Best Quilting Thread

#1. Simthread Cotton Sewing Thread for Quilting

For those who want the best quilting thread, we think the Simthread Cotton Sewing Thread really works for most people. This is made of 100% cotton and sourced in Germany. It is a very smooth thread that gives you way less lint than most other threads. Also, it happens to be great value for the money.

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Best Quilting Thread

#1.Simthread Cotton Sewing Thread for Quilting

When it comes to the best quilting thread, we really like the Simthread Cotton Sewing Thread because it is such a great economical option with plenty of versatility for whatever project you want to tackle. This quilting thread comes is made of 100% long-staple Mercerized Cotton, which leads to a stronger more lustrous finish. And the raw materials are sourced from Germany.

Additionally, we really like the fact that there is a mercerized processing which produces a smoother thread with less lint, which makes it great for all types of projects. Finally, this thread is meant to target the broadest audience and you get 20 of the most commonly used thread colors. We are sure you will find the color you want.

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#2.Superior Threads 3 Ply Polyester Thread

if you are just concentrating on using polyester threads, the Superior Threads Polyester Thread is the best quilting thread for you. This thread is made for all-purpose sewing and is lint-free. This is a 50wt thread, which works great with most sewing machines. This thread is thin and tough and does not give you the look and feel of slick and slippery polyester threads.

So basically for a polyester thread, the quality is absolutely amazing and the price point is pretty good for the kind of quality that you are getting. Overall, this is a fine thread for quilting and there are just so many color options to pick from. In particular, we really like the snow color.

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#3.Aurifil Thread Set For Quilting

The Aurifil Thread Set is the best quilting thread for those who just want the absolute best quality and are willing to pay a premium for that. This set comes with 12 large spools of 50wt cotton. In terms of exactly what you get in this set, here are the colors: navy, purple, blue, aqua, burgundy, pink, yellow, orange, and green. And of course, you get different shades of each color as well.

It is nice to know that this thread is a 100% cotton mako thread that is made in Italy. So you can pretty much rest assured that you are getting the best quality possible. All in all, this is the perfect set for anyone who really takes quilting seriously and wants a great soft material. It is a bit pricy so just keep that in mind.

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#4.Mandala Crafts Quilting Cotton Thread

The Mandala Crafts Quilting Cotton Thread is certainly a good option for those who are on a budget but still want a thread that has respectable quality. Although it is cheap, don’t underestimate its durability. This thread is made from 100% natural mercerized long staple cotton and is actually a pretty decent all-purpose thread capable of quilting, sewing, embroidery, etc.

You get 5 rolls in this set and the length of each spool of thread is 1200 yards, so a total of 6000 yards of thread per set. There’s also a nice 45-day warranty on the threads in case they come defective. Overall, we don’t have anything else to say other than this thread is decently durable. It is not the best, but we don’t really expect that to be the case.

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ilauke Polyester Quilting Sewing Thread

#5. ilauke Polyester Quilting Sewing Thread

Lastly, we have the ilauke Polyester Quilting Thread, which is a pretty light thread and generally holds up quite well. This set of 12 comes with some nice color options to tackle anything you need. Additionally, it can be used with a sewing machine or by hand. They easily unwind and the quality is decent for the amount of thread you are getting in this set.

What really sold us are the great colors that come with the set. They are not dull or boring and have just the right hues of each color. Other threads can get very boring and uncolorful. Finally, the price point is crazy low and for the price of this entire set, sometimes you will only be able to buy one roll of another brand.

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