to fan out and rest flat.

This can make it more difficult to achieve precise and controlled strokes with the brush. So, instead of crimping your brush, invest in a good set of brushes that are great for acrylic application, and ensure you are using an oval-shaped brush for the best results. By doing this, you can expect stunning acrylics every time.

How should the best acrylic nail brush be cleaned?

Acrylic nail brushes should always be kept clean in order to maintain their quality and effectiveness. These brushes are designed specifically for use with acrylic nail products and are made with synthetic bristles in varying lengths. In addition, its acrylic handle makes them more durable and resistant to corrosion.

Cleaning your acrylic nail brush after use is essential to remove any product build-up on the bristles, which can cause future application problems. For routine cleaning, simply give your nail brushes a wipe down with some monomer and a lint-free cloth. If there is stubborn build-up, you can soak the brushes in a shallow dish containing some monomer for around 2 hours up to overnight, depending on the amount of build-up.

After soaking, rinse the bristles with warm water, put them on a towel, and let them air dry. You can then repeat the process by soaking them again in fresh monomer for 2 hours and finally lay them flat on a towel, allowing them to dry completely. By following these steps, you can ensure that your acrylic nail brushes remain clean and effective for longer.

Can you use any type of brush to do acrylic nails?

When it comes to doing acrylic nails, not all brushes are created equal. Although it may seem tempting to grab any old brush lying around in your collection, the truth is that not all brushes are suitable for acrylic nails. The ideal brushes to use for acrylic nails are actually acrylic brushes. These types of brushes have pointed tips that provide a precise application for a smooth and polished finish. The pointed tip of an acrylic brush also allows for accuracy in applying the perfect amount of product onto the nail.

Using a non-acrylic brush can result in a less precise application and won’t give the same level of control. Investing in a set of quality acrylic brushes will help you achieve a professional-looking result and will make your acrylic nail application process much easier and seamless. So, before you sit down to do a set of acrylic nails, make sure you have the right tools to get the job done right.

How long do the best brushes for acrylic nails last?

On average, an acrylic nail brush can last anywhere from 3 to 12 months, depending on how frequently it is used and how well it is cared for. Proper care includes cleaning the brush after each use and storing it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. However, with exceptional care, a high-quality acrylic nail brush can potentially last up to 2 ½ years.

Investing in a good quality brush and keeping it in good condition will not only lead to better nail designs but also save you money in the long run by avoiding the need to frequently replace brushes. Remember to regularly inspect the bristles of your acrylic nail brush for signs of wear and tear, and always use a gentle cleaner to keep it in top condition.

How can a brush for acrylic be prevented from getting hard?

Acrylic nail brushes are a crucial tool for anyone who’s into nail art. However, they are inclined to harden, which can make their use difficult. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to take good care of your brush. One method is to add enough monomer to a glass container so that the bristles are covered.

Although it’s important not to spill monomer on the ferrule or handle, as it may cause damage to the brush. It may take several days for the product to soften and restore the brush, so you should continually ensure there’s enough monomer in your container. By using this technique, you can extend the life of your acrylic nail brush and keep it in top condition, ensuring that it’s forever ready to use and creating beautiful nail art.


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