Best Racquetball Goggles

#1.HEAD Raptor Eyeguards

When it comes to the best racquetball goggles, the Head Raptor is certainly one of our top picks. It is simply lighter, more durable, and generally more comfortable and more secure than its competitors. And it does so at a reasonable price point compared to others as well so it is kind of a no brainer buy.

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Best Racquetball Goggles

#1.HEAD Raptor Eyeguards

For those who are interested in the best racquetball goggles, we have to hand them to the HEAD Raptor. HEAD is a well-respected brand in the sports industry and is the gold standard.

The Head Raptor Eyeguards are truly one of a kind. They are just built more lightweight and durable than most of the other goggles out there. Also, they tend to wear better and are more comfortable.

Next, the lens is really clear and durable, meaning that it is anti-scratch and anti-fog, so don’t worry about your sweat or steam fogging it out during a match.

Finally, there is a removable and adjustable elastic strap to hold in place, even during rigorous play. The soft non-slip nose piece is also quite nice.

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#2.Gearbox Vision Eyewear

Next, we have the Gearbox Vision Eyewear which is the best racquetball goggles for those who want to try something other than HEAD branded goggles.

We think these googles are just as good as HEAD-branded googles, but they are generally more expensive than HEAD depending on where you look and buy.

It comes with a polycarbonate lens, which is pretty much scratch-resistant and anti-fog. The anti-fog feature works pretty well, unlike others who advertise as anti-fog but don’t actually work.

Finally, we just want to say that these goggles are generally pretty comfortable and filled with rubber padding in just the right places to accommodate a wide range of facial structures.

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#3.Pyramex I-Force Dual Pane Anti-Fog Goggles

If you are looking for more of a full-frame style of googles for sports and racquetball, the Pyramex I-Force is the best racquetball goggles for you.

These goggles feature an outside scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens and provide UV A, B, and C protection. These outer lenses also have a H2X Anti-fog Technology which is the best in the industry.

There is actually an inner layer as well and it features an acetate lens that also pretty fogging up on the inside. Additionally, it is nice to know that these goggles passed many impact standard tests.

Lastly, we really just like these goggles because they are really comfortable. For a full frame goggle, they offer some of the widest field of vision and don’t feel restricting on your face.

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#4.NoCry Safety Glasses

The NoCry Safety Glasses are a decent set of goggles to get for racquetball, tennis, or just any kind of contact sport if you are on a budget. Let’s just say that it is not a top-end model.

Honestly, these goggles do what any top-end pair of racquetball goggles would do: it has anti-glare, anti-fog, and UV protection as well as being durable enough to absorb impacts to the face.

While the build quality and materials are clearly a bit inferior to the top-end models we recommended, some people just don’t need a pair of goggles to be that nice or fancy and just want something basic.

For most people, it will be good enough for racquetball and they won’t even notice a huge difference. Also, we like how for the price, these goggles fit super comfortably.

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#5. Python Overglasses Racquetball Eyeguard

Lastly, we recommend the Python Overglasses for those who want serious face protection at the expense of overall comfort. These are basically full-face goggles and cover most areas.

They also do a great job in fitting over prescription glasses, which is something other goggles have problems with.

And of course, the Python Racquetball Eyeguards feature the same level of anti-scratch and anti-fog resistance as the other goggles we have tried. And because these goggles offer full face protection, they will be a bit heavier than the other goggles we recommended. For some people, this is a huge dealbreaker.

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