Best Octave Mandolin Reviews

#1.Trinity College TM-325 Octave Mandolin

For those who are interested in the best octave mandolin, we highly recommend that you try out the Trinity College TM-325 Octave Mandolin. This is a solidly built mandolin built with quality and excellent craftsmanship in mind. The price, quality, and performance are all well-balanced and in our opinion, this is one of the best bangs for the buck out there.

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Best Octave Mandolin

#1.Trinity College TM-325 Octave Mandolin

When it comes to the best octave mandolin, the Trinity College TM-325 is definitely one that many people would recommend. We certainly vouch for it and is suitable for players of all levels. The first noticeable thing about this octave mandolin is that it has a solid Sitka spruce top with an oval-like soundhole, which basically gives you a bright bell attack.

Next, the solid maple back and sides provide some really crisp high notes and really smooth and well-rounded mid-range. The slim mahogany neck is beautifully crafted and really helps give you some really fast and easy action along with long-lasting stability.

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#2. Donner A Style Mandolin Instrument Sunburst

No list of the best octave mandolin can be complete without at least mentioning one of the least expensive mandolins out there: The Donner A style. This type of mandolin is designed for those who want absolutely cheap top-shelf quality and are willing to pay up for that honor. It was tough even just getting a hand on this thing.

Needless to say, this mandolin is just absolutely stunning to look at and a joy to play. It makes everything effortless and gives you an amazing tone with lots of room for errors. The thin faded amber finish is amazing and obviously, this octave mandolin will withstand the test of time. The real question is will it withstand the test of your wallet?

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#3.Gold Tone OM-800+ Octave Mandolin

Another really nice option when it comes to the best octave mandolin is the Gold Tone OM-800. This mandolin, in general, has a very big sound and is quite easy to play for all levels. Additionally, it has a great tone with no real setup required and you’ll get nice sound action. Also, we really just like the way it looks and we think many others would agree, although this can be subjective.

In general, you really can’t go wrong with a Gold Tone OM-800+ and in this price range, we think it is definitely one of the top choices in terms of price to performance. Just keep in mind that compared to normal mandolins, this particular model is noticeably louder and has a long-lasting sustain.

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#4. TM-325B Standard Celtic Octave Mandolin with Hardshell Case

The TM-325 Celtic Octave Mandolin is another really nice instrument that kind of flies under the radar, so not too many know about this hidden gem. Although it is not a pricey instrument, we think that it is definitely worth its price tag and more and is an absolute bargain if you are quite serious about getting a really nice octave mandolin. Not that this is almost the same Mandoline as shown above in item 1.

The Celtic branded octave mandolin is black, which gives it a more intimate experience and also gives it incredibly look. It is also really good looking and features this gorgeous solid spruce top, as well as a solid flamed maple back and side.

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#5.Trinity College TM-325B Octave Mandolin

Trinity College also makes a really nice black-top octave mandolin that deserves a mention. The TM-325B can be viewed as the evil twin of the TM-325 mentioned above. We have to say, everything is going to be pretty much identical in terms of sound and tone, but the real difference is in the looks and style.

And you know what, there are definitely people who care a lot about how an instrument looks and for those of you who want that solid black color, this is the one to get. You can’t really go wrong with a brand like Trinity College, which makes high-quality octave mandolins, whether you go with a classic color or a darker twist.

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