Best Manual Boost Controller

best manual boost controller

1. GrimmSpeed 070002 Manual Boost Controller-Black

The GrimmSpeed MBC is the best manual boost controller on the market. This product has great performance, quality, and customer service. It is good value for money and every vehicle owner should have one to improve the horsepower and torque of your vehicle.


Why do you need the Best Manual Boost Controller?

To get more horsepower and torque, it’s necessary to increase the boost level and control it. That means people need to control the air pressure delivered to the pneumatic and mechanical wastegate actuators. For this reason, a vehicle driver like yourself should install a manual boost controller to adjust the air coming out from the intake manifold of your turbocharged or supercharged engine.

Although the best manual boost controller and cheaper knockoffs usually have similar designs, they are totally different in performance. Here are a few features a good manual boost controller should have.

Firstly, a good manual boost controller should provide more air pressure. That means you can get more horsepower and torque. If your boost controller does not provide air pressure, it’s worse than even a simple tube because it does nothing but increase the risk of leaking air.

Secondly, a good manual boost controller has a fine resolution. With this, you can usually make detailed adjustments to air pressure with each click. It helps you to get the best performance.

Thirdly, a good manual boost controller should be universal and easy to install. If the product often comes off or leaks air after you mount it, it shouldn’t be used because it may damage your vehicle.

Finally, a good manual boost controller should be durable. Don’t choose cheap products. They may be made of similar materials as brand name products, but they do not have good craftsmanship so their product life may be unexpectedly short. To make matters worse, their manufacturers hardly provide good customer service. Overall, when in doubt, stick to a name brand that has been around in the industry for a while.

Best Manual Boost Controller

  1. GrimmSpeed MBC
  2. Hallman PRO-RX-BK
  3. Turbosmart Boost-Tee
  4. NXS MBC
  5. Dewhel Boost Controller

1. GrimmSpeed MBC Manual Auto Boost Controller

best manual boost controller

The GrimmSpeed 070002 Manual Boost Controller-Black is the best manual boost controller for every vehicle owner. The GrimmSpeed is a very well-known brand name. The manufacturer produces professional parts for racing vehicles. The GrimmSpeed MBC is one of the newest GrimmSpeed products and has the best performance, quality, and customer service.

The performance of the GrimmSpeed MBC is perfect. It allows you to raise your boost levels up to an amazing 60psi while other products can hardly achieve 30psi. Also, the GrimmSpeed MBC has an ultra-fine resolution, and it provides you with exactly 0.25psi per click. So, we suggest you ask the manufacturer how much air pressure is suitable for your vehicle to improve the horsepower without harming it. Then you can get the best performance of your vehicle after you install the GrimmSpeed MBC.

Better yet, the GrimmSpeed MBC is a universal product and can be easily mounted. It can be rotated for suitable mounting positions. Also, this product comes with everything you need for mounting. It’s so easy to install that you hardly make any mistakes if you follow the instructions, and you can finish it in one hour.

Finally, we are glad to tell you that the manufacturer provides great customer service. The manufacturer will help you to solve any problem with the product. You can also download the PDF of the install guide on the official website if you have mounting problems. If that doesn’t give you a sign of relief, just know that it also has great build quality and durability. It’s made of 6061-T6 Aluminum. Once you purchase the GrimmSpeed MBC, you will be able to feel how solid it is.

  • Super boost range with ultra-fine resolution
  • Universal and easy to install
  • High quality
  • Excellent customer service


2. Hallman PRO-RX-BK

best manual boost controller for quality

The Hallman PRO-RX-BK Boost Controller is the best manual boost controller for quality. Compared with its competitors, this MBC is a bit expensive, but it is still good value for your money. Hallman is a company that is focused on boost controllers and has produced the most professional manual boost controllers on the market. The Hallman PRO-RX-BK is the newest product of the company, and you will get the full power of your vehicle after adding this MBC.

As it advertised, the Hallman PRO-RX-BK has the highest quality. It comes with everything you need for mounting. The ball inside the Hallman PRO-RX-BK is made of ceramic and weighs much less than regular stainless steel balls. The weight difference allows the ceramic to change directions more quickly during operation. Also, the Hallman PRO-RX-BK uses lighter springs to provide a very fine adjustment of boost. It’s pretty sure that you can push your boost up to 35psi without any problem.

Another thing that is worth to be mentioned is it is a self-contained cable system. With this system, you can adjust boost from inside the car. It means there is no need to get down the car, make an adjustment and get back driving to see the performance. For this reason, the Hallman PRO-RX-BK is easy to adjust, and it will save a lot of time.

Finally, the Hallman PRO-RX-BK is universal. It is as easy to be installed as other MBC products. You can’t really go wrong if you follow the instruction. The only bad thing is that the official website is too simple that you can hardly find something helpful. You should contact the manufacturer if you have trouble with the product.

– highest quality
– full kits for mounting
– in-car adjusting system
– Universal


3. Turbosmart Boost-Tee Controller

best manual boost controller cost-effective)

The Turbosmart Boost-Tee is the best manual boost controller if you need a very cost-effective MBC. It’s much cheaper than those top brand name products but has similar performance. After adding it to your turbocharged petrol or diesel engine vehicle, you will see a satisfying upgrade of the boost.

The Turbosmart Boost-Tee is suggested to be used in racing cars because this manual boost controller is smaller and lighter than most similar products on the market. The reason is that the Turbosmart Boost-Tee is manufactured from high-grade brass and billet aluminum so the product can be both lightweight and durable. You don’t need to worry about its quality because it has nice craftsmanship.

The Turbosmart Boost-Tee also has good performance. It’s common to increase spring pressure of 200%+ for internal wastegates and 100% for external wastegates using this manual boost controller. The adjustment is quite stable and there is no need to worry after you set your boost.

Finally, the Turbosmart Boost-Tee is more suitable for other parts produced by Turbosmart. You can build the whole system with Turbosmart products and get the best performance.

-good value for money
-super lightweight for racing
-easy to mount
-stable performance


4. NXS MBC Manuel Boost Controller

best manual boost controller convenient

The NXS MBC is the best manual boost controller which is convenient. NXS Motorsport produced this product to provide a very easy-use MBC.

This manual boost controller is quite cheap, but you don’t need to worry about its quality. It’s solid because of its high-grade material. NXS Motorsports has sold over 18,000 MBCs in the last six years, so clearly they are doing something right. If you mount it properly, the NXS MBC won’t leak air and it can perform as well as those brand-name products. Since the manufacturer is confident with its products, it even provides a lifetime warranty.

Also, the NXS MBC is super easy to install. It comes with full instructions. Following the instructions step by step, you are able to easily install it at home. The controller is really simple as it’s a regular ball and spring type boost controller. Also, you can mount it in less than 20 minutes to get more power from your engine.

Furthermore, the NXS MBC is universal. Just like other MBCs, it can work on turbocharged petrol or diesel engine vehicles. Finally, the manufacturer is glad to help customers, so you don’t need to hesitate to call the company for more information. If you know what to do, you can get the best performance of your vehicle with this simple product.

-simple but solid product
-super easy to install
-good customer service


5. Dewhel Boost Controller

best manual boost controller for good value

The Dewhel Boost Controller is the best manual boost controller if you a looking for good value for money. This MBC has a similar construction as its competitors, but the price of the product is much lower. Also, you can get all the kits you need to mount it. All the things together may cost you only around 10 dollars.

It goes without saying that the Dewhel Boost Controller is universal. This means that usually, it can be added to all turbocharged cars. You should be aware that it will not work with vacuum actuators.

The Dewhel Boost Controller also helps you to get better performance in your car. You will get more horsepower and torque after you install it in your vehicle. You can increase the air pressure up to 30psi and see its performance.

The installation is quite easy. It takes no more than one hour to mount it in your car, just like other MBCs on the market. The kits coming with the product makes the mounting even easier, and you won’t make any mistake if you follow the instruction.

Since it’s cheap, we can’t ask for more durability from this product. It’s ok if you use it properly. But if you use it with unsuitable vehicles, it will definitely do some damage. Therefore, you should call the manufacturer and ask for more information before your purchase.

-super cheap
-easy installation
-full kits



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