Best All In One Screwdriver

1. Stanley 62-574 Multibit Screwdriver

The Stanley 62-574 is the best all-in-one screwdriver if you want a 20 in 1 ratcheting screwdriver that is priced very reasonably. This is the best multi-bit screwdriver for those who want a comfortable handle and a sturdy design.

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Why do you want the Best All In One Screwdriver?

If you are a handyman or just like to fix things around your house, you are likely going to need a screwdriver. Obviously, it doesn’t really make sense to just buy one screwdriver with one static size, as there are many screws and fasteners with various sizes and openings. There are plenty of screwdriver sets out there and many of them come in large hefty and heavy toolboxes with 100+ bits of different sizes.

While it is nice to always be prepared, the more common scenario is that you end up using only 10% of the bits in these large screwdriver sets. This is where the all-in-one screwdriver comes in handy. They are also known as multi-bit screwdrivers and come with just the right amount of bits to be able to tackle 90% of household tasks. The best part is usually these bits can be stored into of the screwdriver handle, which makes it extremely convenient for you to just carry around one screwdriver handle instead of an entire suitcase.

Finding the best all-in-one screwdriver or the best multi-bit screwdriver may not be the easiest task. First and foremost, you probably need to comb through the finer details and figure out the exact sizes of bits you need. You may end up needing a few precision bits as well.

Next, you should figure out whether or not you want a ratcheting screwdriver or just a regular one. Keep in mind there is usually a price premium for having the ratcheting option, as they are just way more convenient to work with. However, some people still like doing things the old fashion way.

Finally, you should consider the extra features of the all-in-one screwdriver, such as how nice the handle feels, the quality of the bits, and the bits being magnetic.

Best All In One Screwdriver

  1. Stanley 62-574 Multibit Screwdriver
  2. Craftsman 9-41796 All-in-One Screwdriver
  3. Wiha 26 in One Screwdriver
  4. Megapro 13 in 1 Driver
  5. Channellock 131CB Multi-Bit Screwdriver

1. Stanley 62-574 Multibit Screwdriver

We think the Stanley 62-574 is the best all-in-one screwdriver because it presents the best value option out of everything we tested. This multi-bit screwdriver has a handle that stores the 20 magnetic bits that come with this set. The 20 bits in this screwdriver include 14 different screwdriver bits and 6 nut drivers, so basically most of the bits you need for daily tasks. We also like the magnetic bit holder, which allows for a quick and easy change of bits and tightly secures these bits.

Perhaps the standout feature of this screwdriver is that it has an optional ratcheting setting. There are three positions that you can enable, clockwise, counterclockwise, and locked ratcheting. In other words, you can either operate this screwdriver like a regular one or a ratcheting screwdriver. If you layer on top of all of this an ergonomically designed handle, a storage rack, and a retail price lower than most all-in-one screwdrivers, you just get a deal that is too good to turn down.

– 20-piece set
– Magnetic bit holder
– 3 positions ratcheting switch
– Ergonomic design

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2. Craftsman 9-41796 All-in-One Screwdriver

If you like the Stanley all-in-one screwdriver but want something more durable and better built, the Craftsman 9-41796 is the one for you. This is the best all-in-one screwdriver for those who want fewer bits, but better overall quality. The Craftsman multi-bit screwdriver is made with the best quality construction and materials and can really take a beating. While it does sell at a slight premium to the average all-in-one screwdriver on the market, it is completely justified by its increased durability. Let’s just say you won’t need to replace this screwdriver again.

In terms of features, you get 14 high-quality bits in this set which includes all types of sizes. It also has all of the standard features of a multi-bit screwdriver, including an easy grip handle and a very strong magnetic tip. Like all multi-bit screwdrivers, this one allows you to store all of the bits inside the handle. Additionally, this is an optional ratcheting screwdriver, which means you can use it like a normal screwdriver or switch it on 2 ratcheting modes to lessen your workload.

– 14 high-quality bits
– Very high-quality construction
– Easy grip handle
– Ratcheting screwdriver

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3. Wiha 26 in One Screwdriver

For those of you who just want to be overwhelmed with bits, we think the Wiha 77790 is the best multi-bit screwdriver for you. This little nifty tool manages to pack in 13 double-ended bit tips in one screwdriver and weighs in at only around half a pound. It is made in Germany and the quality and design reflect superb German engineering.

Amazingly, the Wiha screwdriver has the right bit for any job as it includes slotted, Phillips, hex metric, hex inch, torx, square, and pozidriv. We like the fact that there’s a spring-driven pop-up cartridge, that lets you select bits very fast. Additionally, there’s a pretty comfortable cushion grip and a well-designed handle to fit any sized hand. The steel bits are nice and sturdy and are precision engineered for an exact fit.

– 13 double-ended bits (26 pieces)
– Made in Germany
– Weighs only half a pound
– Spring driven pop up cartridge

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4. Megapro 13 in-1 Driver

If you want the best all-in-one screwdriver that delivers tremendous amounts of torque, the Megapro 13-in-1 Driver is the way to go. The selling point of this screwdriver is that it can deliver over 225 foot-pounds of torque with its patent pending ZAD 8 Zinc Alloy Solid Core. There is also a pull-out bit cartridge that is loaded with six double-ended bits, which allows you to easily change and store various bits. Additionally, there is a precise 28-tooth ratchet head, which makes driving fasteners seamless.

We really like the attention to detail of this multi-bit screwdriver. For example, the solid steel shaft opening doubles as a quarter-inch hex driver. The handle is reinforced with heavy-duty nylon and provides more durability and the ability to handle normal wear and tear. There are also EZ guide collars, which help maintain full contact between the bits and screws.

– 225 foot-pounds of torque
– ZAD 8 Zinc Alloy Solid Core
– 13 pieces in 6 double-ended bits
– EZ guide collars

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5. Channellock 131CB Multi-Bit Screwdriver

The Channellock 131CB is certainly the best multi-bit screwdriver if you want a well-made ratcheting screwdriver. The Channellock driver is a 13 in 1 and comes in 12 steel bit tips and a one-quarter-inch hex shaft. It has a nice ratcheting action as well, so you can lighten your workload.

We really like the 28-tooth ratchet design combined with the dual composition comfort grip. This allows for easy operation and gives you tremendous amounts of torque without sacrificing comfort. Additionally, there is a quarter-inch hex shaft made of a durable aluminum allow. You can conveniently store the bits inside and the unit comes with a storage rack.

– 13 in 1 screwdriver
– 28 tooth ratchet design
– quarter-inch hex shaft
– Dual composition comfort grip

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