Best Hans Device – Get Your Head and Neck Restraint System

Only the best Hans device can be used in the motorsport industry for additional protection of drivers.

A Hans device, also known as a Head and Neck Support device, is designed to reduce the risk of head and neck injuries during a crash.

The safety feature has become increasingly popular amongst racers over the past few years due to its effectiveness in preventing serious injury. This is why you need to choose the right Hans device before racing.

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the best Hans devices in terms of performance, design, and value for money.

#1.HANS Sport III Device – The best head and neck restraint system

For those of you who are looking for the best Hans device, we highly recommend that you try out the HANS Sport III.

It is the best option you have for a mass-produced over-the-counter neck support device that is extremely comfortable, lightweight, and durable.

Although it is a bit pricey, it is clearly a premium option.

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What is a Hans device made for?

A HANS device, or head and neck support system, is a popular safety device used in motorsports. It was originally developed to reduce the risk of fatal head injuries due to sudden movements during crashes.

The HANS device works by limiting the driver’s head movement during an accident, reducing the chance of broken bones or spinal cord damage from violent impacts.

Best Hans Device in Motorsport


#1. HANS Sport III Device – The Right Hans Device For Racers

When it comes to the best Hans device, we highly recommend that you try out the HANS Sport III. This is a great lightweight authentic HANS model with a 20-degree recline.

It comes in two sizes, medium and large. The medium size fits up to 17-inch collar size and the large fits over 17-inch collar size. The fit is usually pretty versatile and good for most people.

Please keep in mind that this is basically the closest over-the-counter to a custom-made professional F1 neck support you can find. It is FIA approved and very well-padded.

The Sport III is probably the lightest and most comfortable model out there and it is made of an affordable polymer material that doesn’t sacrifice too much quality.

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#2. Zamp NT004003 Z-Tech Series Hans Device

Hans DeviceNext up, we have the Zamp Z-Tech Series Hans Device, which is the best Hans device for those who want a Hans device that is rather affordable and has a super secure system

. While it is clearly not as sturdy or lightweight as the original HANS device mentioned above, for the price point, we think that it really does the trick for most people.

Sure, it gives you a limited ability to turn your head and it fits quite snugly and maybe a bit too uncomfortable for some people.

However, the price is quite reasonable. And we think that this is mostly the attraction point. The unit seems sturdy and durable enough when compared to the higher-priced Hans devices out there.

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EVS Sports R4 Race Collar Hans Device

#3. EVS Sports R4 Race Collar Hans Device

Another great product when it comes to the best hans device is the EVS Sports R4 Race Collar. It is for people on an extreme budget who don’t really care too much about overpaying for this kind of stuff. The EVS Sports Hans Device is as cheap as it really looks.

However, it is surprisingly comfortable and seems durable enough to hold up your neck properly in the case of an accident.

There’s also this really nifty front entry system that makes it quite easy to get in and out of the neck brace. And it is made of a bio-foam liner for softer impacts. The bio-foam liner is actually quite nice as just a general neck padding and it is quite soft and definitely cushions your neck when it gets jolted around.

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#4. NecksGen REV Hans Device

The NecksGen REV Hans Device is yet another great neck support harness that rivals the traditional Hans device mentioned above. In terms of quality, the two are neck in neck.

It is nice to know that this Hans device is made of the latest carbon fiber composite Dupont material and passes the mandated SFI 38.1 testing procedures. So it is very lightweight and safe to use.

Perhaps the standout feature of this Hans device is the fact that it does not have bulky frontal yokes, which means that it does not put too much on your collarbone and chest area.

This unit will work with 2 or 3-inch wide shoulder harnesses and even has nice quick-disconnect helmet anchors hardware that will work with any racing helmet.

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#5. Simpson Hybrid Sport Neck Support

Simpson Hybrid Sport Neck SupportLastly, we have the Simpson Hybrid Sport Neck Support, which is the best hans device for those of you who want to try another brand besides the coveted HANS official brand. It is a piece of great safety equipment in your arsenal.

It also features a composite and carbon fiber construction and gives you a whole lot of comfort and safety for auto racing.

Although we feel that the official HANS device mentioned above is more durable, this is more comfortable for sprint race cars.

It is also nice to know that it comes if a bunch of different sizes and the straps are all adjustable to the point that it will fit you snugly but not feel completely constrained.

You obviously do have to pay for this kind of luxury and it is at the same price point as the official HANS devices, so you need to decide for yourself whether or not it is worth it.

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How to Choose the Right SFI Compliant Neck Restraint Hans Device?

There are a number of criteria that you need to look for when choosing a Hans Safety device. These are:

  • Budget – How much can you invest? Hans’s devices are expensive. Do not compromise on them as they can save your life.
  • Injection molded super-structural carbon composite – These are very strong materials. They’ll take care of you in case of an accident.
  • Weight – The lighter the better without compromising on safety and strength.
  • Easiness in wearing the Hans device – How easy it is to wear?
  • Is it SFI and FIA-approved? If so, then it complies with some of the most stringent safety measures in the world.

How effective is a HANS device?

According to research conducted by leading racing safety organizations, the use of a HANS device can significantly reduce fatalities in motorsports accidents.

Studies have found that when wearing a HANS device, drivers are up to 50% less likely to suffer serious injury compared with those not wearing one.

Furthermore, it has been shown that the use of this protection system reduces fatalities among drivers by as much as 80%.


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