Best Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

#1.Mint Cutter III

The Mint Cutter III are the best ultimate frisbee gloves because they have market-leading performance. These gloves are very versatile in any ultimate frisbee game, allowing you to make extreme catches and throws. They naturally fit your hands and help you achieve your best performance.

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Why do you need the Best Ultimate Frisbee Gloves?

Ultimate Frisbee is a game that requires quick and nimble hands for throwing and catching a flying disk at high speeds. For this reason, a good pair of gloves is the most important piece of equipment for an ultimate frisbee player. There are things you need to know if you want the best ultimate frisbee gloves.

First and foremost, competition gloves for ultimate frisbee should have the perfect shape and should cling to your hands until the top of your fingers. To achieve this, manufacturers use soft and elastic materials to build the gloves. However, in most cases, people need to sacrifice a bit of softness to get other properties, and they need better craftsmanship to make up for the shape.

Another important feature of ultimate frisbee gloves is their thickness. In order to keep your fingers nimble, these gloves can’t be as thick as goalkeeper gloves. Besides that, thinner gloves also mean a lighter weight and this means it won’t be a burden. But they still require a proper thickness to absorb the impact from the frisbee. Additionally, good gloves usually use soft synthetic leather and add internal pads to protect the catching parts.

Finally, there are other requirements for ultimate frisbee gloves. For example, they should be anti-skid and tacky, but too much tackiness could affect the way the frisbee is released and the final trajectory. Also, these gloves should be resistant to water because games may be held in wet fields or in the rain. Moreover, they should be wear-resistant, or otherwise, you have to buy new gloves after only wearing them a few times. And the last thing is since the knitted cuffs are relatively heavy and sometimes too loose to be dependable, Velcros should be used instead to keep the gloves on your hands.

Best Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

#1.Mint Cutter III

If you are looking for the best ultimate frisbee gloves, we think the Mint Cutter III is the most reliable. These gloves can provide great protection in any competition, and they can keep your fingers agile. They definitely help you catch and throw better, which can make or break your game. The Cutter III is a premium ultimate glove and we have heard many positive reviews from professionals.

The Cutter III is designed to be very tacky in order to secure catching and disc handling. No matter how fast the disc flies, it will stop in your hand when you catch it. Unlike other tacky gloves, the Cutter III won’t stick to the disc when throwing. Also, they increase grip so that the disc gets higher rotational speed and flies more stably in the wind.

These gloves can achieve this because they have the latest technology and include very high-quality materials. The tackiness is not the only advantage of the Cutter III, because they also have good resistance to weather and sweat. The Cutter III have strong synthetic construction which allows them to stay intact after a whole year of competition. This also helps to keep the tackiness by quickly absorbing the moisture from rain, snow, or sweat.

In addition, the backhands are made of Coolflex, keeping your hands cool and comfortable in hot weather. Contrarily in cold seasons, these gloves can keep your hands warm and flexible. Additionally, the Cutter III has high performance in other details. To protect your hands from the impact of the disc, each glove has added an internal pad at the border of your palm and fingers. Moreover, the fingertips are folded over to get more surface area for contact with the disc. These gloves have a perfect fit which allows for a full range of motion effortlessly.

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#2.Layout Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

If you play ultimate Frisbee, it’s very likely that you have already heard about the Layout as one of the best ultimate frisbee gloves. We highly recommend the Layout because these gloves are very dependable in any weather condition. The Layout gloves have used synthetic leather to cover all disc-contact areas from the palm to the fingertips.

This material is very durable against turf, grass, mud, and more. Also, it adds more friction and grip to help you control your disc. When wearing the Layout gloves, you can get more rotation on the release which transfers to higher accuracy, speed, and distance.

You should be aware that there is a special design on the middle finger of the glove. There is added grip on the middle finger, which gives you more control and grip over the flick. And just remember, more grip translates to more rotations and longer more accurate throws. People love the Layout Ultimate gloves not only because they have reliable performance, but also because of their comfort. They have a proper thickness which is a nice pad to protect you from the impact of capturing a fast-flying disc.

Also, these gloves tend to be very lightweight, allowing you to play effortlessly without them being a burden. The backhand is breathable to keep your hand cool and comfortable. One possible defect of these gloves is their water resistance. Rain is not absorbed by the gloves, which means it may stay on the leather part and decrease the friction. It’s not a real problem since other gloves also have the same issue. The good thing is, the Layout gloves won’t become totally watered down with rain or sweat like their competitors. Anyway, you can get better performance in the game by wiping off the water frequently.

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#3.Friction Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

It may be hard to pick gloves for ultimate frisbee, but if you want something durable, you should go with Friction Gloves. We highly recommend the Friction Ultimate Frisbee Gloves, because they have outstanding craftsmanship. They have reinforced upper palm and double stitching, allowing you to enjoy them daily for years.

Also, they never break even during an intense game. These gloves also have reliable friction for catching and throwing. There are special patterns on the leather parts, so water does not decrease their stickiness. Also, there is no doubt that they are trustworthy in rainy or snowy conditions. The only thing we think of that may not be up to standards is the stitching.

Certainly, it strengthens the gloves, but it also decreases their comfort a bit. These gloves may not be as stretchable as other gloves, and you may get a clear feel about that if you have large hands. Anyways, you don’t need to worry about this because they come with a 100% money-back warranty.

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#4.Flyers Ult

Flyers Ult can be the best ultimate frisbee gloves because of their high performance and additional convenience. We highly recommend these gloves because they have a simple but practical design. The Flyers Ult does not have reinforcements on the backs of the fingers. Although these gloves have a slightly smaller surface for catching, they provide more flexibility as they have no unnecessary stitching.

Also, the backs of the fingers are stretchable, so you can get a better fit. There are more features that are worth mentioning. For example, the Flyers Ult has a very nice grip. Even in cold and rainy conditions, these gloves allow you to catch and throw well. Also, they have added protective pads to protect your palms.

As we said, the Flyers Ult provides additional convenience. They are very easy to clean as you just cold rinse and then air dry. In addition, these gloves come with a water-resistant carrying bag to provide portable and dry storage.

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#5.Cutters REV Receiver

If you are an ultimate Frisbee player and you love a good grip, maybe you can try the Cutters REV Receiver. They meet NOCSAE standards and can be the best ultimate frisbee gloves since they are very dependable. The selling point is that the Cutters gloves have C-TACKTM material palm. You can easily see how tacky they are just by looking at their palms.

The grip won’t be weakened by the weather, so you can always catch the frisbee well in any conditions. These gloves are soft and flexible too. They are suitable for any sport which requires stable catching; even football goalkeepers can use them. The downside is that these gloves are not as breathable though they use similar materials at the back.

To get market-leading grip and friction, the Cutters have sacrificed some comfort. They can be perfect if you are ok with this.

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