Best Water Shoes

best water shoes

Chaco Men’s Outcross Evo 2 Water Shoes

The Chaco Outcross Evo 2 are the best water shoes if you want to do hiking and river trekking. It is the ultimate all-around versatile shoe for the outdoors.

Chaco is a respected name in the outdoor gear industry and makes very quality products. They are known for their sandals, which have become iconic.


best water shoesNot all shoes are made the same. Some are better for running, some are better for standing, and some are better for the water. In this article, we will focus on the latter and help you find the best water shoes for your next adventure.

Water shoes are great for any kind of water sport and are particularly useful for walking through water where there are sharp rocks and objects underneath.

They work great for kayaking, river tracing, walking through canyons, hiking, fishing, swimming, and collecting shells on rocks.

These shoes normally have a hard non-slippery sole that will prevent cuts and slips when walking on slippery rocks. The sidewalls may also be made of mesh to make them lightweight and waterproof.

This also prevents the classic squishy foot issue with tennis shoes where the fabric absorbs water, becomes heavy, and squeaks when you walk. Water shoes normally have a closed toe to provide protection for the top of your foot. They also work well out of the water and can be used to hike. Water shoes are not perfect, however.

Because they lack the proper padding to withstand long distances, they should not be used for hiking. They are also not as versatile as sandals, which are easy to slip on and off.

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Chaco Men’s Outcross Evo 2 Water Shoes

best water shoesThe Chaco Outcross Evo 2 are the best water shoes if you want to do hiking and river trekking. It is the ultimate all-around versatile shoe for the outdoors. Chaco is a respected name in the outdoor gear industry and makes very quality products. They are known for their sandals, which have become iconic.

The Evo 2 is built with quality materials and is super comfortable. It features a solid durable rubber sole measuring 1.25 inches.

The upper layer consists of mesh with a stretch collar that lets you put on and take off the shoe with ease while also fully enclosing your feet to prevent debris from going in.

There is a pull tab that lets you slide the shoes on and off easily. There are also laces. The mesh lining is made of perforated neoprene which is extremely breathable and doesn’t absorb too much water.

This makes the shoes lightweight underwater and does not lead to squishy feet when you take the shoes out of the water. These shoes are designed to be worn without socks:  they don’t give you blisters or rub into your feet at all. They feel soft and comfortable. All in all, the Chaco Evo 2 are the best water shoes for all-purpose hiking and water adventures.


Vibram Men’s Signa Athletic Water Shoes

best water shoesVibram makes some of the best water shoes if you are looking for a five-toed boating shoe. Vibram is famous for creating five-finger shoes, which are thin and flexible and allow your toes to flex and curl.

The Signa Athletic series is designed specifically for boating, surfing, kayaking, rowing, and SUP. But really, you can use these whenever there’s water. These water shoes work great for an outing at the beach, where you are afraid to walk in the ocean because of sharp rocks and coral.

The rubber soles on the Vibram work great: they are thin enough to be flex but durable enough to cling on to slippery rocks and not get sliced open by sharp rocks.

The sides and top of the shoe are fully enclosed so that pebbles and small rocks don’t get in. It is also made of a stretch polyester mesh, which is nice and breathable and doesn’t feel too tight on your feet. The Vibram’s feel incredibly comfortable and are a nice pair of water shoes for any kind of water sport where you need flexibility.


Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Sieve Water Sandals

best water shoesThe Merrell All Out Blaze are the best water shoes if you are looking for a hybrid sandal and shoe. While these are technically sandals, we wouldn’t go as far as to fully call them sandals because it doesn’t have a full-on open toe design.

There is a toe cap and the shoes do have mesh around the sides enclosing your feet, but there are small holes built in for breathability. Also, the heel of the shoe is a bit open to adding to its breathability.

The footpads are made of soft foam with shock pads on the front and back to make it easier on your foot. The sole has a creative lug pattern and is made of tough durable rubber manufactured by Vibram.

The best part about these water shoes is that they are extremely light. They are great for someone who wants to go hiking and also tread through rivers and waterfalls.

The holes help eliminate some weight and give your feet more comfort and get rid of odor very well.  Merrell is a solid company and we trust all of the products they manufacture. If you want a pair of water shoes that are more breathable than the Chaco Evo 2’s, the Merrell All Out Blaze are the best water shoes for you.


NRS Boundary Shoes

best water shoesThe NRS Titanium Boundary Shoe is the ultimate water shoe if you want something that is truly waterproof. It has a 7mm rubber sole and footbed. It goes all the way up to your knees so it truly protects your feet from getting wet.

You can take these shoes pretty much anywhere, but they work especially well in areas of floods or deep rivers. The outer boundaries of this shoe are made of 5 mm neoprene that is blind stitched and double-tapped.

This is basically a fancy way of saying even in the upper parts of the shoe, water will not get in. There is a buckle and strap at the top of the shoe and over the arch ensuring that this shoe will stay on when you are treading through the water.

Although these boots are technically boots and tend to be heavier than most water shoes when you put them on they are light as feathers. They are extremely comfortable and we didn’t mind even walking in them all day dry. They are designed for sea kayaking, canoeing, rafting, and in situations where your feet may be buried in water.


More Info on the Best Water Shoes

You should definitely get the best water shoes if you have an upcoming hiking trip that involves a lot of trekking in the water. If you are on a boat, a canoe, or a kayak it is also a great opportunity to strap on a pair of water shoes. They prevent small rocks from getting into your shoes while protecting the bottom of your feet from jagged rocks and cuts.

When your feet are dry and you are ready to hike, just strap on a pair of your favorite socks and use water shoes for walking. These are also great at the beach, when you want to walk in the sand in the ocean but are afraid of injuring your foot at the sea bottom. Keep in mind that water shoes are different from water sandals in that sandals have an open-toe design and expose the top of your feet.

There are a few features you should pay attention to when shopping for the best water shoes. You should first look at the traction because in the end, it is what will protect you from slipping on rocks. Usually, water shoes are made with rubber soles that may be curved or gridded to grab onto rocks and crevices. Next, you should look into the protection at the front of the toe.

Ideally, you want a shoe that covers the entire top of the foot. This not only prevents rocks underwater from falling and crushing your foot, it also prevents small rocks from getting inside the shoe which prevents you from comfortably walking. You should also weigh in the comfort and fit of the water shoes, both in and out of water.

After all, you will be walking in them a lot. Finally, you should factor in quality, durability, and price when making your final decision. Stick to well-known outdoors brands for quality products.


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