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Are you a gardener looking to plant some nice beans in your home garden?

Then pole beans are an excellent vegetable among the beans family. These will provide abundant harvest while adding great flavor to your kitchen with value-added nutrition for your body. These types of beans are highly sought after by chefs, so you can be sure that they will be a great addition to your cooking.

There are many varieties of pole beans to choose from, each offering unique tastes, textures, and colors.

From tender Italian-style flat filet beans to sweet and flavorful romano beans, pole bean varieties are the perfect addition to any home garden. Below we provide 5 of the best beans you can plant in your garden.

#1. Isla’s Garden Seeds Pole Beans – Most Prolific

If you are looking for the most prolific and best pole beans, we have to hand you over to the Isla’s Garden Seeds Pole Beans.

This brand is one of the best with great tasting in that it has this nice subtle sweet taste that is not too sweet like some other brands.

These are really easy to grow and maintain assuming that you fertilize them well.

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Best Pole Bean Varieties Vegetable

#1. Isla’s Garden Seeds Pole Beans

For those who are interested in the best pole beans, the Isla’s Garden Seeds Pole Beans are a great option. These pole beans take about 2 months to grow out and get to 7 to 9 inches long.

So this strand is actually a perfect combination of two already excellent types: Kentucky Wonder and Blue Lake. The result is a nice sweet taste that is not too overpowering.

These pole beans grow on lush vigorous vines that grow up to 6 feet tall and produce dark green, white-seeded pods. And these are quite easy to grow as well.

Finally, we just want to say that out of all of the pole beans we have seen so far, this brand seems to be the easiest to grow and germinate without dying.

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#2. Stonysoil Seed Company Pole Beans – The Cheapest option

Next, we have the Stonysoil Seed Company Pole Beans, which are the best pole beans if you are looking for organic non-GMO seeds that are hand-selected and handpicked.

One packet contains 35 heirloom rattlesnake pole bean seeds which are also known as preacher beans. You can start harvesting them about 70 days out from when you first lay down the seed.

If you take the time to properly plant and feed these beans, they will result in all seeds sprouting and making a really nice yield. Just be sure to follow the planting instructions as directed and you will get a 100% germination rate.

Overall, these flat beans with purple stripings are delicious and easy to make.

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#3. David’s Garden Seeds Bean Pole

Another great brand that makes some of the best pole beans is the David’s Garden Seeds brand.

These seeds are easy to grow, non-GMO, and handpicked in the USA.

The company does not guarantee a germination rate, but if you follow instructions very carefully and are under the right conditions, we should see a germination rate of around 80% or higher.

Overall, these pole beans are going to be around 6 inches and are found on a 6 feet vine. They are long, dark green, round, stringless, and quite smooth.

Overall, the quality is pretty great and they even tend to stay sweet and crispy even until full maturity. They have good flavor and are simply delicious.

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#4. Monte Gusto Pole Bean

The Monte Gusto Pole Bean is a high-quality pole bean that definitely makes our top 5 list for its intense flavor and tenderness.

These seeds create beautiful golden yellow beans that can grow up to 10 inches long and become well distributed on the vines.

You can either eat the beans fresh or can them for later. Freezing is another great option and these beans are resistant to the bean common mosaic virus.

Overall, we think that it is well worth your time to try to plant these. They have a pretty high germination rate and more importantly, they have this cool lush yellow color that many people just love.

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#5. Heirloom Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans

Lastly, we have the Heirloom Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans, which are just a classic string green beans with great yields.

Kentucky Wonder is a well-known run-of-the-mill strand found everywhere. There’s not much we can say about them that you don’t already know. They are long, meaty, and juicy and go along with just about anything or stand-alone.

These seeds are really easy to grow and require very little maintenance if you plant them right from the get-go. In full sunlight, it will grow to full maturity in 67 days.

So all in all, this is a great non-GMO seed with no filler content. It is a basic green string bean and the yields are abundant and lush.

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What month do you plant pole beans?

Growing pole beans in a vegetable garden is a rewarding experience for any gardener. Planting the correct type of seeds, at the right time of year, is key to producing an abundant crop of this classic veggie.

Pole beans require warm soil and adequate sunlight to germinate, so it’s best to wait until soil temperatures reach 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit before selecting your seeds and planting them in the ground. This typically occurs when daytime temperatures are consistently above 70 degrees Fahrenheit – which typically happens in late May or early June throughout much of the US.

Note that if you are in a Southern climate, then you can plant them in April. However, in northern regions, then it is best to plant beans in early June.

Once planted, pole beans will produce continuously throughout summer if provided with plenty of water and fertilizer. Once harvested, some varieties can be frozen or canned for later use or preserved as dried beans for soups and other dishes that call for legumes.

How deep should I plant green bean pod seeds?

When sowing your seeds, it’s important for them to be planted about 1 inch deep into the soil. You can make a hole with your finger or use some kind of garden tool such as a trowel. You can even use an old spoon if you don’t have access to gardening tools.

Once you have made the hole, place the seed inside and pack lightly around it with your fingertips or some other device like a rake so that it’s securely placed in the ground. Note that most of the pods will be white seeds, but you’ll need to experience other colored ones. See below for more information.

Do heirloom stringless pole bean varieties exist?

The answer is definitely yes. There are several varieties of stringless pole beans that gardeners can choose from to plant in their vegetable gardens. We have shared some of these in our reviews (see above).

When planting stringless pole bean seeds, it’s important to remember that they need full sun and plenty of water to thrive. To help retain moisture and discourage weeds, try using some mulch around the base of the plants.

Be sure to space plants a minimum of 2 to 5 inches apart so they have enough room to grow. If you provide them with adequate care, you should be rewarded with an abundant harvest of delicious stringless pole beans.

How to use pole vegetable beans?

Pole beans are a type of climbing bean that can be grown in a variety of ways. These beans have been around for centuries and are incredibly versatile when it comes to how they can be cooked and eaten. Whether you’re looking to add some flavor to your dinner table or make an interesting side dish, pole beans are the perfect solution. Here’s how you can use them:

The first step is to choose the right type of pole bean for your needs. There are several varieties available including yardlong, bush, runner, kidney, and wax beans. Make sure you select one that will work with your recipe or cooking technique. Once you’ve chosen the right variety, it’s time to prepare them by removing any strings from the pods and cutting off the ends.

You may be lucky if you have stringless beans. Anyway, now that you have your beans, the easiest way to use them is to steam them slowly.

When they are cooked, just pour a little bit of olive oil, add some olives, and cut an onion is very small tiny pieces. Mix everything in a bowl by adding some lemon, black pepper, and a little bit of salt. That’s it. You are ready to have a popular pole bean onion salad. This is a simple, highly effective dish that you can prepare when it is warm weather and experience excellent flavors.

What are the different colors of dry bean pods?

There are so many colors that one needs to experiment each and every one of them. The most common and well-known beans come in white color. But you can find a purple podded pole, bright green pods, blue, black, yellow, and even some multicolor ones. I love the ones that are white and have a single black dot in their center.

But the one that is people’s favorite is the basic white pods beans like the ones described abov.


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