Best Parasite Cleanse

best parasite cleanse

Renew Life ParaSmart

Renew Life is the best parasite cleanse on the market if you are looking for a trustworthy brand and a regimented program to eliminate parasites.  It works great and has very little side effects. This is a 15 day program that comes in two parts.


If you find yourself perpetually sick for no apparent reason, have gastrointestinal problems, or suffering from chronic migraines and headaches, it may be time for a thorough parasite cleansing. By using the best parasite cleanse, you can hopefully eliminate as many of the unwanted parasites in your body as possible. This also prevents long term harmful side effects of having them linger around your body.

Of course, there are some parasites you want to keep in your body, particularly those in your stomach and intestines as they help with digestion and breaking down food. Parasites are mostly unavoidable and are in every human being. Parasite cleanses are usually a schedule treatment program that can be bought over the counter. You take them in pill, powder or liquid form and some are even natural and herbal. Many of these over the counter drugs target the GI tract and eliminate the toxins and parasites within.

While some of these drugs have unwanted side effects, most are safe with minimal side effects. We have tested dozens of parasite cleaners to come up with a list of our top products. These are potent enough to kill many toxins and parasites, while minimizing the amount of negative side effects. Please see our recommendations below.

Best Parasite Cleanse Reviews

Renew Life PARASmart

best parasite cleanse

Renew Life is the best parasite cleanse on the market if you are looking for a trustworthy brand and a regimented program to eliminate parasites. This is a 15 day program that comes in two parts. Part one is a series of vegetable based capsules that helps kill the mature parasites. Black walnut and wormwood hull and garlic extract are some of the ingredients in this capsule. You also liquid a liquid supplement in conjunction with the capsules, which contain ethyl alcohol. Then you take a few days break and allow the existing eggs to hatch and you kill the second batch.

This product is great for an all round digestive tract cleanse. While many parasite cleasing products are known to cause discomfort and even trigger slight diarrhea, we found the Renew Life to be void of many of these negative side effects. When you first start taking this product, you may experience nothing or start having some mild headaches. This is because parasites release toxins as they die so it could potentially be linked to you feeling bad. You have to be patient with this treatment. We found it normally takes about 10 days for you to feel any positive benefits.


We polled a wide variety of users, industry experts, and doctors on their opinion on the renew life PARASmart. The majority of users only had good things to say. Most people initially thought the product was a scam but they took the leap of faith anyways and tried it. ParaSmart surprised many people and cured them of all sorts of random illness including tapeworms, digestions issues, muscle cramps, and chronic fatigue syndrome. The common consensus is that the ParaSmart will at the very least give you more energy and make your feel better. Many have found that it also relieves them of symptoms of internal parasites. However, these users warn that it could be placebo and there is no way to isolate the ParaSmart and tell for sure.


Intestinal Edge – High Potency Worm and Intestinal Cleanser

best parasite cleanse

If you want the best colon cleanse in liquid form, go with Intestinal Edge. This is a high potency parasite cleanse if you know your parasites are related to a gastrointestinal issue. We like this product because it is formulated with natural extracts and contains nothing synthetic or GMO. It has no preservatives, no additives, and no additional chemicals added. The Intestinal Edge is a general cleanse that kills a majority of parasites and worms in your stomach and intestines. Keep in mind that it is not the same as a colon cleanse, which can be bought separately. This liquid bottle is only designed to kill worms and parasites in your stomach and intestines. It does a very good job of cleansing the stomach and intestines.

Intestinal Edge is made from 8 natural plant extracts that have been scientifically proven to help aid in digestion and promotes the regrowth of healthy bacteria in the colon. This also turns gets rid of bloating and unwanted gas as well. Instestinal Edge is 100% safe with no harmful side effects. Since it is in liquid form, the product is immediately absorbed and starts working. It features a nice 60 day money back guarantee. If you are solely concerned about eliminate parasite in your stomach and intestines, this is the best parasite cleanse for you.


Maxx Labs Candida Rapid Cleanse 

best parasite cleanse

Maxx Labs Parasite Rapid Purge is the best candida cleanse if you want a max strength all body cleanser. It gets rid of those parasites that can make you have perpetual headaches, fever, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Maxx Labs Parasite Cleanse features a combination of natural herbs that are designed to kill off all stages of parasites from egg to larvae to adult. It contains black walnut extract, grapefruit seed extract, oregano leavies, and substances found only in nature. There is nothing synthetic in these capsules.

Maxx Labs capsules are easy to digest and swallow. It is rather fast acting and cleanses your parasites in under a week. You should use a probiotic with this if you want to see long lasting prolonged results. For those who are hestitant about doing a parasite cleanse or think it is all some kind of big hoax or scam, please give Maxx Labs Parasite Rapid Purge a try. It really does make you feel better over the course of a week and doesn’t have bad side effects.

The Maxx Labs Candida Cleanse is great for bringing with you on the road. If you end up eating bad food or bad sushi, you can easily pop a few of these. If you feel skeptical on the efficacy of parasite cleanse pills, don’t worry. Maxx Labs has a 100% money back policy if you are not satisfied with the product. No need to worry, however. We are very confident that the Maxx Labs Parasite Cleanse will be effect. While other parasite cleanses simply just get rid of parasites, Maxx Labs brings back the much needed balance in your intestines and encourages friendly probiotic growth.


IntestinePro 10-Day Intestine Support

best parasite cleanse

IntestinePro is a great natural way to cleanse your intestines of bad parasites while promoting the growth of good ones. It helps eliminate toxins from your body and help promotes intestinal health. This parasite cleanse is made by Teraputics, which is one of the more reputable brands in the industry. It is definitely a quality product and has lots of potential natural ingredients.

This product comes in capsule form. You need to take 2 capsules three times for the full 10 days to really get the full benefit from this treatment. You should be taking these capsules with meals and if you want to continue taking more, it is advised that you wait a full 2 weeks before beginning another treatment.

The IntestinePro is made from a plethora of premium ingredients. There is garlic blub extract, black walut hull powder, carrot root powder, and goldenseal root just to name a few. All of these ingredients are FDA approved. They have also been through stringent rounds of lab testing to make sure they are fit for consumption. There are little to no known side effects of taking the IntestinePro and nobody has reported having an allergic reaction.

If you don’t believe in this product, there is always the 100% money back guarantee provided by Teraputics. There are no questions asked and you get a full refund. We will fully admit that we were skeptical at first as well. But after the first full 10 day treatment, we were amazed by the results. Our designated tester felt significantly better in the stomach and no longer suffered from stomach aches and ulcers.


CandidaFX – Extra Strength Candida Cleanse 

best parasite cleanse

CandidaFX by Dr. Tobias  is a very well-known stomach cleaner and the best candida cleanse kit. It also promotes general health and increases energy levels. This parasite cleanse is specifically designed to kill off candida, a nasty fungus yeast that lives in the intestines. It also has herbs and enzymes that help reduce the bad side effects from die off. Overall, this a solid product for those who have long term stomach issues. Dr. Tobias is a trustworthy brand with a great line of other products to help promote general health. We fully vouch for this product as well as the Dr. Tobias Probiotics & Deep Immune.

In terms of ingredients, the CandidaFX is made of Wormwood leaf powder, caprylic acid, protease, cellulose, and oregano leaf extract. It is a very gentle cleanse in terms of ingredients, yet it is also incredibly effective. The CandidaFX has a non-GMO formula and made with FDA approved ingredients. On the back of the label, there is a allergen warning for tree nuts such as black walnut and caprylic acid.

In terms of dosage, it is recommended to take 2 capsules per day. You can take this every day until you start to feel better or the symptoms of stomach problems go away. It comes with 60 capsules so about a one month supply. We think this is more than enough for a full treatment, which is about two weeks.

Candida is a naturally occurring yeast fungus that grows in your intestines. You can experience abnormal amounts of candida growth if you use antibiotics, experience stress, or have a bad diet. Also, your stomach can become inflamed and you begin to develop a stomach ulcer. This can have a profound effect on your overall health and mental state.

With Dr. Tobias CandidaFX you can eliminate the excess candida in your stomach and restore your body back to presentation condition. It is important to note that Dr. Tobias will not completely eliminate all of the candida. Only the excess will be removed and your stomach will be back to normal levels of parasites. If you know you have issues with your stomach and it is a candida issue, you should definitely give this product a try.


What are Parasites?

The word parasite is derived from the Greek word parasitos. The word para means alongside and sitos means food. Parasites are basically organisms that lives in or on a host and extract nutrition from it at the host’s expense. A parasite cannot live independently so they depend on a host (you) to survive. Parasites rarely end up killing the host, although occasionally this happens.

There are at least 1,000 species of parasites capable of living inside our bodies. A vast majority of parasites are microscopic although some worm parasite can get over 30 meters in length. There are three major types of parasites: protozoa, helminthes, and ectoparasites. Protozoa are single celled organisms that can only divide with in a host. They are known to cause malaria. Then there are Helminths, which are worm like parasites and causes schistosomiasis or snail fever.  Finally, there are ectoparasites that live on hosts, such as lice or fleas. Parasites are known to cause diseases in human and some are hard to treat. Parasites are usually known to cause weak immune systems or gastrointestinal problems.

What is a Parasite Cleanse

best parasite cleanseIf you think you drank some bad water, ate some dirty food, have chronic headache, migraines, gastrointestinal problems, or are just feeling lethargic, it may be time to do a parasite cleanse. To get rid of parasites in your body, you need a combination of a better diet along with supplements to kill off the parasites in your body.

Parasite cleanse supplements are readily sold over the counter. They usually don’t contain any powerful chemicals that need to be regulated. Many are made from doctors and contain all natural ingredients. Some over the counter parasite cleanses contain serious side effects. These include liver failure and neurological problems. Many parasite cleanses also contain wormwood, which is known to be a toxin.

So if wormwood is toxic to humans, why is it in so many parasite cleanses? This is mostly due to cost as it is an ingredient that is easy to obtain and is extremely cost effective. Sure wormwood has  some nice anti-parastic attributes, but the negative side effects far outweigh the benefits in our opinion. In the end, it is the results that matter, whether you are using 100% organic natural compounds or synthetic cheap ones. Just remember, an effective parasite cleanse must kill all three stages of a parasite from egg to larvae to adult form.  You also want to make sure that the parasite cleansing product has a good probiotic mix so that intestinal flora is restored.

Symptoms of Parasites

best parasite cleanseSince there are a lot of different kinds of parasite, it is tough to pinpoint a certain symptom down to a specific parasite. In general, if you get get lots of stomach cramps, diarrhea, chronic headache, migraines, or fatigue, chances are you have some kind of parasite.

Additionally, if you experience weight loss or appetite gain, sleeping problems, anemia, allergies, aches and pains throughout your body, chances are you have a parasite in your body. This list is definitely on inclusive and often children have their own list on unique symptoms. These include  your child wetting the bed often, gritting their teeth a lot, having trouble digesting food, or experiencing insomnia. If you see any of these symptoms, there may be a troublesome parasite in your baby.

How to do a Parasite Cleanse

best parasite cleanseA parasite cleanse is definitely not instantaneous. It requires a change of diet along with supplements to restore the natural balance within your body. So this stuff definitely doesn’t happen overnight. The first step is to weak the parasite by changing your diet. You can start by taking garlic capsules or eating lots of garlic with each meal, which generally helps loosen parasites hold on your body.

You should also be eating raw fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads, nuts, and seeds. Next you should try to flush out the parasites by taking the best parasite cleanse supplement. These are usually pills or liquid. Please take the recommended dosage and make sure you take it on time everyday. You should still continue to eat healthy cleansing food to avoid constipation and get plenty of fiber in you. Finally, you need to take a high quality probiotic to prevent re-infestation. Be sure to drink lots of clean liquids during and after your cleanse.


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