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best cheese slicer

Prodyne Thick Cheese Slicer

The Prodyne 805B Cheese Slicer is the best cheese slicer if you want full control over the dimensions of the cheese slices. It is a very powerful and efficient wire slicer and comes with a nice cutting board. The wire cuts cheese of all types of hardness seamlessly and is very durable.


best cheese slicerFor those who like cheese and are not satisfied just slicing cheese with just a regular knife, you may be interested in getting the best cheese slicer. Sure a normal chef’s knife is more than enough to cut cheese, but if you want full control of the thickness of your cheese, you will want to use a cheese slicer. Different cheeses require different cheese slicers because of the varying hardness of cheese.

For example, soft cheeses require a slicer with a sharp blade and hard cheeses require blades that are more durable. Cheese slicers come in many forms and some even look like knives. In general, cheese slicers refer to non-knife devices used to thinly cut medium to hard cheeses. They can also be used to slice butter and vegetables. The main point of using a cheese slicer over a regular knife is consistency. Then there are cheese cutters, which is more for cutting soft sticky cheeses.

They are usually mounted on a wooden cutting board and consist of a thin wire to slice through cheese operated by a hand crank. When looking for the best cheese slicer, you should weigh the pros and cons of the following qualities: ease of cleaning, safety, durability, performance, versatility, and price. But even before you look into these qualities, you need to figure out the type of cheese slicer you need. In general you have cheese planes, rolling cheese cutters, and wire cheese cutters and each has advantages and disadvantages for certain types of cheese. If you are interested in knowing the details behind how each of these types of cheese slicers work, please refer to our detailed buying guide below.

Best Cheese Slicer Reviews

Prodyne Cheese Slicer

best cheese slicerFor those who want full control of the thickness of their cheese slices, the Prodyne 805B is the best cheese slicer you can get.  First and foremost, this device works great and effortlessly cuts through cheese of all levels of hardness. You simply place your block of cheese on the cutting table and align it with the plane of the cutting wire. Then hold your cheese steady and slowly lower the wire down and through the cheese.

The cutting wire is super sharp and never gets jammed into your cheese. Prodyne is so confident in the durability of their product that they offer a lifetime warranty against the wire breaking. There’s also rubber feet below the cutting board so that it lodges itself in place and prevent the entire unit from slipping. In terms of performance, you will never be able to replicate this level of precision cutting with a kitchen knife. The cutting board is also doubles as a serving platter and the Prodyne Cheese Slicer comes with 5 different choices for the type of cutting board you want. One thing we must warn you about is that there is not really any kind of safety lock mechanism on this thing so please store it clear of your children and pets.


Norpro Heavy Duty Adjustable Cheese Slicer

best cheese slicerIf you want a rolling cheese slicer, the Norpro Heavy Duty is the best cheese slicer for you. This tool helps you make thin cheese slices the same way they would come in the grocery store. Plus this thing is ultra-portable, so you can take the Norpro Heavy Duty with you on a picnic. The way it works is there’s a wire attached to a metal roller that slices the cheese as you roll the slicer back and forth.

You can adjust the thickness of the cheese slices by turning a knob on the side of the unit. The only issue is that the width of the cheese slice is limited to the width of the cheese slicer, so you don’t exactly have full control of the exact dimensions of the cheese slices. You can get around this issue by only rolling over half a block of cheese.

In terms of durability, this little unit is made of heavy duty zinc alloy and made of a stainless steel cutting wire that is very sharp and basically indestructible. There is no lifetime warranty, but the Norpro Heavy Duty Adjustable Cheese Slicer does come with a replacement wire in case something happens with the original. Unfortunately, there is no safety case, but it is quite hard to cut yourself on this unit as long as you don’t stick your hands in front of this unit.


Elite Premium Product Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer

best cheese slicerThe Elite Premium Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer is the best cheese slicer for those who want a basic cheese plane. This stainless steel slicer looks like a mini shovel and has a thin strip in the middle of the base that basically grates cheese. The blade is quite sharp so be careful about putting your fingers inside the hole.

To work this unit, you place the slicer on the surface of the cheese and just dig into the cheese. Unfortunately, you don’t really have control over the thickness of the cheese as they come out extra thin. If you have problems slicing into hard cheese or just want to make thin slices and grate cheese, the Elite Premium Cheese Slicer is the right one for you.

Because this unit is more for grating cheese, you won’t have full control over the exact dimensions of your slices. If you want that, you will need a wire cheese slicer. In terms of design and usability, this tool has nice comfortable rubber grips on the handle so you can really dig into the cheese and apply pressure. It also has a handy hook at the end so you can hang it up in your kitchen when you are done.


Best Cheese Slicer Buying Guide

best cheese slicerCheese slicers are a great investment for those who want to slice cheese in uniform slices or to just slice into hard cheese. A cheese slicer is convenient when you have a block of hard cheese and don’t want to risk cutting yourself using a regular kitchen knife or a bread knife. Depending on the type of cheese, you should be using different kinds of cheese slicers. We have listed some types of cheese slicers below as well as some things to think about before committing on a purchase.

Cheese Planes: These tools are more like cheese shovels and used to scrape off tiny slices of soft cheese. The metal plane is not used to cut into the cheese. Instead, usually around the middle of the metal plane is a little horizontal strip hole that is dug out. The blade is around the hole and when you scrap back and forth, the cheese passes through the hole. Cheese planes are good to scrap off small pieces of cheese in very thin slices very quickly.

Rolling Cheese Slicers: These type of cheese slicers are suitable for semi-soft to hard cheese. These slicers work by some kind of cutting wire that is attached to the end of a roller. The thickness of each slice can usually be adjusted. When you are ready to create a cheese slice similar to the ones found pre-sliced in grocery stores, you simply roll the tool over the cheese.

Wire Cheese Slicers: Wire slicers normally come with some sort of cutting board, which can be made of various types of material including but not limited to marble, wood, and stainless steel.  A wire cutter is attached to the cutting board and elevated to a height that is higher than you cheese. You can then feed the cheese block under the wire and let down the wire through the cheese are your desired thickness. Wire cheese slicers allow you to have full control over the dimensions of the final cheese cut. They usually have very durable wire blades that are quite sharp. You usually bring down the wire by slowing cranking a lever.

Picking the Best Cheese Slicer:  After you have decided what type of cheese slicer you need, you need to figure out the best slicer for the certain type. The first criteria you should be concerned about is performance, or how good and efficient the cheese slicer is. It won’t do you any good if you have a cheese slicer that gets stuck all the time or has a blade that is not sharp enough to slice through certain types of cheese. Next you need to consider the durability of the cheese cutter. Many cheese slicers require you to put a good amount of pressure onto the unit, so a cheese slicer that is made of poor material will not hold up for too long.

Safety should be another consideration when choosing the best cheese slicer. You should look for cheese slicers with well secured wires and non-slip handles and cutting boards. Another thing you should consider is the ability to adjust the cheese slicer. This gives you more control over the size and shape of your cheese slices. More options and features on a cheese slicer is always better. Finally, you should look at the price and warranties offered. Most cheese slicers are not too expensive and many of them have warranties because you are putting a decent amount of force on them every time you use it.


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