Best Magnetic Screwdriver

Nanch Precision Magnetic Screwdriver Set

The Nanch Precision Magnetic is the best magnetic screwdriver on the market if you are looking for a high-quality professional tool for electronic devices and all sorts of projects around the house. It includes 23 magnetic tips and the handle is telescopic to help you reach hard spots.


Why do you need the Best Magnetic Screwdriver?

Magnetic-tipped screwdrivers are very useful when dealing with small screws and hard-to-reach areas. If the screws stick to your screwdriver, your life is much easier whether it comes to working with small electronic gadgets or dealing with corners and crevices.

A good amount of screwdrivers on the market are already magnetic tipped and many of them include swappable bits. If you don’t buy the best magnetic screwdriver, you may find that the magnetism of the tip is not enough to even stay attached to the screwdriver’s shank. Instead, you may get a situation where the tip becomes attached to the fastener.

Having a magnetic screwdriver can also be a bit annoying. For one, you may find that magnetic tip attracts other stuff while you work. The work around this is to temporarily magnetize a screwdriver tip with a powerful magnet. But this is kind of annoying in that it then requires you to go out there and buy a separate magnet.

If you are going to get a magnetic screwdriver, it is probably a good idea to buy a set. This can be in the form of an all-in-one screwdriver or a multi-bit screwdriver, where you have magnetic bits that can be stored inside the handle. Then there are huge magnetic screwdriver sets that come with hundreds of various bits in all shapes and sizes.

When looking for the best magnetic screwdriver set, the quality of the magnet of the tip and shaft is probably the most important feature to look out for. Ideally, you want a magnetic screwdriver with strong tips that will firmly hold the screw and stay attached to the handle.

Best Magnetic Screwdriver

  1. Nanch Precision Magnetic Screwdriver Set
  2. Klein Tools 32510 Magnetic Screwdriver Set
  3. Steelman 41856 Magnetic Diamond Tip Screwdriver Set
  4. Kutir Magnetic Tips Screwdriver Set
  5. Performance Tool W1727 Screwdriver Set

1. Nanch Precision Magnetic Screwdriver Set

For those looking for the best magnetic screwdriver that is professional grade, the Nanch Precision Magnetic is your best option. This is a high-performance magnetic screwdriver kit that comes with one incredibly high-tech handle and 22 magnetic tips. The tips include Philips, security Torx, Slotted, Hex, Pentalobe, Triangle, Y throwing, SP2, and more.

Perhaps the standout feature of this screwdriver is the metal telescopic driver, which can protract out for a long slender reach. With a press of a button, there is an extension shaft that pops out and lets you get into hard spots. Also, there is a free spinning endcap for precision reach.

The entire unit kind of resembles a lightsaber. It feels very durable in your hands and has magnetic tips made of S2 alloy steel, which is not the cheap kind. However, keep in mind that weaker magnets are used on these tips to prevent them from destroying sensitive electronic products.

– High-performance magnetic screwdriver
– 22 bits
– Free spinning endcap
– Extension shaft for hard-to-reach areas


2. Klein Tools 32510 Magnetic Screwdriver Set

Klein Tools is a very well-known boutique name in the tools industry and makes extremely high-quality tools. We think the Klein 32510 is the best magnetic screwdriver that comes with a 32-piece tamperproof bit set. The standout feature is obviously the permanent magnetic base, which stays magnetized for its entire shelf life. Although the tips themselves are not magnetized, the magnetism from the base is transferred over. This magnetism is strong enough for attracting most screws and fasteners.

Included in this set are torx bits, fraction hex bits, metric hex bits, and tri-wing bits. Additionally, it includes a cushion grip handle, which believe it or not helps generate greater torque because you have a better leverage point. Unfortunately, these bits cannot be stored inside the handle but the bits can be held in a carrying case.

– 32-piece tamperproof set
– Permanent magnetic base
– Cushion grip handle
– Includes all sorts of different bits


3. Steelman 41856 Magnetic Diamond Tip Screwdriver Set

The Steelman 41856 is the best magnetic screwdriver for those who want a very durable set of 8 of the most common driver sizes. These are individual screwdrivers that include 4 Slotted and 4 Phillips Sizes and represent a wide selection of sizes. And of course, the tips are magnetic which helps nails and fasteners stick on better.

Perhaps the standout feature is the diamond tip coating, which makes it have a much better and faster grip on the fasteners with increased friction. And as we know, diamond is a very hard material, so the tips are very well protected. They are also made to be corrosion and rust-resistant and have a protective oxide coating.

Additionally, on the durability front, you have an S2 carbon steel shaft, which means it never chips and won’t round out with long-term usage. The handles are nice and easy to grip and really help you get the right amount of leverage and torque needed for any job. All in all, this is a very durable all-around magnetic screwdriver set that is well-priced.

– 8-piece set
– Diamond-coated tips
– Carbon steel shaft
– Handles are nice and easy to grip


4. Kutir Magnetic Tips Screwdriver Set

If you are looking for the best magnetic screwdriver set, the Kutir 6-piece magnetic set may just get the job done. With this set, you get 3 Philips and 3 Slotted Screwdrivers all with durable magnetic tips. The magnetic tip is quite high quality and does not wear down over time. Also, it holds screws of all sizes easily.

Additionally, the rod and shaft of each screwdriver are made of high-quality S2 alloyed steel. It has undergone some extreme testing and is processed by a vacuum heat processor to a hardness HRC of greater than 59. This is just a fancy way of saying that you won’t be able to bend or damage this screwdriver in any way.

Finally, we like the slip-resistant handles and ergonomic design. It makes it incredibly easy to work with wet and oily hands. Also, the PP and TPR material on the handles makes it really comfortable to grip and hold onto.

– 6-piece magnetic set
– High-quality S2 alloyed steel
– Very durable shaft
– Ergonomic design


5. Performance Tool W1727 Screwdriver Set

Best Magnetic ScrewdriverThe Performance Tool W1727 is not your typical magnetic screwdriver in that it is the best magnetic screwdriver without anything being magnetic. This is because neither the tips nor the shaft are permanently magnetic. Instead, this set comes with a rack that features a built-in magnetizer and demagnetizer. This means if you want the tips to be magnetic, you simply run it through the magnetizer for a bit and they will turn magnetic. You can also reverse this through the demagnetizer. This is very handy if you need magnetic tips for some projects and non-magnetic ones for other projects.

Additionally, there are chrome vanadium blades and very comfortable non-slip molded grips. The screwdriver set comes with 39 pieces and a full rack to store all of the pieces and handles. It is built nice and sturdy and everything feels premium. All we can say is we really like the magnetizer and demagnetizer feature, which makes this screwdriver set extremely versatile.

– Magnetizer/demagnetizer in the rack
– 39 pieces
– Very sturdy handle
– Non-slip molded grips




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