Best F Style Mandolin Reviews

#1.Ibanez M700AVS Spruce/Maple F-Style Mandolin

When it comes to the best f style mandolin, we highly recommend that you try out the Ibanez M700AVS. Ibanez is one of the top manufacturers of mandolins and they do a really good job of combining style, tone, and technology. It is beautifully crafted and definitely worth its retail price.

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Best F Style Mandolin

#1.Ibanez M700AVS Spruce/Maple F-Style Mandolin

For those who want the best f style mandolin, we highly recommend that you try out the Ibanez M700AVS Spruce/Maple F-style mandolin. You really just can’t go wrong with Ibanez. This mandolin combines classic Ibanez superior craftsmanship with a whole bunch of well-researched technology to give amazing sounds and a great playing experience.

This archtop f style mandolin has a solid spruce top as well as solid flamed maple back and sides. There’s also a rosewood pickguard and fretboard. Needless to say, this F-style mandolin is known for a buoyant full tone as well as a punchy presence, which is all amazing for single-string lead lines.

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#2.Eastman MD315 Classic Finish F-Style Mandolin

Next up, we have the Eastman MD315 Classic Finish F-Style Mandolin, which is the best f style mandolin for those who want a mandolin that looks stunning and performs great as well. The standout feature is definitely the appearance and believe it or not, many people definitely care a lot about the details and how it looks, the materials used, and how it is made.

The Eastman uses close to the best materials here and it just seems a cut above most of the competition. This all means that it is also easier to play the instrument and is more enjoyable. Also, it is easy to tune up and made incredibly durable so that it just doesn’t get scratched up easily. Overall, this is high quality and well made.

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#3.The Loar Honey Creek F-Style Mandolin

Another really nice option when it comes to the best f style mandolin is the Loar Honey Creek F-Style Mandolin. This is definitely more fit for those who want a more affordable instrument. It is nice to know that while the Loar is significantly cheaper than the above-mentioned mandolins, it doesn’t really sacrifice that much quality. In other words, it is still a solid instrument.

Sure, there’s no real comparison between this and a top-end f style mandolin, but the point is, most beginners won’t be able to even tell a real difference. And we really like the thin “V” profile of the maple neck which does a really good job fitting into most people’s hands no matter how big they are.

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best f style mandolin

#4.Morgan Monroe Rocky Top F-Style Mandolin

The Morgan Monroe Rock Top is a nice F-style mandolin that players of all levels will appreciate for its simplicity and most importantly for its cheap entry-level price. It sports a fully bound top neck and headstock, extended rosewood fretboard, as well as black pickguard and nickel silver frets with an adjustable truss rod.

Overall, it has some decent durability, but don’t expect too much. In fact, if you keep your expectations low, this is actually a pretty nice mandolin for the price. All in all, it tunes up nicely holds its tune, and plays decently. For all the bad reviews out there, please keep in mind the cheaper price point.

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#5.Oscar Schmidt Left Hand F-Style Mandolin

Lastly, we have the Oscar Schmidt Left Hand F Style Mandolin, which as the name implies is pretty good for left-handers. It has gold hardware, a smooth glossy finish, and a lifetime warranty. What we like most about Oscar Schmidt is that it has this really uniquely distinctive headstock, bridge, and pickguard design.

Overall, we really like the design and think that for the price, it looks like a much more expensive mandolin. It is also very soft on the fingers and nice sounding. More importantly, if you are a left-hander, do yourself a favor and just get this f style mandolin. It is designed for left-handers to feel a lot more comfortable when playing.

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