Best Drugstore Primer in 2024 – The Best Makeup Face Primer

If you are a makeup lover that enjoys a good foundation deal, then the best drugstore primer is what you are looking for. For many girls, primers may seem like an unnecessary step in a daily makeup routine. And this is wrong. It’s the only step that no one should skip. Just like you hydrate your skin before applying moisturizer, primer is the essential step you need for a flawless base.

Primers give your foundation and concealer an even surface to grip onto so that makeup goes on evenly and lasts longer. Not to mention that many primers are also boosted with ingredients that make applying makeup easier and better for your skin. For instance, if you have oily skin, a good primer can help control the oil and avoid unnecessary shine.

Similarly, if you have dry skin, then the primer will take care of that by hydrating it. This is why, when it comes to skincare, some of the best primers are enriched with hyaluronic acid, which helps hydrate and plump the skin. But what is probably the most important part associated with primers, is that you don’t have to break the bank to find a great option. Many of the top and good drugstore makeup primers are affordable and offer the same benefits as high-end brands. So, don’t skip the primer in your makeup routine. They are cheap and it’s the secret weapon you need for a flawless finish.

best drugstore primer

1. BareMinerals Prime Time Face Foundation Primer – Best Overall

BareMinerals Prime Time is the best drugstore primer if you want a foundation primer that lays out a smooth path to layer foundation and makeup as well as enrich your skin with essential vitamins and minerals.


Why do you need a drugstore primer?

best drugstore primer

If you are into makeup and on a budget, you are probably looking for the best primer drugstore. For those of you who don’t know, a makeup primer is a base for foundation and face makeup that lets you wear your makeup longer and makes it much more smooth.

In other words, primer lays the foundation for your makeup somehow like cement lays the foundation for a brick house. After applying a primer, you can throw on a moisturizer or makeup, which will now have something to hold onto.

There are many kinds of primers including foundation primers, eyelid primers, lip primers, and mascara primers. We will be focusing this review on foundation primers. Note that Makeup primers are found everywhere from online stores to expensive high-end shops to drugstores.

Best Drugstore Primer Reviews

      1. BareMinerals Prime Time  Face Foundation Primer (Top Pick) – Long lasting
      2. NYX Cosmetics Honey Dew Me Up Primer – Best for dry skin
      3. Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Prime Makeup – Best For Redness
      4. Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer – Best Primer For Acne
      5. Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Erase – Best Primer for Rough Skin
      6. Rimmel Stay Matte Primer – Primer for Oily Skin
      7. Milani SPF BFF Primer – Best Primer With SPF
      8. No.7 Airbrush Away Primer –  Best Hydrating Makeup Primer
      9. Aveeno MaxGlow Hydrating Face Serum + Primer – Best drugstore primer for sensitive skin
      10. COVERGIRL Trublend Base Business Pore Minimizing Skin Primer – Best for Large Pores
      11. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Radiant Hydro Boost Glow Face Primer & Serum – Best for Dull Skin
      12. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Prep Green Primer – Best for Redness

1. BareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer – Best For Long-Lasting Makeup

best drugstore primerThe bareMinerals Prime Time is the best drugstore primer if you are looking for a premium brand that extends your makeup as well as helps you look fresh. It has a formula that removes oil, reduced wrinkles, fixes up rough patches, mends uneven texture, and enlarges your pores.

After laying a solid layer of this out on your face, the foundation should go on seamlessly. This foundation primer has a silky formula that goes on easily without any kind of stickiness.

It is also formulated without any harsh chemicals or preservatives, so won’t get any kind of allergic reaction to the makeup products. It is also loaded with essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C and E that will fix up your skin and revitalize it.

If you have skin and complexion problems, this is the perfect foundation primer for you as it will provide great coverage with your foundation. All you need to do to apply is to apply a bit of this on your fingers and rub it into your face where you will be applying powder or foundation. It will create a nice and even surface for your makeup and will help your makeup stay on longer.


  • Smooth base
  • Comes with an easy-to-use pump
  • Helps control oil for probably 6-7 hours


  • The pump may squirt too much out
  • Not for greasy skins


2. NYX Cosmetics Honey Dew Me Up Primer – Best For Dry Skin Type

best drugstore primerNYX products have always been about the value proposition, and their makeup primer is no exception. If you are looking for the best drugstore primer for dry skin that has great performance while maintaining a reasonable price, you need to get the NYX cosmetics Honey Dew Me Up. This has been qualified by many testers and reviewers as one of the best NYX products.

Not only does this product help prep your face for the application of makeup, but also it helps neutralize any kind of discoloration and redness on your skin. Additionally, the NYX Honey Dew Me Up is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients that help clear and revitalize the skin.

For example, there are gold flakes to make your skin more radiant, collagen to whiten and strengthen your skin, and honey to act as an antiseptic. Apply a thin layer of this on the areas of your face before applying makeup. This will allow you to keep your makeup and for it to stick better and last longer.

You can even use the NYX professional makeup by itself to minimize pores and smooth the face. One thing we must warn you about is the fact that it does make your skin radiate and glow a bit, so if you prefer a dull matte look, this isn’t the right foundation primer for you.


  • Adds a Subtle Glow
  • Smooths and Hydrates the Skin
  • Cruelty-free
  • Contain collagen
  • Reduce discoloration
  • Affordable


  • Sometimes Does Not Work With Oily Skin


3. Maybelline New York Face Studio Master – Best For Redness

best drugstore primerIf you are on an extreme budget, Maybelline Studio Master Prime Makeup is the best drugstore primer for you. It is a water-based primer that is non-oily and helps prime your skin to apply makeup. Basically, it creates a thin smooth layer that blurs skin imperfections and fine lines so that you have an even clean layer to put foundation and makeup onto.

If you are looking for the best drugstore primer makeup for redness, then the Maybelline primer is what you need. This product is a budget primer, and the manufacturer has only put the bare essential ingredients. So do not expect vitamins etc. This primer has been put together for one single purpose. It has been made for redness.

It does, however, have sun protection and helps control a bit of redness and even tones. Although the product is slightly pink, when you apply it to your face, there is no tint. The primer does a good job of smoothing the skin and preparing it for layering on foundation and makeup. However, if you need other skin-enriching ingredients combined with the basic functions of a primer, you may want to look for different affordable makeup primers.


  • It does smooth out skin
  • Remove a little bit of redness
  • Doesn’t dry out/flake


  • You may experience rash if you are allergic


4. Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer – Best Primer With Hyaluronic Acid For Acne

best primer drugstore

If you’re in search of the best primer for acne, Milk Makeup’s Hydro Grip Primer is worth considering. Featuring a transparent, gel-like texture, it can be applied as a base for flawless makeup application or worn on its own for a natural, radiant look.

Thanks to Blue Agave Extract, this primer forms a tacky layer that helps keep makeup in place, preventing unwanted fading and transfer throughout the day. But the manufacturer has added Hyaluronic Acid, Hemp Seed Extract, and (Niacinamide) vitamin b3 all infused into the formula to provide a hydrating boost to the skin.

What truly sets the Milk Makeup company apart is its commitment to clean, cruelty-free, and 100% vegan ingredients. The formula is 94% natural, and it contains no parabens, silicone, or gluten whatsoever. It’s also fragrance-free, oil-free, and suitable for sensitive, normal, and dry skin types.

In summary, Milk Makeup’s Hydro Grip Primer is a good solution for anyone looking for a dependable primer that will keep their makeup looking fresh and smooth for hours to come. And, with its vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, you can feel good knowing that you’re using a product that is both high-quality and ethical.


  • Very hydrating but not sticky or tacky
  • Contains some very good hydrating ingredients.
  • Extend foundation’s wear
  • Allow you to remain fresh
  • Fade-proof for a few extra hours than normal.


  • Contains alcohol
  • A little expensive


5. Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Erase – Best for Rough Skin

best primer for rough skin

Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Erase is the best primer for rough skin. This small and large pore minimizer face primer is specially formulated to blur pores and leave skin looking matte and poreless. It provides a smooth base for your makeup and keeps your face looking smooth, matte, and moisturized all day. This is why this product is sometimes called “the stay matte primer”.

Many fans of Maybelline describe this product as “Photoshop in a bottle”. Basically, it helps in cleansing, moisturizing, and smoothening the skin. This pore-erasing formula creates a smooth canvas for your foundation, providing the perfect base for a flawless finish. The primer is lightweight, non-greasy, and quickly absorbed into the skin for a comfortable, breathable feel.

Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Erase is easy to remove too. You can use Garnier Micellar Water as a gentle makeup remover at night and as a facial cleanser in the morning.

In summary, this pore minimizer face primer by Maybelline is a must-have in any makeup bag. It improves the skin’s texture, minimizes the appearance of pores, and gives a smooth, matte primer finish.


  • Blurs visible pores
  • Lightweight formula
  • Leaves the area smooth and soft
  • Inexpensive product
  • Does not irritate the skin
  • Fragrance-free


  • Not for oily skin


6. Rimmel Stay Matte Primer – Best for Oily Skin

best for oilyskin

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer is the ultimate solution for anyone with oily skin. If you’re tired of your pores ruining your makeup and leaving your face shine-prone, then you may want to try this primer foundation. It mattifies your skin and controls shine for up to 8 hours, so your foundation looks just as flawless at happy hour as it did at your 12 a.m. meeting.

This primer comes with a volume of 30 ml (1 fl oz), making it perfect for daily use. It is specially designed to perfect your skin’s appearance and make it look its best. The ultra-lightweight formula blends smoothly onto your skin without feeling greasy or heavy, making it a pleasure to use.

With its specially formulated ingredients, this primer minimizes the appearance of pores, giving your skin a smooth, even-toned look. You can use it alone or with another foundation to enhance your skin’s natural glow.

Overall, Rimmel Stay Matte Primer is the perfect solution for anyone with oily skin looking to achieve a flawless, matte finish. Its lightweight formula, skin-perfecting benefits, and long-lasting effects make it the go-to product for every makeup enthusiast. So, go ahead and try it out to achieve a stunning complexion that lasts all day long.


  • Product is suitable for all skin types and skin tones
  • Tube dispenses slowly at a time; hence, no wastage
  • Blends easily
  • Gives a smooth finish
  • Keeps face shine-free for a long duration
  • Not very expensive
  • No fragrance


  • May not cover fine lines and open pores


7. Milani SPF BFF Primer – Best Drugstore Primer With SPF

best SPF primer

SPF means Sun Protection Factor, and this spf primer drugstore comes with broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen. This is a must-have for anyone who wants to reduce sun exposure to their skin and prevent long-term fine lines and wrinkles. In essence, the Milani SPF BFF Primer protects your skin from the harmful effects of the sun while priming it perfectly for a makeup routine. This is the best drugstore spf primer out there that you need in your beauty arsenal.

The lightweight lotion formula helps to protect the skin while also smoothing it out to create a perfect canvas for your makeup. Milani SPF Primer offers a natural finish that comes with UVA/UVB protection, so you don’t have to worry about the sun’s harmful rays damaging your skin. It’s perfect for all skin types and is fast-absorbing, with moisture-rich Glycerin and Vitamin E that give your skin the nourishment it needs.

This cruelty-free beauty product is also formulated without any oils, which helps to keep breakouts at bay while giving your skin the protection it needs. You’ll love how this primer glides on seamlessly, leaving your skin looking and feeling amazing. It’s perfect for everyday wear, so you can confidently go about your day, knowing that your skin is protected and looking great.

In summary, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect drugstore primer with SPF that offers excellent protection, smooth application, and a natural finish, you can’t go wrong with Milani SPF BFF Primer.


  • Travel-friendly in your handbag
  • Blends into the skin easily
  • Only a little amount of product is required for the full face
  • Light texture


  • A bit expensive
  • Small amount of cream in the tube


8. No7 Airbrush Away Primer – Best Hydrating Makeup Primer

best primer

This is the best hydrating makeup primer that brightens up the complexion and provides a smooth base for makeup. This primer is specially formulated to cater to all combinations of skin needs and helps to extend your makeup wear while keeping your skin looking flawless.

No7 Airbrush Away Primer is designed to soften the appearance of fine lines and reduces the visibility of pores, making your skin look even better. The primer contains Hyaluronic Acid that hydrates while Larch Tree Extract helps to soften and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With these ingredients, the primer is an anti-aging formula that keeps your skin looking youthful and healthy.

Overall, it is ideal for all skin types, providing anti-aging, hydrating, smoothening, and softening benefits all in one. The lightweight and non-greasy formula easily blends into your skin.

In summary, No7 Airbrush Away Primer is the perfect choice for those who want to create a smooth base for makeup application. It is an ideal primer for all skin types, making it the perfect addition to your makeup kit.


  • Good Price
  • Good Quality SPF
  • Hydrating
  • Smooth


  • Can’t be used around the eye


9. Aveeno MaxGlow Hydrating Face Serum + Primer – Best Drugstore Primer For Sensitive Skin

best primer for sensitive skin

If you want to achieve the perfect base for your makeup while also giving your skin essential hydration, the Aveeno MaxGlow Hydrating Face Serum + Primer is a good option. It has been defined by our testers as the “Best Drugstore Primer for Sensitive Skin”. This two-in-one product will make anyone’s life so much easier by softening facial skin with natural oils and creating a dewy finish in just one step.

The serum and primer combo contains a unique complex that works to hydrate your skin while creating a smooth and glowing canvas for your makeup. Its two-phase formula is water-light and quickly absorbed, making it ideal for easy layering. The Moisture Rich Soy and Kiwi Complex is the ingredient responsible for illuminating and priming your skin.

Aside from being effective in its performance, this facial serum is also gentle on the skin. It is hypoallergenic, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores. You can rest easy knowing that you’re not adding any harmful chemicals to your skin.

Overall, the Aveeno MaxGlow Hydrating Face Serum + Primer is the perfect product for the busy woman who wants to achieve a flawless base without the fuss.


  • Made with skincare ingredients
  • Give a nice glowing skin
  • Hydrating
  • Great for sensitive skins


  • Watery texture can feel a little messy
  • A bit expensive


10. COVERGIRL Trublend Base Business Pore Minimizing Skin Primer – Best for Large Pores

prime for Large Pores

If you’re someone who’s been struggling with large pores, it can be frustrating to find makeup that can help minimize them. While there’s no way to change the actual size of your pores, this primer can help make them appear smaller and less noticeable. This product is currently the best value for large pores as it visibly reduces and blurs them while mattifying shine. This creates a perfect canvas for foundation and helps extend the wear of your makeup for an all-day flawless finish.

One of the best things about this skin primer is that it has a long-lasting, weightless feel while being oil-free, and fragrance-free. This means that it is suitable for all skin types and works well with both oily and dry skin types. It not only reduces the appearance of your pores but also keeps your makeup in place for hours without fading or creasing.

Apart from minimizing your pores, this product has several other benefits like creating a smooth canvas for your foundation, giving you a hydrated radiant glow, and strengthening your skin’s texture over time.

Overall, the Covergirl Trublend Base Primer is a must-have for anyone concerned about large pores, shine control, and long-lasting makeup. It is a high-quality product that provides great value for money.


  • Oil-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Boosts radiance


  • Packaging could look better


11. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Radiant Hydro Boost Glow Face Primer & Serum – Best for Dull Skin


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Glow Primer & Serum is the perfect solution for anyone looking to revitalize dull skin and achieve a healthy, radiant glow. This product comes in a 1.0-fluid ounce bottle and is powered by hyaluronic acid, which is known for its hydrating properties.

The primer is tailored for those with dull skin who want to help their skin look and feel its best. The formulation is designed to help your skin become more hydrated and moisturized, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

But the primer is also a great option for those looking fora foundation for long-lasting makeup. It creates a smooth surface that helps your makeup stay in place throughout the day. Not only does it help your makeup last longer, but it also gives your skin an even, radiant look that you will love.

This is why the Neutrogena Hydro Boost is perfect for those who want to achieve a dewy look. You can wear it alone to create a beautiful, glowing complexion that looks and feels healthier. The skin-boosting glow serum to primer hybrid bridges the gap between skincare and makeup with versatile two-in-one benefits. It hydrates skin and locks in moisture to give you an energized glow. If you want to even skin tone and achieve a healthy-looking, radiant complexion, this product is the perfect choice for you.


  • Oil-free
  • Hydrating
  • Energizing


  • May not cover fine lines


12. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Prep Green Primer – Best for Redness

Best for Redness

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Prep Green Primer is the go-to solution for achieving the ultimate makeup base that is even-toned and poreless. This primer is best for reducing facial redness and improving skin tone while smoothing out any imperfections. The formulation is infused with seaweed extract and is gentle on the skin, making it suitable for all skin types with redness.

The silky, lightweight primer works to improve dull-looking skin and smooth out its surface for better texture and tone. Its color-correcting matte formula helps reduce the appearance of skin redness while blurring and minimizing the look of pores, leaving you with a softer, even complexion.

This primer is perfect for use on its own or underneath makeup for a long-lasting, flawless finish. Its non-greasy texture makes it easy to apply and provides a great pore treatment, reducing redness and evening-out skin tone.


  • Reduces redness
  • Lightweight
  • Energizing


  • Can be drying


Final Verdict on the Best Drugstore Face Primers

When it comes to makeup application, finding the perfect primer is key. Not only does it provide a base for your makeup, but it also helps to ensure that your makeup stays on all day. Primers come in different forms and target specific skin concerns, such as brightening, smoothing, and blurring. Those with combination skin may opt for a putty primer like Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Erase, as it helps to smooth out skin texture.

For mature skin, the Trublend Makeup Primer by Covergirl is a great option as it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. BareMinerals Original Primer is a popular pick for its ultra-silky texture and blurring effect. Lastly, for dull skin, the Neutrogena Glow Primer can help create an illuminated complexion. Overall, using a primer is crucial in achieving a flawless makeup look that lasts throughout the day.

Best Drugstore Makeup Primers – A Buying Guide

best drugstore primer

When you head out to your local drugstore, you will be faced with a plethora of choices for primers. They all have nice packaging and labels, and may not have an idea where to start your selection and what to choose. While there are many types of makeup primers, we will be focusing on foundation primers, which aid in applying makeup to your face.

A foundation primer can work as a moisturizer, absorb oil, and make skin more even and smooth. Some will contain vitamins, minerals, and various extracts, oils, or fragrances. There are some primers that contain sun protection or are tinted to match your skin tone. Regardless of the composition, foundation primers serve two purposes: they moisturize/smooth out your face and let you wear your makeup longer.

Below are the main 4 criteria you need to take into account before buying a drugstore primer:

  1. Avoid silicon
  2. The type of skin concerns you want to target
  3. Price
  4. Season

1. Avoid silicon

When it comes to getting your skin looking beautiful and flawless, primers for long-lasting makeup can be a game-changer. However, if you are a fan of drugstore brands, it’s important to pay close attention to the labels. One thing to avoid in your favorite drugstore primer is silicone. While silicone can create a smooth base for your foundation, it can also clog pores and cause breakouts. What’s more, it can make it difficult for moisturizers to penetrate the skin, leaving it dehydrated and dull-looking.

Instead, look for a primer that contains silica. Silica has natural oil-absorbing properties that can keep your skin looking matte without causing dryness. This mineral is also non-irritating and non-comedogenic, making it a safe bet for all skin types. Another benefit of choosing a primer without silicone is that your makeup will look more natural and blend seamlessly into your skin. So next time you’re shopping for a drugstore primer, read the label carefully and choose one that will give you a smooth, flawless base without compromising your skin’s health.

2. The type of skin concerns you want to target

It’s essential to understand that only one type of skin concern can be addressed by a single drugstore makeup primer. In other words, primers are typically made to address one main skin concern at a time, such as redness, pores, acne, dry skin, or oily skin. Therefore, you should pick a primer that correlates with your top skin needs to get the most out of your primer.

3. Price of a drugstore primer

The price of a drugstore primer varies depending on the type and brand, as well as the ingredients used. For basic solutions, the cost can be as low as a few dollars (plenty of these in drugstores), but for more complex primers that contain natural ingredients, they can cost over $100 (only a handful of these exists in drugstores). At the end of the day, one of the main benefits of drugstore primers is that they come at an affordable price, allowing makeup enthusiasts to experiment with different brands without breaking the bank.

With a good quality drugstore primer, your skin will feel more hydrated and plumped up, providing a more youthful look. It will also help your makeup stay on for longer periods, ensuring that it remains flawless throughout the day. So, whether you’re looking for a simple solution or a more complex primer, drugstore primers will help you achieve the perfect look without hurting your wallet.

4. Season

Depending on the temperature or season, you might need a primer that addresses different temperatures, humidity, and other weather conditions (and office conditions). For instance, during winter, your skin might need a primer for dry skin that allows you to apply more makeup seamlessly. This type of primer usually has a moisturizing formula that nourishes your skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple and does not get affected by the cold dryness of winter.

On the other hand, during the summer months, you might be looking for a radiant primer that lets your skin shine while providing SPF protection. Luckily, a variety of different drugstore primers are available that can help tackle these seasonal concerns. No matter which primer you choose, be sure to check the label and choose one that works for your skin type and addresses your specific needs. With the right primer, you can achieve a flawless makeup look, no matter the season.

FAQ – Frequently asked question

What is a drugstore primer?

If you are on a budget, you are probably wondering what is meant by the best drugstore primer. We define this as the best primer that can be found in your local drugstore that has great performance all at a very affordable price. Basically, it is a cheap primer that you can find in a local drugstore but still perform well.

Most makeup primers are silicone or water-based polymers because they have smoothing effects. Not only do makeup primers help you apply makeup, but they also help smooth out fine lines, wrinkles, and pores. Note that the best way to apply primer is simply with your fingertips, but if you only want it in a small area, you can use a small brush.

If you plan on doing exercise or being out in changing weather, primer is the perfect thing to wear so that your makeup last longer. It can be worn all year round and even stand alone to give your face a more polished look. Additionally, they can be worn on your eyelids, serve as a foundation or even eyeshadow.

What primer is best for normal skin type?

It is not easy to find the best primer for normal skin (or other types of skin) unless you define what your skin concerns are (such as pores, dry skin, etc.). In other words, it’s important to choose a prime that will enhance your natural complexion and remove your concern. A good primer will provide the perfect base to make your makeup look excellent, whether you want an all-natural or glam look.

For natural skin, it is best to look for primers that are lightweight, non-greasy, and easy to apply. For instance, the best option for normal skin would be a non-comedogenic face primer with hyaluronic acid.

In essence, Hydration or blurring properties are key for normal skin. So search for products that have both of these properties. Once you’ve found the perfect primer, apply it to your face and let it dry completely before applying your foundation. This step is essential, ensuring that your makeup stays put and looks great all day long. Remember, the ideal primer for you is one that addresses your specific skincare needs. So, figure out your goals, and find a primer that best addresses those needs for a picture-perfect and long-lasting makeup look.

Is a primer necessary for makeup?

A primer is not an absolute necessity. However, applying makeup can be challenging without using a primer. The reason is that in most cases, makeup requires a smooth and flawless foundation. This is where a primer comes in. A primer is a product that is applied before makeup to create that perfect canvas for your foundation.

In essence, the primer fills out pores and fine lines, creating a smooth surface for makeup application. This is why primer is one of the most important products in a makeup kit. One of the best drugstore primers that will help you achieve a long-lasting makeup hold.

Primers can also be perfect for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In conclusion, a primer is necessary for makeup because it not only blurs all imperfections but also seals open pores and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Therefore, including a primer in your makeup routine is crucial for achieving a flawless look that lasts all day.

Is a primer good for daily use?

Yes, the use of a primer on a daily basis is good and is generally beneficial. For instance, using a primer can be helpful in protecting the skin before makeup application, as it can act as a barrier between the skin and potentially harmful ingredients in cosmetics. With the right primer, makeup can look flawless and more natural, making it a great addition to your daily routine.

Does primer have to match your skin tone?

The primer you choose has to match your skin tone. That’s why most drugstore primers are transparent. But some come in different shades. If you’re unsure of which shade to choose, it’s best to opt for a clear one. On the other hand, if you know the exact shade and tone color that works for you, then stick with it.

Whichever one you choose, the main function of a primer is to act like spackle – it smooths and even outs the skin to prepare it for foundation application. Remember, primers are formulated to moisturize, plump the skin, and fill in fine lines, pores, and wrinkles. They help to create a flawless canvas for your foundation and prevent any settlement into those lines. So the safest way for you, if you are unsure, is to use a translucent and transparent primer.

What is green primer?

Green primer is a type of makeup you apply before foundation or other makeup products to prepare your skin for a flawless finish. Unlike other primers, green primer is specifically designed to counteract redness in the skin. They are the go-to choice for those with acne, rosacea, or sensitive skin that easily becomes red.

By applying green primer, you can hide any redness and discoloration and give yourself a more even skin tone. However, it’s important to remember that green primer should only be used on the areas of your face where you are experiencing redness, so make sure to blend it well with the rest of your makeup. With different primers available for different concerns, it’s always important to choose the one that will best suit your skin type and needs.

What are the different types of foundation primers?

Below are the different types of foundation primers you can find in your local drugstore or online. This will help you decide which best drugstore face primers you’ll need for your types of skin and application.

Best Drugstore Primer Gel

These kinds of primers are very common and often used by professional makeup artists. They are known to be lightweight and long-lasting. Primer Gels do a great job of filling in wrinkle lines. They tend to be great for people with sensitive skin. They are also good at filling in lines and wrinkles around the lips and many of them are fragrance-free. Note that most popular and expensive brands are gel-based primers.

Liquid Makeup Primers

Liquid primers are probably just as omnipresent as gel primers. They smooth your skin pretty well but are usually not so good at reducing wrinkles or filling in lines. They are only good if you want a light layer of primer but don’t count on them to build coverage.

Anti-Aging Face Primers – Simply Ageless Makeup

These primers have vitamins and minerals inside to help combat aging and wrinkles. However, don’t expect fast results. It does take quite a long time for the effects of anti-aging primers to take effect. You definitely won’t look 10 years younger immediately. These primers do help hide immediate flaws and dark spots, and they will reduce wrinkles in the long run.

Moisturizing Primers – Hydrate Dry Skin

Moisturizing primers are very common and we recommend these for those with dry skin. They combine a moisturizer with a primer and help provide smooth silky skin. This is similar to buying shampoo and conditioner in the same package. One thing we would warn you of is that it is much more effective to use a standalone primer and a standalone moisturizer, as you get much better results.

Cream Skincare Primers

Cream primers tend to be very heavy and many of them include sun protection. They look like face creams and can be used all over the face to build coverage.

Mineral Skin Primers

Most mineral primers are liquids and they are designed to make your skin healthier. Mineral primers are pretty lightweight and provide overall coverage to the face.

Color Correcting Primers like

These primers are like all-over concealers. They can be used to mask a lot of skin tones and can be found in many drugstores. Many of these color-correcting primers are HD-ready and designed to help smoothen the face for HD photography. There are some color-correcting primers known as tinted primers that are foundation and primer in one. If you want to cut down on the time it takes for applying makeup, you should look into these tinted primers.


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