Best CO2 Generator

Titan Controls Ares 2

The Titan Controls Ares 2 is the best CO2 generator for those who want solid performance, reliability, and options. The Titan Series comes in 2, 4, 8, and 10 burner setups, allowing you to pick and choose what kind of power you need. It is also a very reliable brand that has been around the industry for a long time.


Why use a CO2 Generator?

Plants use CO2 as energy to create photosynthesis, producing oxygen as a byproduct. If you are trying to grow plants or vegetation in a greenhouse, enclosed area, or grow room, you may need supplemental CO2 beyond the natural CO2 generated by the environment. While traditional CO2 generators have largely been in commercial use because they are large and expensive, technology has made it possible for these units to become available to grow enthusiasts.

Co2 generators have also been compacted and made into budget-friendly and somewhat portable home systems. One of the most popular uses of CO2 generators in home grows room is for marijuana, as they largely increase yield. Co2 generators are usually fueled by some sort of natural gas, propane, or LPG which is usually sold separately from the unit. They also give off a lot of heat and humidity, so you need a good air circulation system and warm filtration. Also, you may need a good ventilation system as oxygen is being burned.

Finding the best CO2 generator is not an easy task since there are many performance specifications you should be looking at. First and foremost, you should be aware of the economics of buying a CO2 generator. While the initial costs can be high, the operating cost of running a CO2 generator is about four times lower than a bottle set up, saving you money in the long run.

In terms of specs, the key figure you should look at is performance, which is measured by the BTU/hr and the number of burners used. It goes without saying that the more burners used, the more powerful the unit will be. Also, keep in mind that different CO2 generators have different gas models, which also affect the BTU/hour measurement depending on the gas used.

Best CO2 Generator

Titan Controls Ares 2

For those who want a clean, efficient, and reliable CO2 generator, the Titan Controls Ares Series is the best CO2 generator for you. This series comes in a two, four, eight, and ten burner setup and for the purposes of this review, we will focus on the base model.

The 2 burner model covers about 6 by 6 cubic feet of CO2 per hour and is intended for small rooms around 10 cubic feet or less. Both liquid propane and natural gas models are available. Liquid propane runs at 4,526 BTU per hour and natural gas runs at 5,534 BTU per hour.

The brand is very well known and respected in the industry. We spoke to some industry professionals and consultants and they all had great reviews for the Titan Controls Series. These are very reliable units and the brass gas burners are very rust resistant.

This unit comes with everything you need to get set up with a CO2 system including a ceiling hook, hanging chain, hoses, regulators, and AC power supply. You may also want to find a way to cool down the room through fans or ventilation as running this unit can get quite hot.


  • 2 burner model
  • Covers small rooms of 10 cubic feet
  • A well-respected brand
  • Very durable

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HydroGEN Pro CO2 Generator

We think the Louvi HydroGEN Pro is the best CO2 generator because it uses the latest technology to dissipate heat. One of the most annoying parts of using a CO2 generator is that it generates an excess amount of heat that could end up killing your plants, vegetation, and marijuana.

Luckily, the HydroGEN pro uses a water-cooled heat exchanger that ends up cooling 86% of all of the heat produced by burning propane. This is a huge feature that many of the best CO2 generators on the market lack.

Additionally, the HydroGEN Pro comes with automatic relight ignition, which will protect you from ignition failure.

The unit now runs on 12V compared to its previous model, which ran on a 3V battery pack. Also, there is added insulation in the internal tubing which protects the unit from humid environments, which actually comes in handy in many growing situations. We also like the oxygen depletion sensor, which is a nice safety feature to have.

In terms of durability, this unit is very well made and built to last. It is rather compact and can be wall mounted or suspended. It also features an all copper water passage and inline water debris screen. All in all, everything about this unit screams premium and definitely gets our approval.

  • Water cooling 86% of heat
  • Automatic relight ignition
  • Added insulation in internal tubing
  • Compact

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AutoPilot APCG4LP 4 Burner CO2 Generator

For those who want the best CO2 generator for their plants, the Autopilot CO2 generator is certainly a nice option. This unit features 4 pre-mounted brass burners, dual solenoid valves, a 12-foot gas hose, a pressure regulator, and a 24V power supply. It pushes 11 cubic feet per hour of CO2 and is suitable for growing rooms that are 14 by 14 feet or smaller.

We think the standout feature is probably its durability. It features a powder-coated steel enclosure that is moisture, rust, and discoloration resistant.

This results in many years of stress-free maintenance, whereas other models tend to break down easily over a shorter period of use. Additionally, there is a two-stage safety pilot value, which only allows fuel to flow if the pilot is lit. Also, if the unit tips over, the fuel supply will be cut off.

Overall, this is a quality CO2 generator made with solid craftsmanship. It is easy to operate and install. Also, it comes in both propane and natural gas versions.


  • 4 burner model
  • Fit for room 14 x 14 feet or smaller
  • 11 cubic feet per hour of CO2 flow
  • Nice safety features

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Vevor CO2 Generator

For those who want the best CO2 generator with solid performance for the price, the Vevor CO2 is a great choice. It features 4 burners and provides about 11 cubic feet per hour of CO2, which is pretty standard for a generator of this size.

It works with Liquefied Petroleum Gas and is good for growing rooms no larger than 14 by 14 feet. This unit is steady and efficient at producing excess CO2 for your greenhouse.

We really like the safety features of this device. There is a solenoid valve that will automatically prevent gas from leaking out. Also, there is an automatic ignition mode that will automatically reignite if the flame goes out.

Perhaps the best feature is its extreme value. It costs significantly less than other CO2 generators of the same caliber, yet it maintains similar performance. With this machine, you will deliver the carbon dioxide your plants need to maximize growth potential.


  • 4 Burners
  • 11 cubic feet per hour of CO2
  • Nice safety features
  • Value

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Popsport Hydroponic CO2 Generator

For those who want to max out their CO2 output and plant yield, the Popsport Hydroponic CO2 Generator is the way to go. This unit comes with 8 burners that can deliver 16 to 26 cubic feet of CO2 per hour. It is suitable for rooms under 14 by 14 feet and comes with all of the necessary accessories to get started immediately.

In terms of specs, each burner pushes around 3.5 cubic feet of CO2 per hour. It also has an advanced infrared gas analysis technology built in for high precision and reliable operation. Additionally, there is a standard toppling prevention system that will shut off if the entire unit turns over. Also, it comes with fully automatic controls with an electronic ignition module. Overall, it has very quality components and can work in greenhouse environments with high humidity.


  • 8 Burners
    16 to 26 cubic feet of CO2 per hour
    Suitable for rooms under 14 by 14 feet
    Infrared gas analysis technology

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