Best Broadfork – Transform Gardening: The Ultimate Broadforks Review 2024

Gardening is a rewarding and therapeutic activity that many people enjoy.

It can help you stay active, get some fresh air in your lungs, and create something beautiful out of nothing. Whether it is planting flowers or vegetables, gardening is simply one of the best home activities that provide physical activity and psychological satisfaction.

However, for those serious about their gardens, it can be hard work. That’s why having the right-hand tools is essential to make sure you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

A broadfork is one such tool that can make gardening much easier. That is why we decided to spend time testing many broad forks. After several weeks of hard work on clay and other types of soils, we finally made the below list of great forks. We looked at the materials used to manufacture the forks, if they are comfortable to handle, their popularity, and finally their affordability.

#1. Bully Tools 92627 Broad Fork

When it comes to the best broadfork, there is nothing better than the Bully Tools 92627 in terms of an overall package.

Sure it’s not the most sturdy or the most expensive broadfork out there. But the best bang for the buck and price performance-wise, nothing can really beat it. It will more than good enough for your average gardener.

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Best Broadfork and Garden Fork

#1. Bully Tools 92627 Broad Fork

After doing some extensive research into broadforks and asking a bunch of industry experts, we’ve determined that the best broadfork that is accessible to most people is the Bully Tools 92627. This is a commercial-grade broad fork with very high-strength fiberglass handles. It is also made of extra strength 10 gauge steel, which means it will basically last forever.

With this high-quality cultivating tool, you can perfectly loosen and aerate the soil as well as improve drainage during planting season. This broadfork does a very good job in reducing strain and increasing leverage. The head consists of 5 lines and is 20 inches by 11 inches, which is the perfect size for small gardens. For the average joe, this is pretty much what you’re looking for.

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#2. DeWit 31-9114 Galvanized Garden Tool Grelinette

The DeWit Galvanized Broadfork is the best broadfork for those who are concerned with quality and performance. While it is a bit pricy, it is certainly built like a tank. With this broadfork, your gardening will just be much easier to handle and much faster. It is definitely a very well-designed and well-made tool.

It has all the right handles, the right weight, and the perfect handling.

This all makes it very easy to drive into the ground and doesn’t require you to exert too much force yourself, saving you lots of energy. Overall, the build quality is excellent and it easily pulls back towards you and out of the ground. And it can definitely take a beating as well.

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#3. LAM Hand Tiller Broadfork

Next, we have the LAM Hand Tiller Broadfork, which actually performs a lot better than it looks. This broadfork is absolutely great that turning over ground and soil as long as you are willing to put in the work.

This tiller is made of all steel and is 22 inches wide with 48-inch handles and 6.5 feet-round tines that are 13 inches long. In other words, this thing is massive.

While there is nothing technical or refined about this tool, it is definitely very powerful. It does not need oil or gas, just pure willpower to run it. But it will do most of the heavy lifting for you. And finally, just note that it is probably a bit larger than you would expect, but it is certainly not unwieldy or too heavy to properly handle by one person.

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#4. Treadlite Broadforks 20″ Wide

We really like the Treadlite Broadfork as it is both lightweight and durable with superior strength. It is hard to get that combination of durability, strength, and ease of use. So all in, this thing weighs about 12 pounds, which is pretty light for most people of any size to properly handle. It is pretty ergonomic with the handles being very comfortable.

We think that it does a very good job of replicating natural processes. So it is good at managing weeds, breaking up soil, as well as improving aeration and drainage. Best of all, it is very eco-friendly, as it does not require any gasoline or oil to operate. It is pretty much your go-to tool for harvesting deep-rooted crops.

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#5. CobraHead Broadfork – Grelinette

Lastly, we have the CobraHead Broadfork, which goes a great job at penetrating and lifting the soil as opposed to slicing and lifting the soil like flat blade tines.

It is a very expensive tool for a reason – it is just simply made of superior materials, 1045 carbon steel tines to be exact. This is strong and lightweight, which is perfect for this type of work.

We also like the fact that the handles are both sturdy and slightly flexible. These are wooden handles. This means they are very easy to work with and they are easily replaceable. All in all, this is a very well-built broadfork that is both flexible and performs very well. It is built strong and guaranteed to not break on you regardless of how much pressure you put on it. Nearly the perfect digging fork.

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How to choose the right broadfork?

A broadfork is an essential tool for any gardener who wishes to dig through the soil without compacting it. Choosing the right fork requires knowledge of the features that make one type better than another. Here is a very brief guide to help you pick the perfect broadfork for your garden.


First and foremost, look for a broadfork with strong, sturdy tines that are made from durable materials such as stainless steel or tempered steel. This will give you maximum leverage when dealing with tough soils and will ensure that your fork stays in good condition over time. The handles should also be made from solid wood or metal, so they won’t break under pressure when used regularly.

Curved Or Straight

The choice is dictated by the type of soil you have. If you have soft soil, then a curve fork is perfect. The same goes for moist soils. Now if you have hard or clay-type soil, then you’d better use a straight fork.

Size of your fork

You definitely need to consider the size before you buy a fork. The length of the handles is critical; shorter ones provide more control while longer ones offer greater reach and leverage to break up tough soils quickly. However, a too-big fork and you’ll not be able to handle it.

So you need a large fork, so that you have an efficient tool, but it should not be too large as you may not be able to use it comfortably.

Are broadforks good for the soil?

A broadfork can help break up hard ground, allowing air (aerate your soil) and water to penetrate into the soil more easily. This improves drainage, increases fertility, and helps plant roots to spread further throughout your garden beds. It also prevents compaction of the soil so there’s less risk of damage when you turn over your beds at the start of each growing season.

So, overall, yes the use of a broadfork is excellent and not only good for your soil.

Why do people use a broadfork?

Broadforks are also known as U-bar diggers, garden forks, or a plow. They have been around for centuries and have become increasingly popular over the past 2 decades because people want to start planting and managing their own plants and vegetables.

Basically, people have lost trust in the farming industry and want to know what they eat. People also want to reduce their dependence on supermarket vegetables and reduce their impact on the environment.

In addition, broadforks are great because they are large and can cover a good surface, reducing the physical strain on your body.

So overall, people use a broad fork to reduce their physical strain and to combat climate change (reducing their dependence on imported products by producing locally within their own means). There’s nothing tastier than a vegetable that you planted yourselves. Your whole family will be proud of you.

How to use a broadfork?

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