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best colombian fajas

Featured Product: Diane & Geordi Fajas Colombianas

For those who are interested in the best colombian fajas girdles, we have to give it up for the Diane & Geordi Fajas. They have the best fit in our opinion and are the most comfortable out of all of the fajas that you tried. They do a wonderful job in accentuating your features and is a must have for all women. Click here to jump to the review below.

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Why Wear a Colombian Fajas Girdle For The Stomach?

Its not just Colombianas who love their fajas. They are becoming an universal trend although the term originated from Colombia. Fajas are a great way for a women to get a nice curved shaped body without having to go to the gym. Think of it as a push up bra but for your entire body. You can wear it to finally get that Kim Kardashian extreme hour glass look without having to do any surgery or going to a crazy amount of squats.

But let’s also just keep it real here and tell you that fajas are definitely not a cure all solution to getting those perfect curves that you have always wanted. While to does tend to push the right things into place, it is certainly no excuse to get lazy. If anything, it really does help out your posture and makes sure that you are not slouching when you walk and it certainly makes you look more sexy.

What Are Colombian Fajas Made Of?

colombia fajas on kim kGenerally speaking, there are two types of compression: light and high compression fajas. Light compression fajas are generally made from nylon and spandex while high compression fajas are made from a multiple layer system. For high compression fajas, the outer lining is normally made of some cotton latex mix (often just called Powernet), which gives it plenty of compression strength as well as a good amount of flexibility. There’s also usually an inner lining that is made of cotton or lycra.

High Compression Fajas

High compression obviously will feel tighter and work better to give you more of a shape. The trade off is that it will clearly feel tighter and it is definitely at the expense of personal comfort. They also usually end up costing more money so also keep this in mind.

Light Compression Fajas

Light compression fajas can work out just as well and in many cases can work out better depending on your body type and the shape that you are already in. If you are not sure and this is your first time, we suggest that you try out a light compression fajas for now as you can always upgrade to a tighter compression later.

The Benefits of Colombian Girdles

In general, wearing a girdle of fajas will accentuated and lift certain parts of the body. This will not only give you more confidence, but also help out with your posture. Here is a quick list of the things a colombia girdle can do.

1. Butt Lift

colombia fajas on buttThey can enhance your curves and sometimes even lift your butt depending on the right model and compression. Some fajas even have the right amount of “stuffing” so that you can have more 3D features without actually working for it. While we advise that you stick with the gym, sometimes you just have to cheat a little.


2. Improve Posture

colombia fajas to accentuate the backBelieve it or not, Colombia Fajas actually do a pretty good job of improving your posture. They usually give you a ton of back coverage and due to the compression, it will tighten your back muscles and force you not to slouch. This is actually a pretty good medical garment for those with upper or lower back problems

3. Abdominal and Stomach Compression

colombian fajas on the abdominIdeally, you should also select a girdle or fajas based on the amount of abdominal compression. Those with a zipper on it will often offer more compression on your waist and stomach which will also just give you a lot more curves and tone. The trade off will be comfort of course. And be sure to look for fajas with a easy to use durable zipper that won’t break and ideally one that is hidden.


4. Open Bra/Chest Structure

colombia fajas braOften, Colombian Fajas and girdles have open bras and chest areas so that you can accentuate your chest area with the bra of your choice. Additionally, it is just way more comfortable and allows you to properly breathe. The last thing you want is something constricting your lungs. Also, keep in mind that there are definitely some girdles and fajas with a built in posture compression bra or push up bra.


5. Girdles with Arm Compression

fajas with sleeves
Many people are also concerned about arm compression, especially those with bigger arms would want to tone it down a bit. Arm compression working great to bring down and pack down some of the fat and make your arms look more slim and sleek. We suggest getting a girdle/fajas with an open armpit design, which gives you a whole lot more maneuverability.

6. Fajas With Leg Compression

colombian fajas for thighs

If you want to get a little bit of thigh compression, you need to get a girdle that is basically full length or 3/4 length. There is usually some sort of silicone band, which prevents the material from rolling up and looking really awkward. Women often opt for thigh compression right after surgery. Also, leg compression all the way down to capri lengths can be stylish, depending on how you like to wear your clothes.

The Different Types of Girdles and Fajas

Girdles and Fajas come in a lot of shapes, sizes, and colors. There are girdles designed for different purposes and believe us it does make a difference what type of fajas you end up getting. Below are a summary of the major types:

post pregnancy colombian fajasPostpartum Post Pregnancy Body Shapers

These girdles are designed for those who have just had a baby and need something to tighten the skin and get the belly back to its original size. They are designed with medium to high compression and usually only focuses around the abdomen area. Additionally, they definitely help in toning the back and give you good back support as most of the excess fat from pregnancy accumulates in the belly area making you “front heavy.” They are really good for tummy reduction and general purpose body shaping. We recommend you going for body shapers that have an adjustable strap.

post surgery colombian fajasPost Surgery Girdles

Post Surgery Fajas are usually used after a c section, liposuction, or any sort of body surgery. These girdles are designed to both cover up the scars and to help with the healing and recovery process. They usually are made of soft garments and materials that controls and smooths your body. The compression levels can really vary here depending on how much pain you can tolerate after surgery. We recommend starting with a light compression post surgery girdle and then moving up to a high compression one depending on comfort level.

sports girdle colombian fajasSports Girdles

The key difference in sports fajas over other girdle types is that they have moisture wicking materials and usually higher than normal compression. Also, they tend to give you a lot more room for motion as they are meant to be worn during periods of physical activity. The trade off is of course that it is not exactly a fashion statement and probably won’t really look good by any stretch of the imagination if you wear it outside the home or the gym. Often, sports girdles are limited to waist and stomach compression girdles.

lifestyle colombia fajasLifestyle Colombian Fajas

This is probably one of the most common types of Colombia Fajas out there and it is the one worn to just make you look better. You haven’t had a baby, you’re not trying to hide scars or wrinkled skin and you don’t need it for sports. This type of girdle is meant to be a good balance between style, comfort, durability, and compression. You usually wear it under clothes, but they can also be worn on the outside as a fashion statement. You will often find these on social influencers and celebrities for them to get that perfect hour glass shaped body.

Choosing The Right Colombian Fajas Girdle For You

There are just so many different colombian fajas on the market that clearly it is a lot of work and research to really dig into the right fit for you. In general, we ask that you do the following to help make it easier for you to decide:

1. Identify the problem areas and what part needs more attention. Do you need more compression in stomach, legs, butt or arms?

2. Pick a length: If you want something more simple, just get a corset abdomen only girdle. If you think you want full body compression, pick a 3/4 or full body shaper that will offer more control and coverage.

3. Decide if you want to reduce or to mold: Molding and reducing are not exactly the same thing and definitely shouldn’t be confused. Molding implies that you already have the shape, tone, muscle, and body fat percent and just want to mold it into the shape that you want through compression. Reducing implies that you want to just get rid of extra volume that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

How We Reviewed To Find The Best Colombian Fajas

We generally judge a Colombia Fajas based on materials used, its long term durability, fit, how the materials feel, and just how to looks overall. A lot of what goes into buying a colombian fajas is completely out of our control like personal preference and we completely understand this. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we will respect this.

The following is brief summary of our finding after reviewing quite a few fajas that are popular on the market right now. We tried to consider all of the factors mentioned above when coming up with our recommendations. Also, we tried to be very succinct and to the point, so you mostly understand the main bullet points and no get bogged down by useless details.


best colombian fajas

#1.Diane & Geordi Fajas Colombianas

When it comes to the best colombia fajas, we strongly urge you to take a look at the Diane & Geordi brand. With this fajas, you can comfortably control your abdomen and waist while enhancing your hips and butt. This bodyshifter shorts are made with strong Powernet, which is a highly-resistant weave with reinforced seams. The material itself hugs you tight but doesn’t constrain you.

We also like how it is made to be pretty much unnoticeable. With its invisible lining and flat zippers, you can easily hide to under any tight dress and still have your features fully augmented. Please do not get confused, as this is not a magical solution for you to get an hourglass shape. It will only help lift your butt and tighten your tummy a bit. Most of the work is done by a proper diet.

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best colombian fajas

#2.Salome 0216 Fajas Colombianas

Next, we have the Salome Fajas, which is the best colombian fajas for those who want a solid quality fajas that won’t constrict your movements and make your figure pop out. In other words, it compresses your torso, waist, and abdomen, reduces inches off your waist as well as giving your buttocks and instant lift. This body girdle can be wore all day without discomfort.

We like how it is made of this elastane and polyamide material, which is elastic enough to move around easily and but not so skin tight as to feel uncomfortable while wearing it. Furthermore, we really like the inner cotton lining, which actually does a pretty good job in taking care of your skin and making sure it does not get irritated.

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best colombian fajas

#3.Fajas DPrada Post Surgery Girdle

Another great option when it comes to the best colombian fajas is the Fajas DPrada Post Surgery Girdle. It has a variety of sizes from skinny to plus size women. We like this fajas because it is extremely versatile. It can be used too as a girdle after preganancy, a c section, liposuction, or as a everyday shaper. And it look great under any outfit.

Perhaps one of the standout features is the fact that the lyrca lining on the inside is silky soft and provides a great cushion for your skin. The outside powernet also provides a great level of compression. Many people also like this brand because while there is a great level of compression, it also doesn’t give you any discomfort. And it has an open crouch design for the toilet.

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best colombian fajas

#4.Fajitex Fajas Colombianas

The Fajitex Fajas is another one of those garments that really helps bring out the contours of your body. We like it over others because we think it can also work as a stand alone lingerie. Unlike traditional columbia fajas, this one doesn’t run so low on the thighs, so instead of looking like a wrestling singlet, it looks more like a sexy one piece swimsuit or lingerie.

Of course, it also fits like a glove and is highly breathable and hypoallergenic. This fajas is also pretty good at keeping your sweat away, so it won’t cause unneeded rashes in your skin. Furthermore, we really like the open bra design, which means you can still pick out whatever bra you like without it getting it in the way of your fajas.

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best colombian fajas

#5.MYD Full Body Shaper Mid Thigh Bodysuit

Last but not least, we have the MYD Full Body Shaper, which is a great little colombian fajas that has an open bust, a long zipper crotch, and an anti roll leg lace. In terms of materials, it is made of 88% nylon and 12% elastane, which is strong enough to give your body some shape without suffocating you, although it has a pretty high compression.

We really like the inner layer of cotton, which gives your skin lots of breathability as well as prevents moisture from staying in the fajas and irritating your skins or hurting your wounds. Overall, we also think this girdle is pretty good bang for the buck and you should give it a try if you have tried other brands and just can’t seem to find the right fit.

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How To Put On Your Favorite Colombian Fajas – Beginner’s Guide

#1: Make sure that you have taken a shower and have cleaned up your skin. The last thing you want is for the fajas to be extra sticky when you put it on.

#2. Figure out the position you want to put it on. You can either be standing or sitting, but we recommend you be seated to make it easier to first few times.

#3: Start with the legs, assuming that you have a full length girdle. You can turn the girdle inside out and just hoop one leg through each opening

#4: Roll up each of the legs carefully making sure that you do not put too much pressure or tug too hard on the garment or it may tear. It should spread out nice and evenly over your thighs.

#5: Now hold up your favorite colombian fajas and pull it slowly up until it covers your waist. Be sure to wiggle a bit for this one and many people have trouble here getting it over a larger waist. If feels too tight, give it some time to compress for a few minutes. If it still feels tight, you probably got the wrong size or lower the compression.

#6: Bring the garment up to your shoulders. Most fajas will have shoulder straps which you should securely fasten without it feeling too tight. By now, the compression garment should not have any wrinkles and it should feel comfortably tight around your torse, waist, breasts, and legs.

#7: You need to fully fasten your fajas and most of them will have some sort of zipper to do so. Start with the end of the zipper and pinch both sides of the garment next to the zipper and slowly start zipping it up. The zipper should be a bit hard to fully zip up without pinching. If it is too easy to zip up, you bought the wrong size and can use a big more compression. Work your way up using this same technique and make sure that along the way to continues pinch the garment going forward while zipping up. And obviously make sure that the zipper doesn’t pinch any skin.

#8: Once you have fully zipped it up, walk around for a few minutes and sit down to see if it is comfortable. If it feels way too tight or you don’t feel mobile at all, you should look into getting a bigger size or lowering the compression level.

All in all, just enjoy your new shape shifter bodysuit and just know that you will also grow into them. The bodysuit will definitely expand a bit over time as you wear it more often. Also, keep in mind that some are safe to be used in the dryer while others will shrink considerably if you stuff them in high heat in the dryer. We would recommend that you read the instructions very carefully before washing and drying. When in doubt, err on the safe side and just hang dry the girdle.


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