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Bright Starts Activity Center

We think Bright Starts offers the best jumperoo and best exersaucer if you are looking for something with a cushion for your baby’s feet. This is really a one of a kind activity station and we consider this one of the best baby jumper because it prevents your baby’s feet from touching cold dirty floors.


best exersaucerIf you want your baby to get some quality exercise and have fun at the same time, you should invest in the best jumperoo, best exersaucer, best baby jumper, or best baby activity center. These jumperoos are basically a mini playgrounds for kids: the baby sits upright in a suspended bouncy seat that allows them to jump around and exercise. These seats are usually surrounded by a plastic saucer filled with toys and other entertaining things for kids. Hence the term exersaucer. Often there are dangling spongy cartoon characters for the baby to play around with while he or she is suspended in the seat.The purpose of these jumperoos, exersaucers, baby jumpers and baby activity centers is two fold: to improve motor function, balance, and strength in your baby as well as have a stationary place to put your baby while you go perform errands around the house. It is important to get the best jumperoo, best exersaucer, best baby jumper, or best baby activity center to make sure it can handle your baby’s weight and potentially wild movements as well as entertain your baby long enough so you can finish your errands.

Best Jumperoo | Best Exersaucer Reviews

Bright Starts Sweet Safari Activity Center

best jumperooWe think Bright Starts offers the best jumperoo and best exersaucer if you are looking for something with a cushion for your baby’s feet. This is really a one of a kind activity station and we consider this one of the best baby jumper because it prevents your baby’s feet from touching cold dirty floors. With a cool bouncy pad at the bottom of this jumperoo, your baby can support its feet on the pad which provides a lot of joint support as well. Because this cushion is also a bounce pad, it makes exercising while seated so much easier.

On the Bright Starts activity station, your baby can sit in a seat that rotates 360 degrees and bounce up and down with ease. The seat height is adjustable such that when your baby gets taller, you can adjust it to fit. Also, when other babies come over to play, you can adjust the seat height to fit them as well. Your baby will never get bored on the Bright Starts Activity Center because there over 12 interactive toys your child can play with. There are beads to play around with, balls to pop, trees and birds to touch, and all sorts of cute cartoons to fiddle around with. And since your baby can spin around in it for 360 degrees, he or she can access all of the toys easily.

Compared to other jumperoos or exersaucers, we really think the Bright Starts activity center stands out. It has an attract design and bright colors that should attract any child. In terms of durability, Bright Starts stands at the top of the pack. The toys are securely fastened to the baby jumper and entire jumperoo is designed have zero risk to your baby. Rest assured that your baby will not break any of the toys or choke on them.

The bouncer is strong enough to support the heaviest of babies (25 pounds). There is even a snacks tray built in so your baby can take a break from jumping around and playing with toys. The seat is removable and can be washed. There are no batteries necessary to operate it because it doesn’t play music, which is probably the only downside to having this excellent jumperoo. All in all, it is the best jumperoo, best excersaucer, or best baby jumper if you are looking for something with a padded bottom with an adjustable seat.


Graco Bumper Jumper

best exersaucerThe Graco Bumper Jumper is the best jumperoo or best exersaucer if you just want a simple baby jumper at an affordable cost. In terms of value, the Graco baby jumper is the way to go. The Graco Baby Jumper is a very simple jumperoo. It attaches by hanging to your doorway and only really serves the purpose of having your baby jump in it. There is nothing fancy about this activity center. It doesn’t have fancy gadgets or tricks.

The height is adjustable to a certain point, although there are ways you can get around the limit for taller babies. There are only two toys your baby can play with. But if you are looking into getting this jumperoo for your baby, you should only be concerned with having a place for your baby to exercise in.

First and foremost, the main point of buying a jumperoo or baby jumper should be to get your baby exercising. Exercise leads to better overall health, better sleep, less sick days, and better bone and joint development for your baby. Secondary benefits include having a place to keep your baby as you go perform errands and showing your baby a good time with lots of toys, music, and activities. If you only care about your baby getting the proper amount of exercise, the Graco baby jumper is perfect for you. Jumping around in this should be fun for your baby as well, as babys will enjoy the sensation of bouncing around in anything.

The Graco Baby Jumper is also loaded with features that make it one of the best baby jumpers on the market. It is highly portable and snaps one and off to any doorway easily with leaving dirty marks on your door. It is easy to get your baby in and out of the seat due to the special non-twist straps. We would go as far to say this is one of best designed baby seats. It keeps the baby securely fastened, while still giving your baby wiggle room.

While it only has two toys to play with and a toys tray, we would argue some people prefer this. Toys can distract the baby from actually bouncing on the seat and getting good exercise out of it. Also, keep in mind, frequently jumping on the exersaucer helps your baby transition to walking properly and if your baby is already walking, it will strengthen your baby’s muscles.  Overall, the Graco is the best jumperoo and best excersaucer if you just want a well priced simple baby jumper that makes jumping easy for your baby.


Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Jumperoo

best baby jumperFisher Price Discover n Grow is the best jumperoo and best exersaucer if you want a baby jumper that is an activity center with many toys and plays music to your baby. This jumperoo is loaded with toys, features, and goodies that your baby will never really get bored with it. First and foremost, the jumperoo makes music, sounds, and lights flash when your baby jumps. This is a good reward system for your baby as it encourages them to jump more and increases their core strengthens as well as their motor skills. Second, the variety of toys offered on the Fisher Price Jumperoo is diverse and entertaining.

There is a roller ball, a monkey your baby can hit, a mini piano that can be played, things to twist and turn. All these toys serve to entertain as well as increase the hand eye coordination of your baby. To take this concept one step further, we equate this jumperoo to solving a puzzle. When your baby touches a sequence of buttons and objects, certain events happen. Over time, your baby will fully learn all of intricacies of the jumperoo through logical deduction and reasoning. This helps them with their problem solving ability as well as their motor functions when they are moving around.

In terms of design, the Fisher Price Discover n Grow has all the standard features of the best jumperoo, best exersaucer, best baby jumper, or best baby activity center. It features a 360 seat that can spin in all directions. The seat cover can be taken out to be washed. The height is adjustable to three levels so that you can accommodate for different babies and when you baby grows taller.  The legs fold easily for storage and there is no doorway required as this jumperoo is a stand alone device. It requires 3 AA batteries that are not included for playing music and operating the mini keyboard. You do have to assemble it out of the box but it is a very simple straightforward process. You should definitely get this jumperoo if you want to add a musical element to your baby’s jumping experience.


Choosing the Best Jumperoo

You should start using the best jumperoo or the best exersaucer right about 5 months or when your baby is able to hold its own head upright and be able to support its own weight on his or her feet. The baby doesn’t even need to be able to fully walk for an baby jumper or baby activity center. The best jumperoo or the best exersaucer should train the baby’s core strength and legs to the point where he or she is strong enough to walk. Also getting excercise as an infant is important because it helps them sleep better, promotes better mental and physical health, and eliminates early childhood obesity.

There are many types of baby jumpers and many things you should be looking for when looking to purchase the best jumperoo, the best  exersaucer, the best baby jumper, or the best baby activity center. First and foremost, you should look at the toys and accessoris that come with it. Ask yourself: will these entertain my baby for long periods of time? Second, look to see if the baby jumper is portable. Ideally you want to be able to fold up a jumperoo easily and store it when neccessary. Third, look at the baby jumper seat itself. Does it have nice padding and is it comfortable for the baby? Can you take out the seat easily and wash it when it becomes dirty? Finally, check the weight limit of the jumperoo or exersaucer and make sure there is room for your baby to grow.


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