Best Bike Cargo Trailers

Over the last few years, we have purchased and tried some of the best and highest-rated biker trailers. We used these, abused them, and worse, we even took them on mud trails.

We used them in different weather conditions. In addition, we transported some of the objects and things that we think you’ll be looking to transport (like small trunks, heavy luggage, a nice picnic with friends carrying all the goods, etc.).

We can also safely say that at times it was not fun to use one of these best bike trailers. A good example is when we had two flat tires. We were well equipped to repair these, but it took a little bit of doing as some of the trailers do not have easy-to-remove and fix wheels.

And when it comes to buying a bike cargo trailer, you’ll need to find a cargo that fits the following criteria:

  • Carry appropriate weight.
  • A weatherproof cargo (or not, if you do not need it weatherproof).
  • Is easily foldable for storage in your garage or at home.
  • And has high or low wheels (depending on the terrain you use your two wheel cargo trailer).

The problem you’ll face is that there are way many options to choose from. Yes, too much choice means finding the right one for your needs can be difficult.

So, if you need something to tow behind your bike as a luggage trailer to carry extra gear, finding the best cargo trailer is just nearly impossible.

That’s why we looked at hundreds of models available to purchase. We came up with five of the different types of cargo trailers and some of the best models available in each category. You just need to find the one that works best for you.

#1. Aosom Elite II Bike Cargo/Luggage Trailer

We highly recommend the Aosom Elite II as the best cargo trailer on the market. This trailer has above-average load capacity and can protect your cargo from water and dust.

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Best Cargo Trailers

Best Bike Cargo Trailers

#1. Aosom Elite II Bike Cargo/Luggage Trailer

We highly recommend the Aosom Elite II as the best cargo trailer on the market. This trailer has above-average load capacity and can protect your cargo from water and dust. This trailer features quick-release wheels and can easily assemble and fold down for storage. It has strong cloth sides, which enclose cargo inside the trailer and protect them from water and dust.

The bottom of this trailer is specially strengthened. The max loading weight of this trailer is 176.4 lbs, which means you can haul just about everything with this trailer. This cargo trailer can easily attach to any bicycle with no hassle. It also has reflectors on the wheels for extra safety, However, it’s not recommended to use this trailer to carry things with shaped edges.

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#2. Schwinn Day Tripper Cargo Trailer

Schwinn Day Tripper Cargo Trailer is definitely one of the best cargo trailers on the market. It has a wide frame, making it perfect for hauling large-sized cargo. This trailer can be folded up when not used, and it can work dependably if correctly mounted. It weighs only 24.9 lbs but can haul cargo weighing about 100 lbs.

The cloth cover can protect the cargo from light rain but not a heavy downpour. It’s good that the cover can be rolled up and fixed in the back of the trailer. This trailer easily attaches to almost any bicycle. It’s good that this trailer has a rear reflector, making the trailer noticeable at night.

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Best Bike Cargo Trailers

#3. Retrospec Rover Hauler Cargo Bike Trailer with Folding Frame & Weather Resistant

Retrospec Rover Hauler Cargo Bike Trailer with Folding Frame & Weather Resistant is a great cargo trailer for small luggage. It has 80 lbs of load capacity, which is much higher than the average level. In addition, this trailer has an attractive appearance. This trailer has a solid metal bottom while using weather-resistant fabric so your gear stays safe and protected no matter the climate. Basically, it’s resistant to water, wind, and dust.

This trailer features a unique folding frame and two quick-release wheels. It can be neatly packed up for compact storage and transport.

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#4. Cycle Force Trail-Monster Cargo Trailer

If you need a heavy-duty cargo trailer for big cargo only, then the Cycle Force will be the best option. This cargo trailer is made from strong steel and it has over 275 lbs of capacity. This trailer features two quick-release wheels which are big and tough. It’s recommendable that these wheels have impressive performance in the snow.

The frame is foldable, and will not be bent by the weight of the cargo. No need to consider the height of your cargo, just tie everything to the frame and haul as much as you can.

This cargo is super dependable that can be used to carry furniture when house-moving. However, it was much more expensive. You should buy other trailers if you only haul lightweight cargo.

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#5. Aosom Enclosed Bicycle Cargo Trailer

Aosom can be the best cargo trailer. This trailer provides handy storage at an affordable price. We recommend this trail mainly because of the thoughtful safety design. The cargo compartment is removable, and it fits perfectly with the trailer so it will not fall off when hauling on a bumpy road. The cloth cover can secure the cargo and protect them from water and dust.

Unlike those cheap trailers, the Aosom doesn’t have any shape edges. It’s unique that this trailer features side and rear reflectors which provide more safety for night use. This trailer has a durable structure, so the service life is pretty long. However, the wheels are not tough enough for heavy cargo. It’s not recommended to haul cargo heavier than 100 lbs.

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What do you need to look for when choosing a Bike Cargo Trailer?

Below are a couple of points you need to take into account before buying a cargo trailer.

Weight capacity

You definitely need to think about how much weight you want to carry around in your trailer. Are you going to go to the shop often with your trailer? Are you going to get trunks? Also, are you going to carry your fishing gear, or go to the beach with plenty of stuff? If you think you need heavy things, then 100 lbs should do. Overall, choose the weight capacity that matches your use.

Check how easy it is to connect your Bike Cargo Trailer

You really need to look for a cargo trailer that has an easy way to connect to your bike. So do not undermine this. A bike cargo trailer might be the solution you are searching for transporting your goods, but if it takes you 1 one hour to connect it to your bike, then best not to have one.

The good news is most bike cargo trailers can easily attach to the back of your bike, allowing you to transport heavy items while running errands or taking a leisurely ride around town. In most cargo trailers, you’ll find that you can attach it to the seat post or rear axle.

However, some trailers can also attach to existing rear racks. Be careful here, as you may need to buy the attachments separately. What we would advise is to check the type of axle you have. For instance, check if the trailer has a quick release, nutted, or through axle.

Look and style

You’ll want to have a nice-looking and stylish type trailer. At the end of the day, you want to go out and be proud of your trailer like you are proud of your bike. So choose a strong cargo but one that has nice colors too.

Easy to remove wheels

Enjoy the easiness to remove the wheels so that you can store your cargo easily.

Folding cargo trailer

If you have limited storage space, you better ensure that it is foldable. You also need to check that you can easily move it around, so may be a light version should be considered here.

Weatherproof trailer

This is a must if you are going on the trail for a few days. You can leave all of your goods in the trailer while enjoying camping.

Final word

We’ve looked at five of the best cargo bike trailers currently available on the market. The Aosom Elite II Bike Cargo Luggage Trailer is a great option for those who want an affordable and reliable trailer. It is one of our favorites because it can carry a lot of weight and can be handled easily no matter what.

We also like the Schwinn Day Tripper Cargo Trailer. It offers a great solution for the price. For those looking for a more unique style, the Retrospec Rover Hauler Cargo Bike Trailer is an excellent choice. The cycle force is really for people who need to carry a lot of weight quite often. And finally, the Aosom cargo is probably the top seller that you can currently buy out there.


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