Best French Milled Soap

What is a French triple-milled soap?

First, let’s talk about “Best French Triple-milled soaps”. A Tripple milled soap is produced from a soap mixture that undergoes some process transformation. And this takes the form of passing the soap through stainless steel rollers. Usually, the soap is passed through the roller a minimum of three times.  That is why it is called triple-milled soap. Now, there is a good reason for this. The aim is not to give the soap some nice name. It is mainly to ensure that the soaps have an overall consistent color, a nice shared fragrance, and finally a unique texture.

As for the word French, it is just that the soap has been produced in France, and therefore, it is of French origin and can be also called French soap cleaning.

The milled soaps are basically the best French bar soap you can find on the market. That’s why some of these are way beyond the $1 or $2 soap we buy in supermarkets. And many French soap manufacturers and French soap companies are calling for this “appellation” to be world recognized to protect their region and obviously, the price tag can only increase.

Below you’ll find some of the best French-milled bar soaps. I also provide a review of one of the finest French triple-milled soaps. It is just superb. Now that you know the milled soap meaning, you can start informing your family and friends about its qualities (see below for more information).

Is triple-milled soap good for your skin?

Yes, it is definitely good for your skin. A triple-milled soap is usually advisable for very sensitive skin, and for people who have some form of skin allergy. Note that lye is used in the production of soap, which is a good component of your skin. In essence, using triple-milled soap will make your skin smooth, clean, and fresh. And you’ll not have any type of chemical residue. This is definitely a better option for sensitive skin than using normal chemically produced soap. These are the main hand-milled soap benefits.

How long do triple-milled soaps last?

That depends entirely on you. The more you use it, the less it lasts. However, as a good rule of thumb, the soap should last you about 5 to 6 months. So it is definitely a good investment.

Kirk South of France Best French Milled Soap

#1. Kirk South of France Soap

For those who are interested in the best French milled bar soap, we have to give it to the Kirk South of France French Milled Soap. This soap is an all-vegetable soap that is triple-milled and really lasts a long time. It feels really natural and doesn’t contain any of that artificial stuff. Also, this soap feels really soft and smooth on your skin and will keep your skin moisturized.

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Best French Milled Soap

Best French Milled Soap

#1. Kirk South of France French Milled Soap

When it comes to the best French milled soap, we have to give it to the Kirk South of France French Milled Soap. This soap is triple-milled in the Marseille tradition and is an all-vegetable soap. Kirk South of France is an extremely reputable brand in the soapmaking industry and they definitely make some solid quality soaps. This particular soap is really long-lasting and has nice moisturizing qualities.

We really like that this is a natural soap that definitely makes you feel clean and your skin moisturized. Additionally, it is free of synthetic foaming agents and it smells pretty nice as well. This soap is made of coconut oil and palm oil, which creates a very creamy lather. It also contains natural glycerin as well as organic shea butter to keep your skin nice and soft.

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#2. A La Maison Soap Bars French Milled

Next up, we have the A La Maison Soap Bars, which is the best French milled bar soap for those who enjoy a sweet almond scent and want top manufacturing quality. A La Maison has been making traditional French milled bar soaps for years and definitely knows a thing or two about what they are doing. This bar soap lathers extremely well and does not dry out the skin.

Additionally, we really like that it smells great and the scent is not overpowering at all. And the smell does not cling onto your skin unlike some other brands, so it is nice and subtle. And finally, we just want to mention that this soap is pretty durable and will last for a lot longer than most brands, making it a good value option.

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Jolitee French Milled Soap

#3. Jolitee Milled Artisan Soap

Another great option when it comes to the best French-milled soap is the Jolitee French-Milled Soap Set. This set is great for those who can’t make up their mind and want to try everything. It is made in the USA with a triple-milled French mill style. You get 9 different 1.9-ounce soaps that are all individually wrapped. And we love that there are just so many interesting flavors to pick from.

Each flavor also has a unique scent, and yes we are about to say it: we like them all! And they are pretty long-lasting too, which is always nice. Lastly, we just really like the fact that the entire set looks so pretty and you can definitely use it as a gift idea. Plus it is great to sample so many small flavors and just pick out the one that you like. This is definitely an artisan soap best and you cannot really find these in soap shops.

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#4. Aix en Provence Triple Milled Soap

The Aix en Provence Soap is a great triple-milled French soap that is carefully made by expert soap makers in Provence. This soap is triple-milled with sea butter. We really like how this brand sticks to its time-honored tradition and doesn’t deviate from it. This soap is made without any impurities and therefore will last longer than traditional soaps.

Additionally, we really like that it has a smooth and rich lather that feels really good on your skin. We rank it right up there with the other soaps we recommended above. The soap has a nice rose scent that is also not too overpowering. It is great for those who want to experience an authentic triple-milled French soap made in the real traditional way.

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Pre de Provence Milk Soap - Best French Soap Milled

#5. Pre de Provence Milk Soap – French Milled

Lastly, we have the Pre de Provence Milk Soap, which is a well-made quadruple-milled French soap that is pure vegetable goodness. Obviously, it is made in France and enriched with shea butter. We think that its standout feature is that it helps exfoliate dead skin cells and leaves your skin renewed and soft. Yeah sure every soap does this, but this brand just does it better and that’s why it is the “best French soap”.

Also, the Pre de Provence lasts longer than most of the other French milled soaps out there and arguably lasts even longer than the brands mentioned above. This soap will not dry out your skin and does a pretty good job of moisturizing. How is this different from everything else we mentioned above? The real answer is that it is not much different. They are all good and from real artisan soap.

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