Best Baby Wipes

best baby wipes

1. Pampers Baby Wipes Sensitive

The Pampers Baby Wipes are the best baby wipes for those who care a lot about sensitive skin. It is the number one brand in hospitals and is frequently polled as the best sensitive wipes. They also do a great job cleaning and moisturizing your baby and can work as general-purpose wipes around your house.


Why do you need to use the Best Baby Wipes?

best baby wipesIf you have an infant and are taking care of it, more likely than not you will need to use the best baby wipes to clean your baby. Baby wipes are basically wet wipes that are specifically designed for infants and their sensitive skin. They are basically disposable wet or moist towels to clean your baby but they can obviously also be used to clean anything around the house.

Although there are wet wipes designed for household cleaning, we don’t see an issue with cleaning things with baby wipes. They can also be used for personal hygiene for people of all ages and are often found in the toilet area. The best baby wipes contain mild and gentle cleansing ingredients and sometimes a bit of alcohol and are designed mostly to cleanse your infants between diaper changes.

They are also usually scented and have a smell that is very agreeable to a majority of infants. Nice-Pak was the first company to mass-produce baby wipes and later they become refillable. Currently, there is also a green movement of baby wipes that are washable and reusable. They also don’t contain chemicals or anything artificial and definitely nothing allergenic. These are for parents who want to both save money and the environment. When shopping for the best baby wipes, you need to consider a few things: performance, durability, texture, fragrance, ingredients, reusability, and price. For all intents and purposes, most baby wipes are about the same. But since you are reading this, you are obviously quite selective about the details and so please read below for a detailed guide on selecting the best baby wipes.

Best Baby Wipes Reviews

  1. Pampers Baby Wipes Sensitive (Top Pick)
  2. Babyganics Face, Hand & Baby Wipes
  3. Seventh Generation Thick & Strong Free and Clear Baby Wipes

1. Pampers Baby Wipes Sensitive

best baby wipesIf you want the best baby wipes for sensitive skin, you should definitely consider Pampers Baby Wipes. First of all, Pampers is the brand of choice in hospitals and is used in more hospitals than any other brand. This fact alone should say something about the performance and efficacy of this brand.

And based on independent surveys, it is probably the best sensitive wipe as well and is made with a formula that is super mild to your baby’s skin. It is tested and approved by dermatologists to be very mild on your skin and is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. The texture is soft grip and includes a lot of nice grooves to pick up dirt and debris.

There is also some nice thickness to these baby wipes as well so they won’t tear when using them aggressively. These baby wipes are great for restoring the natural balance of the skin and making it pH balanced. Overall, in terms of sensitive brands, we would put Pampers Baby Wipes at the top. It really does have an extremely mild formula and does not irritate the skin at all. Although there is no fragrance, the wipe itself has a slightly fresh scent just from the formula.


2. Babyganics Face, Hand & Baby Wipes

For those looking for an all-natural organic formula, Babyganics are the best baby wipes for you. This formula is packed with vitamins and minerals that will nourish the skin and is even suitable for the face, which is a very sensitive area. It does not contain any chemicals or alcohol and definitely doesn’t have artificial dyes. It doesn’t even contain a fragrance. Babyganics also has a lot of natural oils coming from tomatoes, sunflowers, cranberries, black cumin, and raspberries.

Basically, it not only serves as a cleanser/disinfectant, but also it doubles as an excellent moisturizer. If you look through the ingredients list you will see lots of oils and naturally occurring substances, which is good because at least you will know that if your baby ingests any of it that it will be non-toxic. In terms of being fit for sensitive skin, sure we think it definitely works but at the same time it is not entirely designed for that. What you do get with these baby wipes is a natural ingredients list that disinfects, cleanses, and moisturizes your baby’s skin.


3. Seventh Generation Thick & Strong Free and Clear Baby Wipes

best baby wipesIf you want super durable wipes, Seventh Generation wipes are the best baby wipes for you. These are fragrance-free wipes that come with little to no additives or chemicals such as alcohol or phenols. When you touch these wipes, you will know what we are talking about in terms of thickness. The Seventh Generation wipes feel nice and soft in your hands, yet you know they will not fall apart if you scrub vigorously since they are made from wood pulp.

We even tried to tear some apart with our hands and failed, so rest assured that these wipes are built rock solid. These wipes are meant for sensitive to normal skin and are great for all-purpose cleaning from picking up spills to cleaning urine and feces off of your baby.  These wipes are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, so great for babies who like to play around a lot. Although you can use these wipes for your face and hands, it is not exactly designed for this purpose and may not be sensitive enough. Overall, it is a great quality general-purpose wipe that can be used all around the house and on your baby.


What to consider when Buying the Best Baby Wipes – A Buying Guide

best baby wipesThere are hundreds of baby wipe brands out there from largest multi-national corporations to mom-and-pop shops. Generally speaking, the branded baby wipes will be cheaper because they can take advantage of economies of scale and mass production to bring down their production price per unit. Mom-and-pop brands are usually more expensive because they take more money to produce since they don’t have giant factories stamping these out every second.

The trade-off is that they are usually much more organic, natural, and loaded with better ingredients. In the end, the choice is yours and if you are very picky about what you give to your baby, it is probably better to go with a more natural brand. For those who just want some baby wipes that work, just go to your local shop and pick a brand that looks the best. But for those of you who are very particular about the exact type of baby wipe you want, see below for some things to look out for when choosing the best baby wipes.


Baby wipes are mostly designed for wiping down your baby when you change the diaper or for general-purpose use on your baby. It has a gentle formula that is suitable for your baby’s skin. However, this does not mean that they can be exclusively used on babies. There are also wet wipes, which are very similar and designed to be used for general-purpose cleaning around the house.

They are usually not good to be used on the skin because they are too harsh. Some of the more gentle baby wipes can be used as general-purpose hygiene for all people and can even be used to wipe down your face. You can also use baby wipes on your pets, for industrial purposes, in healthcare, and for pain relief. The point is, there are many uses for baby wipes and you are not just limited to using it to wipe down your baby.


You can generally measure the efficacy of a particular baby wipe by measuring how much junk it picks up. It should be able to absorb a lot of liquid and all sorts of solid matter. Also, the best baby wipes should have a lot of disinfectants and anti-bacterial ingredients to decontaminate the area being wiped down. In particular, it is important for the baby wipe to be able to effectively pick up traces of feces and urine on your baby, as this is often what causes diaper rash on your baby.


Ideally, you want to pick a baby wipe that is strong and has a lot of durability. When you are wiping down your baby, you definitely don’t want your baby to wipe tearing. This is especially important when you have reusable baby wipes as they should be durable enough to not break down after multiple uses.


Texture is quite important for two purposes. One is that your baby may be more sensitive to baby wipes with certain textures than others. The other reason is that certain textures are better at picking up things than others, due to the placement of the grooves on the wipe.


Every baby wipe has a fragrance and most are quite subtle. The best baby wipes will have fragrances that are very suitable for babies and generally don’t have strong smells. When picking a baby wipe, look for fragrances that your baby like because it is more about your baby than what you like. Many baby wipes also come fragrance-free.


Obviously, ingredients in a baby wipe are important and you should be cautious when you see too many chemicals in it. Ideally, you should look for ingredients that look natural and those that would not induce any allergic reactions in your baby.


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