Best Cetane Booster – Best Diesel Fuel Additives

America is in love with the Diesel Engine.

And their use continues to be a popular choice for vehicles and machinery around the world.

To ensure these engines perform properly, it is important if not critical to use the most appropriate fuel treatments that can boost their efficiency.

One of the most important treatments is the addition of a cetane booster. Such a booster can improve the combustion process in diesel engines.

There are so many of these boosters that we decided to investigate and look for the best cetane boosters available on the market.

Below, we shortlist 5 of these so you can make an informed decision when selecting fuel treatment products.

#1. Power Service Cetane Boost – Increase your engine performance

If you are looking for the best cetane booster, we have to give it to the Power Service Cetane Boost.

This is a fuel additive along with a cetane boost.

The cetane booster works wonderfully and will give you about a 2 MPG improvement over the long run, which can translate into about a $150 annual savings.

You do the math and see if this is worth it to you.

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Is a cetane diesel fuel additive booster necessary?

Cetane diesel fuel additive booster is definitely something that you may want to consider using if you have a diesel vehicle. This is especially true if you have an old car, truck, or even bus.

Simply put, cetane boosters are known as additives. They have a chemical mixture that cleans up your engine, and helps improve the combustion efficiency. So you get higher performance out of diesel engines.

It is an effective way to restore lost performance while also reducing engine noise, smoke emissions (which may be a great solution before your car service), and black exhaust buildup in modern diesel engines.

The use of cetane fuel additives has been growing steadily in recent years and this year it has exploded due to the cost of fuel.

Its ability to reduce fuel consumption is what is driving everyone towards using cetane. The lower exhaust emissions, and increase overall power output are just side effects, which are appreciated.

Best Cetane Booster


#1. Power Service Cetane Boost – The Best Diesel Fuel Additive

When it comes to the best cetane booster, we have to give it to the Power Service Cetane Boost. It is great in cold weather in keeping fuel filters from plugging with wax and to prevent fuel gelling.

It also contains the cetane booster portion, which makes the fuel in the cylinders ignite faster, and in turn, makes the engine run better. It will also have a positive effect on fuel economy and power.

We actually ran a little test with and without using this cetane boost just to see how much of an mpg improvement you would get.

We found that on average over a 1000-mile stretch, you get a 2 MPG improvement.

Now we tried to minimize all other factors such as always using economy mode and shifting at the earliest possible times. So if you do the math, it translates to about a $150 annual savings.

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#2. Genuine Ford Fluid Cetane Booster – Great for fuel economy

Next, we have the Genuine Ford Cetane Booster, which is the best cetane booster that will come closest to OEM specifications and guidelines. It will also be a bit pricer to other brands.

So overall, this booster does a great job of boosting the cetane rating of diesel fuel.

This means it makes fuel ignite quicker which in turn gives you improved starting performance and more power.

And it goes without saying that it improves fuel economy, as well as cleans and lubricates the injectors, and removes water from the tank. With that being said and done, the one factor that most people care about is fuel economy.

We put it at around a 1.5 MPG saving, which is a bit worse than the Power Service Brand but still very much acceptable.

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#3. Lucas Oil 11032 Cetane Power Booster – keep your engine running smoothly

The Lucas Oil Cetane Power Booster is a great aftermarket brand that makes additives and fuel boosters. It has been tested and proven to result in longer engine life as well as improved fuel economy.

Besides the fuel economy improvement, you will also get easier start-ups. Additionally, this booster contains effective lubricants for the engine’s high-pressure fuel injection pump.

While everyone is so focused on fuel economy improvement, we just want to mention that the Lucus Oil Cetane Booster does way more than that.

It will help your engine maintain peak performance by reducing injector coking and internal injector deposits.

This will greatly extend the life of your engine which is way more savings down the road.

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#4. Opti-Lube Boost Maximum Cetane Formula – Enhance lubricity

The Opti-Lube Boost is a great product when it comes to improving the fuel economy and power of your vehicle. While it may not give the best possible MPG boost, its other factors outweigh this.

We think that its standout feature is that it really enhances lubricity which results in reduced fuel system wear.

It also does a good job of keeping your injectors clean which also extends their life.

And of course, it goes without saying that you will notice a difference in output such as horsepower and torque when you use the Opti-Lube.

It is not like getting an engine tune, but it is definitely noticeable. Finally, we just want to add that while there are many brands out there, in the end when you are buying something it comes down to the brand’s reputation and reliability.

And Opti-Lube does not disappoint.

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#5. Motorkote MK-50121-06 Diesel Cetane Boost

Finally, we have the Motorkote Diesel Cetane Boost, which is a bit of an off-brand and boutique name but we think that we have definitely found a diamond in the rough.

This cetane boost improves fuel quality and performance and works great in all diesel fuels including ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels, biodiesel, and blends.

Additionally, it cleans dirty injectors quite well and is better than most brands out there. Furthermore, it removes harmful deposits and prevents the breakdown of fuel.

All in all, you should try the Motokote brand if you want a well-rounded cetane boost than isn’t just focused on giving you fuel economy and power improvements.

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Frequently asked questions

Below are questions that we received about the use of cetane boosting additives.

Do cetane booster increase mileage and fuel efficiency?

Cetane booster is a diesel additive that has been specifically designed to enhance your fuel economy.

It works by increasing the cetane level of diesel, which results in more efficient combustion and better engine performance.

So when you add the cetane additive, it results in improved mileage. And sometimes this can be a significant improvement by up to 5% (some people report an improvement of up to 10% in their average MPG after adding the booster to their fuel tank – We certainly did not see such improvements in our tests, but around 4 to 5%).

Cetane boosters are available in various forms. The most well know one is the injector cleaner. Then comes the fuel additives and finally comes a mixture of both injector cleaner and additive.

The amount of cetane booster used will depend on the type of diesel and the size of the tank.

Generally speaking, using one gallon of diesel with one quart of cetane booster should provide an increase in MPG by at least 3%.

Although this may not sound like much, it can add up over time if you use a large number of gallons of diesel per year.

What does a cetane boost do to improve your fuel system?

Cetane boosters are fuel additives made to improve the performance of your vehicle’s engine.

While most people are familiar with fuel stabilizers, they may not be aware of cetane booster and how it works.

Cetane is a measure of the combustibility of diesel fuels and is represented by a number on a scale from 0 to 100.

The higher the cetane number, the quicker diesel fuel will ignite when injected into an engine’s combustion chamber.

By adding some cetane booster to your vehicle’s fuel tank, you can boost its overall cetane number and gain improved performance from your engine.

Not only does this increase power output, but also reduces emissions by burning more completely and efficiently in the combustion chamber.

As an added benefit, this increase in efficiency helps reduce fuel consumption which can translate into cost savings for drivers over time.

Note that you need to be careful when you add cetane. Too much is not good. So do go onto adding a lot of this diesel fuel supplement. Just enough to make a difference should do. And by the way, any diesel-powered vehicle can benefit from boosts cetane diesel fuel treatment.


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