Best Spring Airsoft Pistol

best spring air pistol

Browning Buck Mark URX Air Pistol .177″

The Browning Buck Mark URX is the best spring airsoft pistol if you are looking for value. It has a solid build and shoots quite accurately.


If you are into airsoft games or want to learn, you maybe interested in purchasing the best spring airsoft pistol. Airsoft guns are basically replicas of actual firearms, but they shoot small pellets that travel at speeds much slower than real bullets. They are not 1:1 replicas but most of the good ones are close enough.

There are three main types of airsoft pistols: spring, electric, and gas powered. Spring airsoft pistols are usually the least powerful of the three and also the cheapest. They are operated by you manually cocking the spring back. Electric powered airsoft pistols are operated by batteries. These electric pistols can be cocked automatically, which makes it semi-automatic. Finally, there is the gas powered airsoft pistol. These are usually quite powerful and expensive.

By using the best spring airsoft pistol, you can have lots of fun shooting in your backyard. They are great starter guns and good for practicing in your backyard. The one main drawback of spring airsoft pistols is that they need to be manually cocked. Also they don’t really shoot with the same amount of pressure as gas powered airsoft pistols.

When shopping for an spring loaded airsoft gun, you should look into the FPS, accuracy, construction, and magazine hold. We have reviewed and thoroughly tested many different spring loaded airsoft guns in our lab. Please see the following for our top 5 list.

What is the Best Spring Airsoft Pistol?

Browning Buck Mark URX Air Pistol .177″

best spring air pistol

We think in terms of overall value, nothing beats the Browning Buck Mark URX. It is the best airsoft spring pistol if you want an almost 1:1 replica of the Buck Mark URX .22 cal. It has a great feel, nice heft, and the perfect entry level airsoft pistol that is respectable. We think at close range, it has extremely good accuracy and pretty decent accurate at longer ranges. The factory reported velocity is around 320 feet per second (FPS) although we got even higher in our lab tests.

This airsoft pistol is great for both indoor and outdoor usage. It is great for target practice and for fun in your backyard. If you are looking for something to actually kill small animals or with more power, you will definitely have to pay a lot more. In this price range, this airsoft pistol is about as good as it gets.

In terms of specifications, it has a fixed front sight and a adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation. You can add a bunch of attachments to it such as scope. The cock effort is relatively light at around 20 pounds of force. The overall length is 12 inches with a 3 medium loudness, which is not too loud. Our main complaint is that it is a single shot, so you have to load a pellet in and cock it every time you want to shoot. The cock mechanism is alright to handle once you get used to it.


Beeman P1 Stainless Look Air Pistol

best airsoft spring pistol

It is a well known fact that the Beeman P1 is the best spring loaded airsoft pistol on the market if you are looking for power. This legendary airsoft pistol looks like a .45 1911 and even feels like one. Because it is made with precise German engineering, it does not feel cheap at all. The only thing plastic on this particular airsoft handgun is the read adjustable sight for windage and elevation.

There is an obvious reason the Beeman P1 is absurdly expensive. It comes loaded with unique features and shoots at very high velocities for a spring loaded airsoft. There are two power levels, with the higher power level being able to clock in at over 530 feet per second (FPS). Even the lower power setting is quite powerful at around 410 FPS according to our tests. This is just absolutely insane speed considering a real bullet travels at north of 1,000 FPS.

Besides the crazy fast velocities, the Beeman P1 is just an epic airsoft pistol. Nothing feels cheap on it and the look and finish is just stunning. We like that the sight is extremely accurate and the safety is easy to use. Additionally, you can mount a scope on this pistol to make it even more accurate. There is also a 2- stage adjustable trigger. You can turn a screw clockwise to increase the trigger pull force and counterclockwise to decrease it.

Overall, this is the best airsoft spring pistol if you can pay the steep premium. It does not come with any fancy packaging or marketing gimmicks. You only get solid German engineering. Our biggest complaint is that it does take a while to cock this thing. You have to basically pull out the top half of the pistol and load your pellet individually before you shoot. Pulling it back all the way gives it full power and halfway gives it the lower speed.


Cometa Indian Air Pistol

best spring loaded airpistol

If you want a really powerful single shot spring loaded airsoft pistol, the Cometa Indian Air Pistol is the way to go. It does about 470 feet per second, which is insanely fast for a spring loaded air pistol. The most interested thing about the Cometa Indian is that it has an unique cocking technique that makes it really easy to operate.

It works something like that Beeman P1 in that you need to pull out the top half of the gun. But instead of pull the top half back 180 degrees, you end up having to rotate it almost a full 360 degrees. This makes it much more effortless to cock. The company reports only a 7 pound cocking effort, which is very light.

In terms of specifications, it has all of the standard specs of any well made air pistol. It has a blade front sight and read sight that is adjustable for windage. It takes 4.5mm or .177” pellets and has a 3 medium loudness. Overall, this is a beautifully crafted airsoft pistol and feels solid in your hands. None of it feels cheap and plastic. Although it is not quite a Beeman P1, for a lot cheaper, you can get the next best pistol.


Daisy Powerline 340 BB Spring Air Pistol

best spring loaded airsoft pistol

If you want the best spring powered airsoft pistol, the Daisy Powerline Model 340 is certainly a great choice. This spring-air pistol has a maximum muzzle velocity of 240 feet per second and weighs in at only 1 pound. It takes 4.5mm BBs and has a 200 shot BB reservoir with a 13 shot speedload clip.

We love how innovative this airsoft pistol is, especially given how cheap it is. There is a 13 shot speedload clip, which is located under the grip. You can simply pull the speedload clip lever all the way out without refilling the entire reservoir. This loads 13 BBs into the magazine. We also like that it has a safety on the side. The only downfall is that it is still only one shot per cock, like all spring air pistols.

Despite being extremely affordable, we are very surprised by its excellent build quality. The frame is made of hard black plastic and the barrel is made of metal. It definitely feels more expensive than a cheap $15 airsoft pistol. There are airsoft pistols out there that can shoot further and have higher velocities. However, those pistols are usually way more expensive. We think the Daisy Powerline Model 340 strikes a great balance between performance and cost.


Soft Air Desert Eagle .44 Magnum Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol

best spring airsoft pistol

If you want a desert eagle replica, the Soft Air Desert Eagle is a great choice. It is the best spring airsoft pistol for those who could want a realistic replica. This spring powered pistol only has 25 rounds, but it has surprising great accuracy. The company reports that it can hit a quarter from 25 feet. We were able to replicate this, but only after a few practice shots. The real desert eagle is not very accurate at all, so this is where the replica actually breaks down.

As for stats, the Soft Air Desert Eagle weighs about one pound and fires at 240 feet per second. This is a pretty standard rate of fire for a spring powered airsoft. For those looking to use this for competition, we advise you to look somewhere else. People mainly get this because it looks like a freakin desert eagle! Although it feels somewhat cheap and a bit on the light side, it still looks pretty awesome.

All in all, we definitely wouldn’t recommend this spring airsoft pistol for anything besides play around with it. It is fairly accurate, but that’s about it. We don’t really like the low clip capacity or some of the minor annoying things about it. The safety lever is a bit hard to pull and the action doesn’t quite come back all the way. Nevertheless, it is a great cheap way to have some fun in your backyard and impress some friends.



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