Best Field Cultivator Reviews

#1.Titan 3 Point Field Cultivator

If you are interested in the best field cultivator, the Titan 3-Point Field Cultivator is the way to go. It is quite easy to set up and install and it works easily to help loosen up soil and remove unwanted weeds. We find that it is a pretty good bang for the buck and is both affordable and durable.

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Best Field Cultivator

#1. Titan 3 Point Field Cultivator

For those who are interested in the best field cultivator, we have to give it to the Titan 3-Point Field Cultivator. This is a fully adjustable cultivator that connects to CAT 1 Tractors. We really like the Titan 3 because it offers the best combination of performance, durability, and price point. It is quite affordable and really gets the job done well.

In terms of specifications, it has an adjustable working width of 18 inches to 40 inches, which helps in accommodating gardens of various sizes. The steel shanks do a great job in loosening soil and removing weeds and they certainly hold up quite well over time as well. If you are worried about durability, don’t be.

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#2. Field Tuff FTF-48C3PT 3 Point Cultivator

Next, we have the Field Tuff 3 Point Cultivator, which is the best field cultivator for those looking for something very durable and will slice through soil and weeds like none other. In terms of performance, we find it better than the Titan 3 we recommend above, but just keep in mind that this cultivator is also more expensive. The Titan 3 may be a better value.

As for some specs, it has a working width of 48 inches, which allows you to work fast and efficiently. There are 7 heavy-duty shovels attached that slice through your soil. And finally, we just want to let you know that is made of heavy-duty steel and is powder coated which gives it a really long-lasting finish that is pretty rustproof.

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best field cultivator

#3. Field Tuff ATV Tow-Behind Best Field Cultivator

Another great option when it comes to the best field cultivator is the Field Tuff ATV Tow-Behind Cultivator. Although it is a bit expensive, we think it is worth it if you have an ATV. This cultivator is designed to work behind a 500cc or larger ATV and covers a 48-inch wide path, which is pretty standard. We like that it has a nice adjustable depth control for raising and lowering when needed.

Next, there are 7 shanks that help you do work and dig into soil and weeds. These are driven on 13-inch pneumatic tires that are pretty heavy-duty and won’t break down. Overall, this field cultivator is just built pretty rock solid. All the parts look like they can take some serious damage and it just looks pretty effortless to attach and detach.

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#4. Brinly CC-56BH Tow-Behind Cultivator

The Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed Tomato Fertilizer is a nice little fertilizer that lets you basically get away with as little work as possible. We really like the fact that it contains natural ingredients such as kelp, feather meal, bone meal, and earthworm castings that really help feed microbes in the soil.

It is also loaded with calcium, which does a good job informing stronger cell walls and longer-lasting tomatoes. It also helps prevents disorders and widespread diseases. Perhaps our feature is that it has an incredibly long feed time of up to 3 months. It continuously feeds above the ground and below the soil, making it a set-it-and-forget-it kind of fertilizer.

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Best Field Cultivator

#5. Impact Implements CAT-0 Cultivator, 52 inch

Lastly, we have the Impact Implements CAT-0 Cultivator, which is a nice little tool that can be adjusted to a working width of 18 to 40 inches. It is also quite affordable, which is a plus. The only thing is that this cultivator requires a sleeve hitch in order to work properly, and it is not included so you will have to buy one if you don’t already own one.

Additionally, the shanks are 7.5 inches and made of pretty heavy-duty steel. Let’s just say that they do a pretty good job of loosening soil and removing weeds. Although it is not built rock solid like some of the more expensive field cultivators, the Impact Implements cultivator definitely holds its own and gets the job done.

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