Best GBB Airsoft Pistol

best gbb airsoft pistol

Cybergun Sig Sauer X-Five .177 Calibre Gun

The Cybergun Sig Sauer X-Five is the best GBB airsoft pistol because it has great build quality. It is a great replica with realistic mechanisms, weight, and balance.


Airsoft has become a very popular sport these days and many just like having them to shot around the yard or outdoors. Many are designed to look like real firearms and to feel like them as well. By using the best gbb airsoft pistol, you can have lots of fun shooting things around.

Airsoft guns are either spring loaded, electric, or gas powered. In this article, we focus on gas powered air pistols, also known as GBB. GBB air pistols are normally reserved for those who have a bit of experience in airsoft guns. They are definitely more powerful than their spring loaded and electric counterparts. This means GBB air pistols have higher velocities and have more realistic semi-automatic firing and magazine reloading. They are also the most expensive type of airsoft pistol.

There are two types of GBB or gas powered pistols: gas blowback and non blowback. Non blowback pistols are also known as GNB and don’t have a gas actuated slide mechanism. They are more realistic than gas blowback pistols and also cheaper. We would say it is somewhere between the power of a spring loaded and full gas blowback pistol.

Most gas powered pistols tend to be gas blowback. They can fire pellets at extremely high velocities and can even come close to an actual bullet. However, these GBB airguns can be quite dangerous if you don’t how to handle it. There are a lot of things that can go wrong. Nevertheless, it all leads to an exciting and challenging experience.

What is the Best GBB Airsoft Pistol?

Cybergun Sig Sauer X-Five .177 Calibre Gun

best gbb airsoft pistol

If you are looking for a really well rounded gas powered air pistol, the Cybergun Sig Sauer X-Five .177 is your answer. We really like the fact that it is almost an exact replica of a real sig p226. The level of detailing is amazing and we know this by comparing it with the real thing. This is the best GBB airsoft pistol if you want an extremely accurate replica. The weight, balance, dimensions, and stitchings are pretty much spot on. It feels just right and looks amazing. The blowback system also adds a lot to the realism. Finally, there is nothing cheap on this GBB airsoft pistol, including the price.

In terms of specifications, it is a semi auto blowback action CO2 powered with a 12 gram cartridge in the magazine. The magazine holds a 18 round BB and can be toggled from single to double action. The advertised velocity is 300 feet per second but we got around 350 FPS when we tested it. This FPS drops a bit as you fire more rounds and as the pistol cycles. One thing is this air pistol is quite loud with a 4-medium high rating. Unfortunately, you cannot attach scopes to this pistol.

Overall, this is a great gas powered air pistol. It is great for competitive gameplay as well as having some fun in your backyard. Just make sure not to walk with this around the streets or you may get crazy looks. We really like the accuracy and feel of the Cybergun Sig Sauer X-Five. However, we do wish it could have a bit more power.


Umarex Walther P99 Blowback Air Soft Pistol

best gbb airsoft pistol

If you want a relatively cheap gas blowback air pistol, take a look at Umarex Walther P99 airsoft pistol. The selling point is that it is cheap and delivers amazing value. Ok, we admit, it is definitely not the best quality air soft pistol and is a but off from the real P99. However, for those who just want to basic performing airsoft gun, the Umarex Walther P99 will get the job done. It has some good kick and a great weight and feel. It does feel a bit plastic like, but you can’t expect too much from a relatively cheap replica airsoft pistol.

Some other things we like about this pistol is that the CO2 doesn’t go in the magazine and is very efficient. You get pretty good usage from one tank. There is a hole on the side of the magazine to load your BBs. Here are some of the specifications. It is has a semi automatic action, so just cock it once and unload the entire magazine. The magazine holds fifteen .20 airsoft BBs. The front sight is fixed blade and rear sight is fixed notch. Finally, the velocity in feet per second is around 380 FPS. In reality, we got around 350. We can tell you that it definitely hurts when being shot by this pistol.

In terms of accuracy, you can hit things pretty accurately at 120 feet. It does not have the best accuracy, but what do you really expect for a cheap pistol. Unfortunately, it does not come with any CO2 cartridges. And our biggest complaint is that the cartridges are a bit difficult to change. Also, the magazines for this don’t really fit in many mag pouches. All in all, the pros and cons balance out. This is a great entry level pistol and is a good fielding option. If you want more accuracy and range, you recommend you get something more expensive.


Black Ops 1911 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol

best gbb airsoft pistol

The Black Ops 1911 Full Metal Blowback is the best airsoft GBB pistol if you want a well done replica of the classic .45. It has a very realistic gas blowback action and an integrated adjustable hop up. We really like the nice gunmetal finish and the chrome barrel. This all metal semi automatic pistol is a masterpiece and looks and feels just like a COlt M1911. We like how to field strips like one as well.

In terms of specs, the semi automatic Black Ops 1911 GBB has a 18 round mag and holds one 12g CO2 cartridge. It takes .12g 6mm airsoft BBs and fires at 430 FPS. In reality, we found it to be a little less, much still in the 400 range. It has pretty good accuracy even shooting at long distances. Basically, the Black Ops 1911 Gas Blowback is great to try out without investing a fortune.

And now for the cons. This airsoft pistol eats up CO2 quite fast so you end up having to replace the cartridge often. The power and velocity also dies off as you get low on CO2. Also, the threaded orange tip and safety is plastic, which kind of feels cheap. The one saving grace for the safety is that it is ambidextrous. which means it can be triggered on both sides. This helps those who are left handed.



best gas blow back airsoft pistol

In terms of quality and accuracy, nothing beats the KWA for Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistols. The KWA M9 PTP is the best GBB airsoft pistol for tactical pistol for competitive play or for professional training. The M9 PTP is part of KWAs professional training line as it has the same look, weight, and stripping mechanism of the M9A1 used by the US military.

Perhaps the most innovative feature is its unique has blowback system. It uses green gas NS2 gas system to deliver extremely realistic movements that mimic the real deal. It comes with a full metal body and slide. The 25 round magazine is perfect for those who want need the extra ammo space. It also has an ambidextrous safety, can be disassembled via a lever, and has a quick magazine release. Basically this airsoft pistol is designed to help you develop muscle memory, since the balance, weight, and material used is exactly like the real gun.

In terms of specs and features, the velocity is around 350 feet per second, with 0.2 G bullets. The 6mm caliber semi automatic KWA M9 PTP has a 3 medium loudness, blade front sights, and a fixed rear sight. It is quite heavy at 2.47 pounds, but it is designed to mimic the real deal. Although the KWA M9 PTP is quite expensive, we think it is worth it for the excellent build quality and replica.


Soft Air PT99 Taurus Blowback Pistol

best gbb air pistol

The Taurus PT99 is a favorite amongst many airsoft enthusiasts. It is the best gas blowback airsoft pistol if you want a full auto and semi automatic air pistol. This is probably one of its standout features. Additionally it is gas blowback CO2 action with a full metal body. The Taurus PT99 is a 27 round high cap and performs well in cold weather. It chronos in at around 350 feet per second (FPS) which is pretty decent.

The blowback action is pretty realistic and the pistol shoots pretty accurately even at long distances. We did find that it runs through CO2 fairly quickly, so be prepared. It has a fixed front and rear sight, serrated slides, and a on-frame safety. Our favorite feature is still the adjustable semi automatic to fully automatic setting. We just need to warn you that firing full auto loads the magazine in seconds.



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