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I’m a Teacher, What’s Your Super Power Mug

The I’m a Teacher, What’s Your Super Power Mug is the best teacher mug for those who want a charming little gift to give to your kid’s teachers. This teacher mug is colorful, vibrant, and pushes all the right buttons in terms of humor.


Why do you want the best teacher mug as a gift?

If you have a teacher you want to thank and don’t know what to buy, you should consider the best teacher mug. These are the perfect gift for parent-teacher conferences for your kids and if you have a professor that you really like or appreciate. Most teachers will love this gift as it is simple, cute, and gets the point across. Besides, it is also quite useful for teachers to have an extra mug around the house or at school.

The best teacher mug can have a variety of text written on it. It can be a short and sweet message such as “Best Teacher Ever” or a touching longer custom message. There are a ton of cute messages on teacher mugs that it may be hard to pick a good one. Luckily, we’ve screened out some of the best lines for you.

In terms of the actual specifications of the mug, most are made of ceramic with a large handle. You can choose the color of the ceramic coating as well as the text. There are also spill-proof travel-style teacher mugs. These are a little more useful but tend to cost a bit more.

When you have decided on the message written on the teacher’s mug, the next thing to look at is durability. You want to buy a mug that will last a long time and won’t break easily due to drops. Also, they should be pretty resistant to cracking due to hot liquids. They should also be able to keep hot liquids hot for a long time. Finally, they should be dishwasher and microwave safe.

Best Teacher Mug

I’m a Teacher, What’s Your Super Power Mug

If you want to give a teacher a really eye-popping teacher mug, the I’m a Teacher, What’s Your Super Power mug is a great option. First and foremost, we really like this teacher mug because it has a really attractive color scheme.

Burton & Burton makes some nice Tim Burton-style mugs, and this particular one really just popped out with us. It has a cool candy cane handle and the right shades of green and yellow on the mug itself. The inside is all red and very tastefully designed.

We think the “I’m a Teacher, What’s Your Superpower?” line is amazing and hits all of the right buttons. It is perfect for every occasion and we are confident every teacher will find it charming.

This particular mug holds 12 ounces of steaming hot liquids and has a nice extended handle so none of your knuckles will touch the mug. It is durable and the color stays on for a long time without fading. Finally, it comes in a nice gift box and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

– Very nice color scheme
– Holds 12 ounces
– Text is clever and charming
– Very durable

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Abbey Press Teacher Travel Mug

For those who want the best teacher mug for traveling, the Abbey Press Teacher Travel Mug is the way to go. This teacher mug is an insulated plastic mug with a plastic lid cover that can open and close, keeping hot liquids contained inside.

It also has the text “Teacher open minds inspiring hearts” printed on it. The theme color is black with some images on it.

This teacher travel mug is the perfect practical gift for your kid’s teachers and often times they will bring coffee they made from home to work.

Luckily, this mug has the right amount of insulation to keep most hot liquids warm at least throughout the day. This mug is about 7 inches tall and holds about 16 ounces of your favorite beverage. Unfortunately, it is not microwave or dishwasher-safe, so please only hand wash it.

– Plastic lid cover
– Nice logo printed
– Great insulation
– Holds 16 ounces of liquids

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Teacher Nutrition Facts Mug

The Teacher Nutrition Facts Mug is the best teacher mug for those looking for an innovative design. This is a clear mug with cool teacher nutrition facts printed on both sides in white font.

It is designed so that it can be read with a black coffee on the inside. The white text will really pop out when you add coffee, tea, or even Coke inside. This is the perfect gift for any teacher and comes with a white gift box.

Additionally, this teacher mug can fit conveniently under K Cup Coffee Makers and is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

It holds around 13 ounces of liquids and has a heavy bottom and thick walls for improved durability. Our one and only complaint is that it is not that great of an insulator and doesn’t quite hold coffee warm for an entire day.

– Clear mug with cool white font nutrition facts
– Comes with a white gift box
– Fits under k cup coffee makers
– Dishwasher and microwave safe

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It Takes a Big Heart to Shape Little Minds Coffee Mug

If you want a nice thoughtful slogan, we think the It Takes a Big Heart to Shape Little Minds Coffee Mug is the perfect teacher’s gift. We really like the fact that this slogan is printed on this glass mug with nice fonts, colors, and little details. It is stylish, and eye-catching, and shows through even with black coffee in the mug.

This is a 12-ounce teacher mug and is made from some of the best glass available on the market. It is also dishwasher and microwave safe and great for any occasion. We really like the premium quality build as both the printed text, the handle, and the bottom are sturdy and durable.

This means it is not prone to any cracking from heat or small drops. Unfortunately, glass is not that great of an insulator of heat and so coffee won’t stay warm as long compared to ceramic mugs.

– Thoughtful slogan
– Nice font and details
– Quality glass
– 12-ounce mug

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Pavilion Gift Company Teacher Mug

The Pavilion Gift Company Teacher Mug is the best teacher mug for those who want a great quality ceramic mug designed to thank teachers. This mug has the text “Teachers bring dreams to life” written on it and has little colorful bird designs all over it.

The standout feature is that it has a 16-ounce capacity, which is much larger than most coffee mugs. Additionally, the ceramic quality is just clearly better than most of the teacher mugs we have seen.

We really like the quality of this teacher mug. The color is nice and solidly printed on and doesn’t chip off easily. Also, it is dishwasher and microwave safe, which is always a plus if you want convenience. Finally, it comes in a cool little gift box, so you can give it to your kid’s teachers.

– 16-ounce capacity
– Very high quality
– Teachers bring dreams to life
– Dishwasher and microwave safe

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