Best Hair Clips For Babies And Toddlers in 2024 – Best Baby Hair Accessories

Having a little one is an exciting time for any parent. One of the best parts about having a baby girl is getting the pleasure to dress them up in cute and stylish outfits, complete with accessories.

But if you’re looking for the perfect way to accessorize your little one’s look, it all begins with the right hair clips.

Whether you’re looking for butterfly hair clips, elastic bands, or floral accents, here are some of our favorite baby hair accessories to make your child look even more adorable.

Elastic bands are always a great choice for keeping toddlers’ hair out of their eyes and face. This is especially true for fine hairs. For babies who haven’t yet grown enough hair to clip back, simple headbands can be worn around their forehead as decoration or used as an anchor point for other decorations such as bows or flowers.

#1. California Tot Hair Clips – For Babies & Toddlers

For those who are interested in the best hair clips for babies and toddlers, we suggest that you look into the California Tot brand.

While these are just simple bow hair clips, they are super comfortable and hold very well.

We also like that they are made of premium materials and just have that high-end look that just blends in well with baby clothes.

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Best Hair Clips For Babies And Toddlers – Best Baby Sellers in Hair Accessories


#1. California Tot Hair Clips – Best Sellers for Babies & Toddlers

When it comes to the best hair clips for babies and toddlers, the California Tot brand is one of our favorites and certainly gets the popular vote as well.

We think it really works well because it is simple, elegant, and classy without going overboard. These are just simple little bow clips, but they are incredibly stable, durable, and quality.

These bows are made of faux leather that doesn’t fade or get too dirty over time. They also stay in quite well and don’t really get in your child’s hair, so they won’t feel so irritated.

Also, we just really like the colors as they pop out and have the perfect shades that will blend well with clothes. These will definitely be a nice fashion statement.

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#2. Belle Beau Hair Clips For Babies and Toddlers – Best Clips Mixture

Next up, we have the Belle Beau Hair Clips, which are definitely the best hair clips for your little princess babies and toddlers if you are going for variety and maximum cuteness. They really do keep hair in place.

We really like these because they just come in a variety range of hair clips of different shapes. And they are all really well designed. This looks nice and that is clearly a standout feature of this brand.

There are a bunch of sets to choose from and they are all nice, so we think your biggest issue will be only settling with just one set. The quality is ok, but not the best.

Also, they clip in quite easily, but the hold is just not as good as some of the other brands we looked at. With the Belle Beau, it is more style or comfort.

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#3. Fancy Clouds Hair Clips For Babies – Best Floral

Fancy Clouds Hair Clips For BabiesAnother great brand when it comes to the best hair clips for babies and toddlers is Fancy Clouds Hair Clips. If you like bows and flowers, then you will definitely like this set. Overall, there is just a large selection of bows to pick from and they come in an assortment of colors. The quality is alright but more importantly, we think the fit and comfort level is there.

Additionally, it comes in this nice gift box set and can even be a great gift idea for those who have babies. This hair clips clip-in well without being really annoying to babies and kids. They are also quite lightweight so babies may not even realize that they are there. All in all, these are incredibly adorable and can be used to dress up or down.

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#4. Shemay Hair Clips For Babies and Toddlers – Best Butterfly

The Shemay Hair Clips is yet another set of hair clips for kids that we suggest you take a look at. They are nice mini-sized ribbon bows that come in a bunch of colors.

We like this set because it just contains more shades of different colors than the hair clip sets we mentioned above. And they certainly get the job done when it comes to maintaining a good hold.

In fact, we think these hair clips are definitely more functional and less style. They do look nice but there are clearly “cuter” looking hair clips that we mentioned above.

The Shemay brand really does get a good hold in your kid’s hair and they are quite difficult for your kids to just pull out. Also, they stay in the hair even if your kids are running around and whatnot.

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#5. Ruyaa Hair Clips For Babies and Toddlers – Best Colorful

Hair Clips For Babies and ToddlersLastly, there’s the Ruyaa Hair Clips, which are nice high-quality grosgrain ribbon hair clips very much like the Shemay brand mentioned above.

We really like the Ruyaa and think that they stand out in that they are truly non-slip. Sure the Shemay brand is also very much non-slip, but we feel like the Ruyaa just does a better job of holding.

However, the trade-off is that babies are clearly a bit more annoyed at the Ruyaa when compared to the Shemay. However, we think you can’t really go wrong with either brand.

If you just want a hair clip that holds really well with a non-slip grip on your baby‘s hair, you should definitely consider the Ruyaa clips. They come in a few nice colors as well. In fact, they come in more than 20 different colors. You can use one color on a daily basis and still enjoy the variety.

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Frequently asked questions

Are the best hair clips safe for baby girls?

Parents are often excited to accessorize their little ones’ locks, but it is important to understand the safety of the products used. Toddlers with fine or wispy hair may require different types of hair clips than those with thicker tresses.

Snap clips, for instance, provide an easy and effective way to keep shorter strands out of a toddler’s eyes. These come in a variety of sizes and designs that are perfect for special occasions or casual wear. Some versions feature fabric on one side, which makes them non-scratchy and gentle on delicate scalps.

Due to their simple design, snap clips also make it easier to secure sections of finer hair without causing any damage or discomfort.

Can newborn toddlers wear hair accessories clips and some headbands?

Yes, these are safe for newborns. But the real answer is that it depends on your parenting style. Obviously, because you have a newborn, there are some important considerations you should take before adding flower hair clips or hairbands to your baby’s wardrobe.

If your newborn has fine or thinning hair, it’s okay to add a few floral accessories without worry. As long as they don’t pull too tightly on the delicate strands, babies can enjoy wearing pretty flower hair clips without any lasting damage.

On the other hand, if your baby has thick locks that need keeping in place, you may want to opt for a lightweight headband or clip-less accessory instead of an actual clip.

Now, if your baby’s skin has a red rush reaction to any of the clips, then you are best to avoid these for some time. Your newborn may be allergic to some products used to manufacture these. In this particular case, contact your doctor for checks.

When can I put hair bow clips on my baby?

To be clear and honest, there’s no real specific age for when a baby can be using clips (including hair bow clips), headbands, or any other hair accessories.  Most parents find that their babies are suitable for hair accessories around 6 months old, although some babies may be ready as early as 3 months.

At this age, the baby’s head and scalp have developed enough to support small items without causing any harm or discomfort. This is true for babies having thick hair or think ones.

When shopping for accessories to put in your child’s hair, make sure they are light and have soft backing material so they won’t cause any irritation or leave marks on the baby’s head. You should also avoid buying clips with sharp edges that could pull at her delicate strands of hair.


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