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best electric can opener

Hamilton Beach 76607 Smooth Touch Can Opener, Black and Chrome

The Hamilton Beach 76607 is the best electric can opener for those who want a countertop device that is easy to use and operates smoothly without ever jamming or breaking. It is a side can opener, so it starts cutting just under the rim. This makes removing the lid easy and prevents sharp edges on the lid.


best electric can openerFor those of you who consume a lot of foods in cans, it may be time for you to invest in the best electric can opener. Chances are you probably have a manual can opener somewhere stocked in your kitchen. However, you find yourself getting cut often while trying to open cans manually. Maybe you are lazy to move a crank or don’t want to leave a mess or a spill all over your kitchen.

If you have any of these problems or concerns, it may be time to pay a few bucks to upgrade to the best electric can opener. Electric can openers are just the same as manual can openers except you don’t have to manually turn a crank to open a can. In the end, electric can openers open cans just like manual can openers. The difference is that you can open cans much faster with electric openers and it is a lot safer and less messy. To operate one, you simply insert the can along its side groove into the attachment point on the electric can opener and then press a button.

The electric can opener will automatically turn the can 360 degree while removing the lid. Afterwards, the electric can opener will remove the lid via a magnetic arm from the rest of the can. The entire process should be seamless and does not leave any mess. Electric can openers come in many styles and types. The most common type is the countertop can opener, which just sits on a kitchen counter in an upright position. You also have handheld electric can openers, under the cabinet openers, and side cutting electric can openers. You also have industrial can openers for restaurants that need to open cans in bulk.  Please see below for our detailed buyers guide for more information.

Best Electric Can Opener Reviews

Hamilton Beach 76607 Smooth Touch Can Opener

best electric can openerThe Hamilton Beach 76607 is the best electric can opener for those who want a countertop can opener that side cuts and can open cans of all sizes. We like this can opener because it cuts along the side of the can vs along the rim like most can openers. With this design, you have a smoother seamless open every time and you always avoid the problem of the lid falling into the can. Also, with the side cutting design, you will never have to deal with sharp lid edges, which can cut you as you are transferring it to the garbage.

The Hamilton Beach 76607 is extremely easy to use and quite intuitive. You just place any can against the front of the opener until the rim clicks with the cutter. Next press the start button while holding the can steadily in your can. There is no need to exert tons of force here. When the device has made an entire rotation, you can remove the lid easily because it is cut from the side just below the rim. You no longer have to deal with fishing the lid out or using a magnetic arm to suck it out. Because you need to tilt the can a bit, the 76607 can accommodate cans of all sizes, even the extra large cans. There is also a storage slot included and a place where you can put scissors. In terms of performance and functionality, nothing beats the Hamilton Beach 76607. It is the most accurate error free electric can opener we have tested. It never jams, is easy to clean, lasts forever, and operates very smooth and efficiently. What more can you ask for?


Black & Decker CO100B SpaceMaker Can Opener

best electric can openerThe Black and Decker CO100B SpaceMaker is the best electric can opener if you want a multipurpose opener that saves a lot of countertop space. This model is a Under the Cabinet design, so can be mounted under your kitchen cabinets, virtually hanging underneath them. This saves space on your kitchen countertop as well as allow for one handed use, since you don’t really need to stabilize the unit with your other hand. The installation process is pretty straightforward and pretty intuitive.

The unit also includes a swing open door so that the can opener is not visible all the time. The can opener inside works great and opens cans of all sizes. It is sturdy and operates very smoothly. We have no complaints here. When you are done with opening a can, the unit automatically shuts down as a safety measure, preventing your kids from tampering with it. What we like the most about the Black and Decker is the fact that it has other features included with the unit such as a bag opener, a bottle opener, and a knife sharpener. The bottle opener is really cool and saves you some time of having to dig out an individual bottle opener. What we don’t like is that the cord is pretty short (around 3 feet) so you need to mount this near an outlet or use extensions.


Ovente Automatic Electric Can Opener Smooth Edge

best electric can openerIf you want the best electric can opener that is portable, the Ovente Automatic is the one for you. It comes in two colors, white and red and operates on 4 AA batteries. You simply put this unit over any can and touch a button and the magic will happen. It can fit cans of any size as well since all you need to do is fit this device over a can. You can even operate the Ovente Automatic Can Opener with one hand. We like the fact that it kind of smoothes out the sharp edges of the lid so it is harder to cut yourself while throwing the lid away.

There is a built in magnet that attracts the lid away after the unit makes a complete turn. The device lasts pretty long on the 4 AA batteries and you can use it over 50 times safety without having to restock the batteries. OK, we admit, it is not as smooth and seamless as a countertop electric can opener such as the Hamilton Beach 76607, but this is what you kind of have to expect from a portable device. Countertop and under the cabinet can openers have more stability, cut smoother, and get jammed less often. While we did find the Ovente to jam a few times, it wasn’t so frequent that it became annoying. Its performance relies on your being able to hold the device and the can firmly. Overall, this is a great cheap portable electric can opener and while it is not the best performance, you sacrifice performance for portability.


The Best Electric Can Opener Buyers Guide

best electric can openerIf you do a lot of cooking, chances are you have used a can opener. Canned food is very popular because it preserved food for a long time. However, you will need a can opener or some sort to open them. Most people are used to manual can openers which have a number of disadvantages: they are slow, they can cut you, and they can leave a mess on the kitchen counter.

With the best electric can opener, you can avoid all of these pitfalls by only investing a few dollars into a machine that will last a lifetime. If you are buying an electric can opener for the very first time, there are definitely some things you should know about them more committing to a purchase. We have outlined some features to consider below.

Type: Electric can openers come in many types. The most common is the countertop opener, which is usually plugged into an outlet and opens cans of all sizes. Be careful about the shorter models as very tall cans may not fit them. They all work the same way in that a motor turns the can and removes the lid and a magnetic arm removes the lid from the rest of the can. If you want more portability, you can go for a handheld electric can opener, which can be cordless or corded. Cordless handheld electric can openers are very convenient in that they are portable and many come with a charge station. You also have mounted under the cabinet electric can openers.

These are more heavy duty can openers that are mounted to the bottom of a kitchen cabinet. They don’t take up space on your countertop and have quite powerful. They are often used to open other items too such as jars, bottlers, and plastic bags. However, if something goes wrong, they are a pain to fix and to clean. Finally, you have side cutting electric openers, which cut the can just below the rim on the side. With this type of can opener, you don’t have to worry about the lid falling into the can.

Features: While extra features on a can opener is not necessary, they are certainly a plus. It would be nice to have things like knife sharpeners, jar openers, and bottle openers on your can opener. You then avoid the need to buy these items separately, saving you time, money, and space. You should look for electric can openers with some kind of magnetic lid holder so that it removes the lid for you after it is done cutting. Most of the modern electric can openers have this feature. It would also be nice to have a model that fits extra tall cans or one that auto shuts off after use. We also like devices that have built in storage cords that wrap around the base so that you have an easy and convenient way to store the unit.

Other things to consider:   You should consider how easy it is to clean and maintain the electric can opener. One of the pitfalls of electric can openers is that they could get stuck, jammed, broken, and simply dirty. You should look for can openers with a removable cutting accessory so that you can easily remove and wash the blade. You may want to also consider the ease of operation when choosing the best electric can opener. Ideally, you want a model that is very intuitive, easy to stabilize, and performers fast and smoothly without jamming.


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