Best Storytime Books

#1.Thomas & Friends Toy Train Story Time Collection

If you are looking for the best storytime books for your children, the Thomas & Friends Story Time Series is a great starting point. This is an interactive storytime collection filled with great illustrations and comes with various Thomas & Friends stories. Although the stories are old, they are very well written and teach your kids very important lessons about life in a way that they can easily absorb.

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Best Storytime Books

#1.Thomas & Friends Story Time Collection

We think the Thomas & Friends Story Time Collection represents some of the best storytime books for your kids. This is an interactive book that includes different stories. For those of you who don’t know, Thomas & Friends stories have been around for years and time tested for their incredible subconscious positive effects on kids.

These stories are perfected and tell great stories for your kids so that they can hopefully absorb important lessons about how to act in this world. Although the stories are all old, why reinvent the wheel? We think the classics are great and will withstand the test of time.

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#2. Curious George Good Night Book

Curious George is certainly a classic when it comes to children’s bedtime books and is definitely some of the best storytime books in the industry. This particular one is made for helping your kids fall asleep. There is just something special about this little monkey and his friends that is mesmerizing to kids. It really shows the aspects of childhood innocence and curiosity.

Just keep in mind that this book reads more like poetry than prose. You can read it in about 5 minutes and it goes through Curious George’s night routine in detail. At the end, there is a game of hide and seek and finally, a nice little poem that you can sing out to your kids to help them fall asleep.

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#3. Peppa’s Storytime Box

Peppa’s Storytime Box contains 6 stories that are super cute and perfect for your kids and toddlers. They are the best storytime books for kids who are into really cute things. Specifically, the books in this set include Ballet Lesson, Bedtime for Peppa, Class Trip, Peppa Goes Swimming, Peppa’s First Sleepover, and The Tooth Fairy.

We really like the characters in the Peppa series and think that they are quite endearing from a kid’s perspective. They are not as serious as Thomas or Curious George, which some of the kids really like. Finally, there are definitely some good material and life lessons embedded in this book. Even adults can enjoy them as they are being read to kids.

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#4.Uncle Wiggily’s StoryBook

We really like Uncle Wiggily’s Story Book because it is the closest thing to real life for kids. The characters are not too cheesy or unrealistic. The story goes through a bright and cheerful rabbit who behaves like a gentleman. It also has a wide cast of children and animated animals that are filled with charisma.

The standout feature of this series is that the characters are wise, funny, charming, and realistic. The rabbit might as well be a direct substitute for a real person. Whereas in other children’s books, the characters are a bit immature, inanimate, and a bit fake. It really has a different style than the classic cuteness-overload characters in kids’ books.

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#5.Junior’s Adventures: Storytime Book Set

If you want the best storytime books that actually teach your kids really practical life lessons, Junior’s Adventures is the perfect storytime book for you. The selling point of these books is that they are written in a way that teaches your kids about money and how to manage it.

If you want your kids to have a head start on real-life issues, this is the right book for them. And of course, the material is not dry and very entertaining. In fact, the lessons are so well embedded in the stories that your kids won’t even know that they are learning. Dave Ramsey is the author and has written plenty of books on money management.

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