Best Nail Stamper – Top Nail Art Stamper in 2024

If you are trying to get into nail stamping and don’t know where to start, you are in the right place. Making cool and intricate designs on your fingers, or toenails requires a lot of tools and time. Of course, you can always just pay a visit to the nail salon, but that would take the fun out of it all. Plus it may be quite costly.

Nail stamping requires you just have a nail stamper, stamping nail polish, stamping plates, and a stamping scraper. You apply nail polish into the grooves of the stamping plates and make it even with the scraper. Then, ideally with the best nail stamper, you stamp out the design from the stamping plate and transfer it to your nail.

You may blindly assume that all nail stampers are created equal. Nail stampers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. First and foremost, you need to pick a size that more or less lines up with the size of your nails. So keep in mind here that longer stamps generally suit longer nails.

You need to also consider the firmness of the rubber, which determines how distorted the transferred image becomes. A firm rubber reduces image distortion but you may have a harder time getting nail polish completely on it. In other words, it may be hard to pick up certain images. Also, a squishier curvy rubber will adjust to the contours of your nails better. A firm rubber is more suitable for flat nails.

You should also consider the handle and how well it fits in your hands. Finally, you should consider how easy it is to clean. Some of these nail stampers just wipe off easily while others require nail polish remover or acetone.

What is the Best Nail Stamper?

    1. Pueen Nail Art Crystal Stamper – Best Durable
    2. Winstonia Jumbo Jelly Stamp – Best for Beginners
    3. Goliton Nail Art Stamper Set – Best for Nail Art
    4. VAGA Nail Art Stamping Set – Best Overall
    5. Biutee Nail Stamping Set – Best Design Variety

1. Pueen Nail Art Crystal Stamper – Best Durable

best nail art stamper

The Pueen Nail Art Crystal Stamper is the best nail stamper and scraper if you are looking for a premium set. This set includes one crystal stamper handle, two stamper heads, and 2 scrapers. Let’s start with the nail stampers first. This is a silicone stamper that has a soft silicon head that is 28mm wide with a silver stainless steel handle finish.

The stamper heads are interchangeable and are pink and off-white colored. It goes without saying that it stamps very well and transfers nail polish seamlessly. The head texture is somewhere between firm and squishy so you avoid crazy distortions when stamping. It can also conform to the various contours of your nails.

We also really like the handle, which has a nice grip on it. You can really get some good leverage with this handle. It feels sturdy and doesn’t feel like it is on the brink of breaking if you apply lots of pressure. Also, there is no need to prep or prime the stamper. The stamper handle itself is shaped like a diamond so you can comfortably grip it between your fingers. Plus it looks pretty cool.

In terms of the scraping cards, there is not much to say other than they work great. The scrapers are pretty even and sturdy. They are definitely not made of cheap plastic, so don’t worry about using force when needed. Finally, the nail polish scrapers have teh Pueen logo imprinted on them, which looks pretty dope.


2. Winstonia Jumbo Jelly Stamp – Best For Beginners

best nail stamper and scraper

If you want a cool looking see through stamper, the Winstonia Jumbo is the best nail art stamper for you. The selling point of this stamper is the fact that the entire unit is transparent. This not only looks cool but also serves a functional purpose. With a see-through design, you can view what you are transferring before you actually stamp it on. This allows you to properly align the images correctly, without the need for guessing.

The coolest part about the Winstonia Nail Art Stamper is the fact that you can view what you are printing onto your nails without even lifting up the bottom. There is a reverse image of the stamp on the back of the clear jelly pad so you have a direct view of it from up top. This is some pretty cool technology.

In terms of small nit-picky stuff, the Winstonia has you covered as well. There is no need to prime the pad. Also, cleaning is quite easy with a lint roller or scotch tape to remove residue. The manufacturer urges you to not use nail polish remover or acetone. Finally, you have a free scraper card included, which is a nice little bonus.


3. Goliton Nail Art Stamper Set – Best For Nail Art

best nail stamper

If you want the best nail stamper for value, you can’t go wrong with the Goliton Nail Art Stamper Set. This set comes with 3 different sizes of stampers and two different-sized nail polish scrapers. We really like the variety of stampers supplied here and believe this is what makes the Goliton set stand out.

First, let’s talk about the stampers. You get a green rectangular stamper that is 5/8 inches wide by 1 inch high. This is our go-to stamper as it fits most projects perfectly. Then there is the pink stamper, which has a circular head that is 7/8 inches in diameter. This one is good for medium-sized stamping pads. Finally, you have the double-ended stamper, which has two circular stamping ends attached. One end is a larger circle at 1 1/8 inch diameter and the other is a smaller circle at 5/8 inches in diameter. The smaller stamper is the smallest surface area of the set and used for little touch-ups and finishes.

Next, this kit comes with a metal scraper, which is a bit of an upgrade to the cheap plastic ones that come with most nail stamper sets. It does a great job scraping and works better than most scrapers that we tried out. The only issue is that it can kind of scrape away your stamping plate over time. We never really had an issue with this but some other people think differently.


4. VAGA Nail Art Stamping Set – Best Overall

best nail stamper and scraper

The VAGA Nail Art Stamping Set is the ultimate tool for creating beautiful and intricate nail art designs at home. This set includes everything you need to get started, including 3D nail jewels rhinestones, a wax pen, a nail art stamping kit, a nail stamper, 15 nail brushes for nail art, and 5 colorful dotting tools.

The stamping tools included in this kit are top-notch, with a VAGA nail stamps plates kit, a stamper, and a clear jelly stamper in a stylish purple color. With these tools, you can apply detailed designs of your choice quickly and easily, creating a variety of beautiful and intricate nail art designs.

The VAGA Nail Art Stamping Set is also versatile as it comes with 10 pieces of nail stamping plates featuring 60 unique designs that range from floral patterns to animal prints and more. The decorations and accessories included make it easy for you to create incredible nail designs at home, without ever having to go to a salon. Don’t miss out on the chance to achieve salon-quality nails with the VAGA Nail Art Stamping Set.


5. Biutee Nail Stamping Set – Best Design Variety

best nail stamper and scraper

If you are looking for the perfect nail stamping kit that offers the best design variety for all your creative nail art needs, then the Biutee Nail Stamping Set is for you. This comprehensive kit includes 15pcs 12*6cm manicure plates, 1 double-head stamper, 2 scrapers, and 1 storage bag, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced nail artists.

The plates are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, making them durable and sturdy, while also allowing you to easily get the image you want for your nail designs. The plates are also double-protected with a transparent blue film on both sides, ensuring they are well-protected from scratches.

Additionally, the kit features a clear nail stamper, made of silicone material, allowing you to choose the size and position of your colors clearly. You’ll be able to see exactly where the design will go, and its effect on your nails, making for flawless nail art every time.

Overall, the Biutee Nail Stamping Set is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a high-quality, comprehensive nail stamping kit, with the best design variety available.


How To Choose The Best Stamping Kit – Buying Guide

There are 5 things that you should look into when choosing the best stamper. These are:

    • Nail stamper
    • Nail scraper
    • Stamping Plate
    • Polish for nail stamping
    • Price

1. Best nail stamper – Choose a clear stamper

The best nail stamper must consist of a soft, transparent stamper head. The head is used to smoothly rolls onto your nails. The overall aim is to print onto your nails a design. It is recommended to buy a clear head. This will help you see where you are placing the print, ensuring that your design is perfectly aligned. However, once you become an expert at nail stamping, you may prefer to use a colored stamper or one with a firmer head.

With nail stamping, you can easily achieve salon-quality nail art at home. Simply select a design, apply the stamping polish to the plate, transfer the design to the stamper head, and press it onto your nails. It’s that easy.

2. Easy to use nail scraper

A nail scraper is essential for any nail art enthusiast. It’s the perfect tool to remove excess nail polish from steel stamping plates and nail art plates, allowing you to create crisp and clean designs. Check that the proposed nail scraper is made from high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. The thin but tough blade scrapes away any excess polish with ease, leaving you with a flawless design.

Also check that the scraper is ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold, making it easy to use for extended periods. Any sleek and compact design is a plus that will make it easy to store and travel with. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you need a nail scraper as an essential tool in your nail art kit. Below are the main criteria that you need to look for in a nail scraper:

    • Ideal for removing excess nail polish on steel stamping plates and nail art plates
    • Thin yet tough blade for easy scraping
    • Ergonomic design for comfortable use
    • Compact and easy to store
    • Essential tool for perfect stamped manicures

3. Stamping plate

Nail stamping has become a popular trend in the world of nail art, and one of the most important tools for this technique is the nail stamping plate. These plates are mainly available in two materials: stainless steel and plastic. Stainless steel plates are the best option if you want something that will last for a long time. They are stronger and more durable than their plastic counterparts.

When choosing a stamping plate, it’s important to look for designs that are well-carved and deep enough. This will help you achieve crisp lines and the desired design without having to redo the whole process. Investing in a high-quality stamping plate will save you time and money in the long run, as they can be used over and over again to create stunning, intricate designs on your nails.

4. Polish as part of a nail stamping kit

Not all nail stamping comes with nail polish. While ordinary nail polish can work, it often results in smudging and uneven patterns. This is why you need to ensure that you use real stamping gel polishes (and not ordinary ones). These are a great choice as they have a thicker consistency and dry quickly, making them easier to transfer the image onto the nail.

Note that gel nail polish can also be used for stamping, but it is important to make sure it is of the right type to transfer the image onto the stamp. If you are looking for a remover, acetone or nail polish remover can be used to clean the stamping plate and scraper easily. However, it is important to note that some stamping gel polishes may require a specific type of remover for cleaning.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use a top coat before nail stamping?

If you want to create amazing nail art, it is recommended to use a top coat before nail stamping. A top coat not only provides a smooth surface for the stamping process. It also helps to protect the base polish from getting smudged or chipped. Additionally, there are stampers that only work with a top coat. These are specifically designed in a way that the design is transferred effectively onto the nail. Note that using a quality nail top coat will help to seal the design. It will also ensure that it lasts longer without chipping or fading.

Is nail stamping hard?

Not really. If you have access to the right tools, such as the best nail stamping kits which usually come with a stamper, scraper, and image plate, it’s quite an easy technique. In fact, you don’t have to be a professional nail technician to achieve different designs on your nails using this technique.

With nail stamping, you can transfer designs onto your nails using pre-made image plates. However, not everyone achieves fantastic results on their first attempt. you may struggle a little at the beginning while using a stamper. This is because the first few times, you might not know how much pressure needs to be applied while holding and rolling it over a design. A little practice is all you require, and with time, you’ll become a nail stamping pro.

Can gel polish be used for nail stamping?

Yes, you can use gel polish for nail stamping though it is best to use a specifically produced polish for stamping for best results.

Is nail stamping popular?

Yes, nail stamping has become a popular nail art technique in recent years. While it is still comparatively new, it is gaining popularity due to its convenient and easy-to-use process. Nail stamping involves using special plates that have intricate designs etched into them and a scraper to remove excess nail polish. Once the plate has been pressed onto the nail, the design is transferred onto the nail’s surface. The designs available are endless, from floral arrangements to geometric patterns, making it a versatile choice for any occasion. In addition to its ease of use, nail stamping also allows for creative expression without the need for intricate nail painting skills. For those who lack the manual dexterity to execute intricate nail art designs, stamping provides an easy solution. With all these benefits, it is no surprise that nail stamping has become a trendy and popular nail art technique.

What’s the difference between regular nail polish and stamping polish?

Stamping polish and regular nail polish have some differences that set them apart. First of all, stamping polish is more pigmented, which means that it provides better coverage with just one coat and appears more opaque than ordinary nail polish. Additionally, stamping polish is typically thicker in consistency than regular nail polish.

This makes it easier to transfer onto a stamping plate. However, this also means that it takes longer to dry than regular nail polish. Despite this, stamping polish is much easier to remove compared to ordinary nail polish. Note that nail polish often requires several rounds of remover and can leave behind stubborn stains. As a result, while it may take a little longer to use, stamping polish is a great choice for intricate nail designs that require precision and accuracy.

Can you use shellac for nail stamping?

Using shellac for nail stamping may not be the best option as it is not a pigmented polish. This means that it does not have the same depth of color as other nail polish brands that are designed specifically for stamping. Additionally, shellac requires a specific application process that involves curing each layer of polish under UV light.

This can make the stamping process more time-consuming and tedious, especially compared to using regular nail polish. While some people may be able to use shellac for stamping with extra effort and practice, it is generally not recommended. Ultimately, it is important to use high-quality stamping polishes to avoid frustration and achieve the best results.

What do you need for nail stamping?

If you are interested in nail stamping, you will need a few things to get started. Firstly, you will require nail stamping plates, which have various designs etched onto them. These plates come in a range of styles, including patterns, images, and shapes. You should also get a clear stamper which allows you to see where the design will be placed onto your nail, helping to reduce mistakes. Stamping polish is also essential for ensuring bold, bright, and defined designs.

It is best to opt for polishes that have been specifically designed for stamping as regular nail polish doesn’t always transfer well onto the stamper. Lastly, you will require a scraper to remove any excess polish that is left on the plate after you have finished stamping. Once you have all these components, it’s time to bring your creativity to life with nail stamping.

Can any nail polish be used for stamping?

While it is recommended that you use a stamping polish for nail stamping purposes, it is possible to use other types of nail polishes as well. Stamping polish is preferred because it is creamy, thick, and highly pigmented – making it easy to pick up with a stamper and transfer onto the nail. However, a thicker nail polish that gives your nails full coverage in a single coat can also be used for stamping. It is important to note that not all nail polishes are suitable for stamping.

Regular nail polish may be too runny and not transfer well onto the nail, while glitter or shimmery polishes may not pick up well with the stamper. Additionally, using a topcoat or fast-drying polish can cause smudging or smearing of the design. Therefore, it is important to experiment with different nail polish formulas to find one that works for stamping.

Where can I buy the best nail stamping kits?

If you are looking to perfect your nail art, a nail stamper is a must-have tool in your kit. Thankfully, you can easily buy a nail stamper from various online and offline stores. Many beauty stores have different stampers of varying sizes and shapes for nails. You can also find a plethora of options on e-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay, where you can choose from a wide range of transparent nail stampers, silicone stampers, and metal stampers.

Note, these stampers come with different designs imprinted on them, allowing you to create unique and intricate nail designs without the hassle. You can also find nail stamping sets that come with a variety of stamping tools, including stampers, plates, and scrapers. Overall, buying a nail stamper has become increasingly easy, affordable, and accessible, allowing you to get creative with your nail art designs.

How to use a nail stamper?

It is very easy to use a nail stamper. The below explains the 9 steps to using a stamper.

Step 1: Select the design

First, choose the design you want. When you have done so, lay out all the required tools including the stamper.

Step 2: Preparation of your nails

You need to prepare your nails before stamping. The best thing to do is to use a layer of liquid latex peel-off tape. Apply the tape around the skin surrounding your nails.

Step 3: Apply Stamping Polish

Now you need to put your selected design on the plate. Apply to this design a thin layer of special stamping polish.

Step 4: Use of the Scraper

Slowly use your scraper to remove any excess polish. Ensure you do this with a light hand. Also, hold the scraper at a 45° angle. Swipe all excess towards one side or downward.

Step 5: Rolling Stamper

You are ready to roll the stamper lightly on top of the design.

Step 6: Transfer the design

Transfer the design onto your nails patiently, but also quickly before it dries out.

Step 7: Remove the latex tape

Wait a bit, and then peel off the latex barrier tape.

Step 8: Curing time

Use a UV lamp if needed to cure or naturally dry your nails. The use of UV, LED, or natural drying should be described on the indication that comes with the product.

Step 9: Top layer finishing

It is time to protect your stamping art with a finish of a single layer or multiple layers of top coat. This will ensure long-lasting wear.



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