Best Pitch Shifter Pedal Reviews

#1.Mooer Pitch Box

The Mooer Pitch Box is the best pitch shifter pedal it is incredibly compact, lightweight, and functional. It offers a polyphonic pitch shift as well as harmony and detune modes, which mix in the pitch shift with the dry signal.

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Best Pitch Shifter Pedal

#1.Mooer Pitch Box

We think the Mooer Pitch Box is the best pitch shifter pedal because it is small, compact, lightweight, durable, and has everything you need presented in a simple way. This pedal has a very durable full metal shell and is very small and exquisite. It also offers a true bypass and precise polyphonic shifting.

This pitch shift box feature three different modes through a flip switch: Harmony, Pitch Shift, and Detune. There is also an input knob in the middle that lets you fine-tune the degree to 16 different levels. We like the harmony and detune settings as well, as it shifts the pitch and mixes it back with the original dry signal.

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#2.Digitech DROP Polyphonic Pitch-Shifter

This is a polyphonic drop tune pitch shifter that allows you to change the pitch down from 1 to 7 semi-tones with an option of a full octave with or without the dry signal. There is also a mini toggle switch that sets the footswitch from momentary where you just tap it or latch, where you have to hold it down to trigger it.

The beauty of this dedicated polyphonic drop-tune pedal is that it does a very good job of precisely dialing in the tone you want, with or without the original signal. It is simple and easy to use. Finally, this drop pedal offers a true bypass and includes a 9V DC power supply that can easily fit into your current pedalboard.

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#3.Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork

While the EHX Pitch Fork is technically not a polyphonic pitch shifter, we want to include it in our list because it is simply awesome. This pedal shifts your tone plus or minus three octaves. While you don’t get polyphonic pitch shifting, this pedal does have all of the ordinary pitch shifts from major and minor 2nd and 3rds to perfect 4th and fifths.

There is an input shift knob that can be set in one of 11 positions to fine-tune your pitch shifting. Also, there is a mix knob that allows you to mix in the wet and dry signals. Additionally, there is a very cool dual mode, which allows for 2 pitch-shifted signals. One signal is a traditional shifted signal while the other creates harmony.

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#4.Boss PS-6 Harmonist Pedal

The Boss PS-6 Pedal is the best pitch shifter pedal if you want 4 pedals in one. It offers harmony, pitch shifter, detune, and super bend options. We like how you can control pitch with an expression pedal. Also, the harmony feature is easy and intuitive to use allowing you to be very creative.

Our favorite feature is the pitch shift, which is pretty world-class. It offers a three-voice guitar harmony and has four different harmony effect modes. Finally, there is the super bend feature, which allows you to create awesome effects with crazy 3 to 4-octave pitch sweeps.

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#5.Digitech Whammy

The Digitech Whammy is a top-of-the-line pitch shift pedal that offers chordal whammy pitch shifting with a true bypass. This pedal is used in many famous setups and featured in many award-winning albums and songs.

We like how you can pitch shift in classic mode or chordal mode, which will shift entire chords. There are 10 whammy, 9 harmony, and 2 detune modes. All in all, with this pedal, you can fatten up a tone with the octave harmony or simulate a bass-like sound with the octave drop feature.

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