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best swaddle blanket

BundleBee Baby Swaddle Blanket

If you are looking for the best swaddle blanket that is a hybrid between a swaddle blanket and a carrier, we highly recommend the BundleBee. The main advantage of the BundleBee is that it has a hard yet flexible back insert made of coconut fibers. It is hard enough to provide good back and neck support and flexible enough to not give your baby discomfort when moving around.


best swaddle blanketIf you are tired of your infant waking up frequently because of the startle reflex, you should look into using the best swaddle blanket on your baby. The startle reflex, also known as the Moro reflex is often triggered spontaneously for no apparent reason at all. It could be triggered by the baby feeling a sensation of falling and loss of support, a sudden movement, or a loud noise.

This is present in all newborns up to 4-5 months and is considered an unlearned fear in human newborns. The startle effect may have developed in evolution to help newborns hold onto their mothers as they are carried around, which often involves jerky movements and a loss of balance.

During the startle reflex, the baby spreads out his or her arms, pulls them in, and starts crying. The Moro reflex may not be too annoying during the day but when your baby startles out of sleep and wakes both of you up, then it starts to become a problem. Luckily, the swaddle blanket was invented to prevent your baby from waking up due to the startle reflex. The best swaddle blanket tightly but also comfortably snuggles around the baby so that he or she can feel warm and protected. It also prevents your baby’s arms from flinging around so there is no way the startle effect can even take place while your baby is in the swaddle blanket.

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BundleBee Baby Wrap/Swaddle/Blanket

best swaddle blanketIf you are looking for the best swaddle blanket that is a hybrid between a swaddle blanket and a carrier, we highly recommend the BundleBee. The main advantage of the BundleBee is that it has a hard yet flexible back insert made of coconut fibers. It is hard enough to provide good back and neck support and flexible enough to not give your baby discomfort when moving around.

The coconut fiber insert is great for picking up your baby while he or she is sleeping. Since your hands go around the hard back surface, your baby doesn’t feel a thing and continues to sleep. The coconut fiber back insert is also great when used in a crib, a bassinet, or a stroller because it provides great back and neck support for your baby.

The BundleBee wrap itself is made of a high quality down like material that will not cause any allergic reactions. The material feels great to the touch and doesn’t seem harsh at all. It still holds your baby in like a normal swaddle blanket would and comes with velcro straps to securely fasten your baby into the blanket. While the BundleBee wraps around your baby snuggly simulating being in a womb or being hugged/carried, it also does not totally restrict arm and leg movements. A swaddle blanket that is wrapped too tight can lead to hip problems, breathing issues and general discomfort. We think that the BundleBee has created the goldilocks effect: it manages to hold tour baby in to prevent the reflex effect while also giving your baby room to breathe and move.

We really like the BundleBee is terms of function and durability.  Compared to other products in this industry, we rank the BundleBee very high. It has more functions than most other swaddle blankets due to the coconut back insert, which doubles as a mini cradle or carrier. It is very durable and the down like material doesn’t really break down over time or after repeat washes. Overall, we think this is the best swaddle blanket if you want a good swaddle and baby carrier.


Nested Bean 2-in-1 Zen Swaddle Classic

best swaddle blanketThe Nested Bean Zen is the best swaddle blanket if you want a high tech blanket that will last as your baby grows. We think the best part about the Nested Bean is that you actually get two swaddle blankets in one, so it lasts twice as long as normal swaddles. For the first few weeks, there is an inner swaddle that you put your baby in. When your baby grows bigger and is unable to fit in the inner swaddle, you simply move him or her to the outer swaddle which is fit for a baby up to 6 months. The outer extra long sack has enough space to accommodate babies with longer legs.

The Nested Bean Zen is not just another normal swaddle blanket. It is an state of the art modern gadget. Ok, maybe that’s an overstatement, but what we are trying to say is we really like its design and functionality. It has carefully placed built in weights on the center chest area and the sides to simulate being held. This is because most babies are picked up on the sides and the chest area. The sense of touch comforts, soothes, and makes your baby feel more secure. The Nested Bean Zen Blanket simulates this with well crafted weights. It is known to even give babies an additional 2 hours of sleep within one to three nights. Overall, this is great product with a lot of potential. It is the best swaddle blanket that simulates being held and lasts as your baby grows bigger.


HALO SleepSack 100% Cotton Swaddle

best swaddle blanketHalo SleepSack is the best swaddle blanket if you want the most popular product on the market. Halo is the preferred brand of choice in most US hospitals and is certainly the best selling swaddle blanket today. It has an amazing resume and pedigree as it is recommended by many safety organizations, hospitals, and deemed by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as “Hip Healthy.” So there you go. This is a brand name product and we can’t help but recommend it. One of the major medical issues with using a swaddle blanket is that it causes hip damage in infants if put on too tight. Luckily this is nearly impossible with the way Halo is masterfully constructed.

In terms of design and features, we give the Halo props. It has an inverted zipper that runs top to bottom, which makes it easier to change out your baby’s diaper without having to unswaddle your baby. It also has a sleeveless design to prevent overheating. Additionally, the swaddle can be fastened 3 different ways to whatever style your baby likes.

You can swaddle your baby with arms in, hands to face, or one or both arms out. With three different swaddle styles, you can gradually ease the transition for your baby when its ready for a real blanket. In terms of material, it is 100% cotton and feels very soft to the touch. The Halo has a snug fit that feels just right for the baby. It prevents the moro reflex/ startle reflex while still giving your baby plenty of room to wiggle. We think it is the best swaddle blanket if you want a solid reputable brand and the most popular swaddle blanket on the market.


More Info About Swaddle Blankets

Believe it or not, swaddling your baby has existed since humans have been around. Recently it has been proven medically that wrapping your baby in a blanket to restrict the movement of the limbs promoted better REM sleep for babies. Many hospitals use this practice when caring for babies during the early days post birth. It seems to be commonly accepted now to be wrapping your baby like a burrito. Most babies are ok with it, as it keeps them warm and gives them a sense of comfort and protection. However, some babies resist the swaddle blanket or the material, so be sure to keep this in mind when shopping for the best swaddle blanket.

The best swaddle blanket comes in many shapes and sizes. Most swaddle blankets are a sleep bag type pouch to hold the legs and keep them warm. There is also a Velcro wrap to hold down the arms and prevent the startle effect. There are some subtle differences between the various swaddle blankets on the market. An obvious variable is the material used, as some babies could be more sensitive to harsh feeling blankets. The mechanism that holds the swaddle blanket together is another variable.

Most are held together by a Velcro strap. You want to get one that holds your baby inside the blanket firmly so your baby won’t be able to break free. Additionally, you don’t want the swaddle blanket to wrap around your baby too tight, as it may prevent your baby from breathing properly. The best swaddle blankets tend to achieve this goldilocks effect.  Some of the more advanced swaddle blankets even have an adjustable slit to slide your baby’s legs in and out off. That way if you are holding your baby in the swaddle blanket, you can also access his or her feet easily without having to remove the entire blanket.


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