Best Wax Melts

best wax melts

Shortie’s Candle Company Wax Melt Variety Pack

The Shortie’s Candle Company Variety Pack are the best wax melts for those who want naturally made non toxic wax tarts. This variety pack gives you 5 great scents and each wax block lasts longer than the average competitor.


If you want to freshen up your room, you maybe interested in the best wax melts or best wax tart. Wax melts are also known as wax tarts and present a different way to freshen up your home besides scent sprays. These are essentially scented wax candles without a wick. All you have to do is place them in a tart burner or potpourri, and they will fill the room with aroma.

Usually the wax melt is heated in some sort of bowl with a flame underneath. The flame is usually never really touching the bowl but instead radiates heat which is eventually transferred to the wax. The wax material melts and becomings a fragrant gas, which eventually spreads around your room.

Probably the most common question asked is how long do wax melts usually last? Well, it depends mostly on the size of the wax melt as well as the strength of the flame and the insulation of the bowl used. As a general rule of thumb, an entire bar can last 50 to 100 hours and one cube can last 5 to 10 hours.

Wax melts became known as wax tarts due to their pastry like shape. However, these days, they come in many sizes and shapes and can also be called scent chips, candle melts, wax potpourri melts, or candle tarts.

Deciding on the best wax melt for your room can be a nightmare. There are many choices available and many factors to consider. The most important thing to consider is probably aroma and scent. Both the intensity of the scent and the type of aroma matters. Then you should probably look at material used, as some can be vegan organic soy wax while others can just be made of normal animal wax infused with a scent. Finally, consider durability in terms of how long it can be burned and shelf life, in case you end up keeping it around for a while.

Best Wax Melts

Shortie’s Candle Company Wax Melt Variety Pack

best wax meltsWhy settle for one wax melt, when you can get an entire variety pack. Shortie’s Candle Company makes some of the best wax melts for those who want long last wax blocks. These wax tarts are made with classic food grade paraffin wax blend and are hand poured. This particular pack includes Pumpkin Souffle, Butter Pecan Pie, and Apple Harvest. We approve of all of these flavors and think the pecan pie is the best.

These wax cubes are quite strong and last longer than most of the competition. One block will last for over 5 hours and each flavor has 6 blocks. Also, these wax melts work well with all types of tart warmers and wax melters.

Finally, you should know that Shortie’s Candle Company is a USA company and all of the wax is made in house, so no outsourcing. They are made with natural and essential oils and are 100% non toxic. In other words, don’t worry about having it kids and pets.

– 3 Flavor value pack
– 6 blocks per scent
– Each block lasts 5+ hours
– Made of paraffin wax blend

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EcoScents Soy Wax Melts – Fall Spice Pack

best wax meltsFor those who want a pack of fall spice flavors, the EcoScents Soy Wax Melts are the way to go. This pack includes 5 scents: pumpkin spice, harvest, cinnamon stick, hot cranberry tea, and a random mystery scent. In our view, the cinnamon stick and pumpkin spice are our favorite flavors and really have vibrant intense fragrances.

The EcoScents Soy Wax Melts is made in the USA and we can definitely vouch for its quality. It contains 100% soy wax and premium oils and does not contain harsh chemicals or any toxic ingredients. Since soy wax burners cleaner and cooler, it means it is better for the environment and tends to last longer than animal wax.

Also we like the fact that they have managed to pack more fragrance into each cube after upgrading their product. This allows the fragrance to evenly distribute over time, which gives your room a nice even scent. Finally, none of the scents are overpowering. The scents are done just right, so not too strong and not too weak.

– 5 scents in Fall Spice Pack
– Made in USE
– 100% soy wax
– Not overpowering

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Happy Wax Spa Day Mix

best wax meltsThe Happy Wax Spa Day Mix can be the best wax melts if you are into cute little teddy bears. The selling point of these wax melts is that the waxes are made into the shape of bears. These bears have different colors than correspond to different scents. For small plug in warmers, you can use one bear and for large warmers you can use several bears.

The best part about the happy wax spa day mix is that you are encouraged to experiment with scents. This means you should mix and match various bears to get your own custom blend.

We also like the fact that these wax melts are paraffin and phthalate free. They are also 100% vegetable based from american grown soybeans. Additionally, these bears contain no pesticides, herbicides, or toxic ingredients. They are not tested on animals and can be used in front of your kids and pets without toxicity issues.

– 100% vegetable soy based
– Cute bear shaped wax melts
– Paraffin and phthalate free
– Mix and match bears

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Hidden Valley Candles Volcano Scent

best wax meltsThe Hidden Valley Candles Volcano Scent is one of the best wax melts on the market for its double scented technology. Compared to other companies that single load their bars, Hidden Valley Candles double loads the fragrance oil. Essentially, they are not trying to save costs here and actually trying to give you a solid quality product. In terms of scent, we prefer the Volcano fragrance, but you can certainly selected amongst many different scents.

We like the fact that the double scented technology isn’t overpowering at all. It is perfectly calibrated to last longer than other while still maintaining a respectable level of scent. These wax melts are great for filling large rooms for long periods of time.

Additionally, all scents are phthalate free and designed with toxic free ingredients. They will work with any tart warmer or warming device.

– Double scented
– Not overpowering
– Phthalate free
– Toxic free

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Lee Naturals Winter & Holiday

best wax meltsThe Lee Naturals Winter wax melts are great for those who want naturally scented christmas themed fragrances. There are flavors in this pack such as spruce, gingerbread, peppermint, gingerbread, and christmas hearth. These wax melts are 100% handmade in the USA, so you can be assured that they are quality controlled and each one is thoroughly checked.

These wax melts hold a lot of fragrance and burn slower than most wax tarts on the market. They are also made of 100% natural soy and even washable with soap and water. Additionally, they are phthalate free and composed of all natural essential oils. Each wax melt gives you up to 12 hours of fragrance, which is pretty good compared to the competition.

– 100% handmade
– Holds lots of fragrance
– Washable
– 100% natural soy

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