Best Synthetic Gut Tennis String in 2023

Tennis is a sport that requires precision and the right equipment to perform well. And one of the most important pieces of tennis gear is the string used in rackets. But when choosing tennis strings, there are so many options available that it can become an overwhelming task to perform.

And to make it more complicated you need to choose between natural gut and synthetic gut tennis strings. Nowadays, the synthetic type is the more popular choice for players looking for a balance between power and control. Made from polyester strings or multifilaments, these strings offer exceptional durability and playability as well as excellent tension maintenance. But still, there are literally thousands of manufacturers to choose from. So we decided to put together this article so that we provide you with a reduced search to the 5 best synthetic gut tennis strings available in the marketplace.

#1. Kirschbaum Reel Synthetic Gut

We believe Kirschbaum Reel is the best synthetic gut on the market based on user feedback and our personal experience.

It has the best performance-to-price ratio and produces great spin and power all at an affordable cost. While it is not at the high end of things in terms of performance, it is certainly very close.

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What is synthetic gut tennis string?

A synthetic gut tennis string is a type of multifilament string that is composed of a solid core with an outer wrap. Basically, it is an artificial string to make up a racket. It was introduced in the 1950s and it is a cheaper option than natural gut.

It is designed to provide the same playing characteristics as natural gut strings, while simultaneously being more durable and providing superior tension maintenance. The result of this construction provides players with excellent control over their shots and better performance from the strings on each strike of the tennis ball.

Synthetic gut tennis strings are often a combination of many different materials to further enhance their performance capabilities. This includes adding polyester wraps for added durability and power or Kevlar fibers for extra spin potential.

With these additional features, synthetic gut strings are one of the most versatile types of string available on the market today. We want to reiterate this: they are quite affordable compared to other types of strings which makes them an attractive option for players who want quality without breaking the bank.

Best Synthetic Gut For Tennis Racquets

#1. Kirschbaum Reel Synthetic Gut String

Based on our polls of various users and tennis players, we think that Kirschbaum Reel is the best synthetic gut out there on the market today. The reason we picked Kirschbaum is that there is no other synthetic gut that has the same balance of value, performance, and ease of installation.

From the players we have spoken to, most of them say that this synthetic gut produces decent spin and power and is about as good as the top-end synthetic guts without the premium price tag.

So all in all, sure it is not the top end, but it is basically 90% there. And for the price to performance, you just simply can’t beat this.

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#2. Head Synthetic Gut PPS Tennis String

Great synthetic gut

The Head Synthetic Gut PPS will certainly make it on many top lists for the best synthetic gut. First and foremost, Head is a very solid company and a dominant player in the tennis industry.

Overall, this is a fairly cheap string with a great feel and pop. The only problem is people generally find it easy to break and lacks durability.

However, in terms of general control and power, this thing is a beast. It is near the top of performance compared to similarly priced guts.

If you don’t mind restringing your racquet every week or so, which you should be doing anyways, this is the right synthetic gut for you.

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#3. Gamma Synthetic Gut 16G Tennis String

If you have a little bit of patience, then the Gamma Synthetic Gut could be the best synthetic gut for you. The general consensus is that they require some time to break in.It will for sure feel harsh when you start playing with it at first. Also, like most synthetic guts, this one will move around quite a bit.

While these things are annoying, the trade-off is that you will get a pretty powerful and decently comfortable arm-friendly synthetic gut at a very low cost.

Overall, these strings provide some excellent control and power with a nice pop. The only trade-off is it takes time to break in and it moves around a lot.

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#4. Wilson Synthetic Gut Power Tennis String

Wilson makes one heck of a good synthetic gut for players of all levels and is quite affordable. This gut is soft, crisp, and powerful at the same time.

While it can be used for all player types, it is the most suitable for junior players and beginners, who don’t tend to break strings that often and just need a comfortable setup.

While it does provide a solid spin potential and gives you a nice pop, the trade-off is that the tension drop is quite harsh and the thing lacks durability.

That’s right, if you like the gut-like feel and you are a string breaker, this is not the right gut for you. Be prepared to shell out 3x more for that combo.

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#5. Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex – The brand to have in your arsenal

best synthetic gut

The Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex is certainly the best synthetic gut by reputation, so we have a duty to put it on our list.

This gut gives you the best of all worlds and is pretty much neck in neck with Kirschbaum in our honest opinion.

They get a nice balance between power, spin, feel, touch, and control. And it definitely has a street rep of being the best all-around gut out there.

For those who have tried everything out there in terms of synthetic guts and just can’t find the right one, we strongly urge you to give the Prince Duraflex a try.

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Do pros use the best synthetic gut or natural gut?

String choice is an important factor for all-around performance on the court. Tennis players consider a variety of aspects when making their string decision, including price, durability, spin potential, and comfort. Natural gut is the classic choice among professionals and it is still widely used today. However, many modern players opt for synthetic strings because of their cost-effectiveness and longer life span.

For players new to tennis or those looking to maximize playability, lighter synthetic strings may be the best option. On the other hand, more experienced players might prefer polyester strings for greater control and increased spin potential. Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer – choosing the right string depends on individual playing styles and preferences.

All in all, professional players will mostly use natural guts as when it comes to playability, overall feel, liveliness, and elasticity, natural gut will outperform any other string. 

Are synthetic gut strings good?

Yes, synthetic gut strings are good, but still not the best.

Today’s tennis industry is booming with players of all levels looking for the best gear and strings to maximize their performance. And modern tennis players have access to a wide range of strings. These include natural and synthetic gut strings. And of course, natural strings for rackets are still the best, no matter how you look at them.

On the other hand, synthetic guts are widely used by beginners to sometimes professional players (they are seldom used by professional players). Byt the fact is that the popularity of synthetic guts has grown in recent years due to their cost-effectiveness. Basically, they offer good performance for recreational players who don’t want to invest in more expensive string materials.

When one looks closely at the tennis industry, synthetic guts are an ideal choice for beginner and intermediate-level players looking for a combination of power, spin potential, and control without breaking the bank on more expensive options. In addition, they have excellent durability characteristics that make them attractive even at higher tension settings than natural gut strings can take without breaking.



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