Best Darjeeling Tea Reviews

#1.VAHDAM Darjeeling? Tea Leaves?

For those who want the best Darjeeling tea, we think that the Vadham Darjeeling Tea Leaves are the way to go. These tea leaves are in loose form and not in tea bags. More importantly, they are probably the best-tasting we have tried and are incredibly fresh. Also, these tea leaves are great value for your money.

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Best Darjeeling Tea

#1.VAHDAM Darjeeling? Tea Leaves?

When it comes to the best Darjeeling tea, we strongly urge you to consider the Vahdam Darjeeling Tea Leaves. This is a full-body loose tea leaf packaged in a double air-sealed zipper bag. We think what separates the Vahdam from the rest of the competition is the fact that it is just incredibly fresh, which definitely makes its taste and aroma superior in every metric imaginable.

We also like that it has a zipper resealable bag, which does a very good job of keeping the tea leaves fresh for longer periods of time. This seal works much better than other brands, which don’t seal effectively. Finally, just know that these tea leaves are manufactured with the best practices and are procured within 24 to 72 hours of production, making them very fresh.

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#2.Taylors of Harrogate Afternoon Darjeeling

Next on our list is the Taylors of Harrogate After Darjeeling. This is the best Darjeeling tea for those who fall for marketing gimmicks and tea bags. Just kidding. Besides being very well marketed with very fancy and posh labels, we actually like it for its unique taste and flavor profile. It is definitely fresh enough for our standards.

The tea leaves are freshly sourced from the Himalayans and are definitely not stuffed with other substances to save on costs. It has a clean almost wine-like flavor that we like. So yeah, hopefully, you will like it too and give it a try. We can’t guarantee that you’ll like the taste since everyone has definitely tastes in things. But we can guarantee its freshness.

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#3.Twinings of London Darjeeling Tea Bags

If you want the best Darjeeling tea, we think that the Twinings Of London Tea Bags is a pretty good choice. You get 50 tea bags with each box and we think that it’s got a pretty great taste. Twinings have been in the business for more than a few decades and definitely knows a thing or two about what they are doing. The tea is freshly collected from India under quality standards.

We also like the fact that the tea is uncut and goes through a multitude of manufacturing guidelines and standards before it reaches your hands. This means incredible quality. So we said all of that to convince you that this tea is simply fresh and tastes good. We like it for its woody aroma and dry delicate taste.

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#4.Choice Organic Loose Leaf Darjeeling

The Choice Organic Loose Leaf Darjeeling is a great choice for Darjeeling tea if you are also looking for a hint of fruity flavor. The packaging may not be pretty but it certainly gets the job done. First of all, this is a loose tea, so you just get a bag full of tea leaves instead of little tea bags. It will be a bit more messy and not as convenient as tea bags, but at least you get to control the amount.

The tea itself is pretty great tasting and no complaints here. You kind of have to try to see for yourself but it does tend to be more fruity than others. But nothing too overwhelming here. The standout feature is probably the fact that everything is made of recycled content. It is also USDA-certified organic and fair trade and non-GMO certified.

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Top Best Darjeeling Tea

#5.Davidson’s Organic Darjeeling Tea

Lastly, we have Davidson’s Organic Darjeeling Tea, which is a nice little organic tea bag that has that boutique mom-and-pop shop taste and feels that we like. It is pretty obvious from both examining the package and the tea leaves that they pay attention to the details. The tea does not look or even taste mass manufactured.

We think a good part of its fresh and crisp taste is attributed to the fact that they don’t really cut corners or mass produce anything. Everything is meticulously planned and well executed. We especially like the paper stand-up pouch it is in and think it gives the entire tea a nice organic feel to it. Also, there’s an aluminum foil lining to maintain freshness inside.

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