Best Jewelry Engraving Machine

Engraving machines have become an undeniably essential tool for jewelry makers. However, with hundreds of models available in the market, choosing the best one can be a difficult task. When looking for the perfect engraving machine for jewelry, there are various features to consider. These features may include high resolution, a small engraving tip, and various engraving modes, among others.

The high resolution with a small engraving tip ensures that you can create precise, detailed designs. On the other hand, the various engraving modes such as rotary or diamond drag can create different types of engravings.

When choosing your machine, it is crucial to consider the below features:

  • Size of the engraving area
  • The use of high-quality cameras, or built-in microscopes to see great detail
  • The durability of the machine
  • If you want a laser engraver

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best engraving machines that meet all these requirements, making it easier for you to choose the optimal one for your jewelry-making needs.

#1. Dremel 290-02 Corded Engraver Rotary Tool 15W Jewlery Engraving Machine – Best Value

If you want the best jewelry engraving machine, you should take a look at the Dremel Jewelry Engraving Machine.

This machine works great at engraving all types of metals and will work for all kinds of jewelry. It is steady, precise, and incredibly durable. We also think it is a pretty good bang for the buck given these machines can run very expensive.

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Best Jewelry Engraving Machine Reviews

How Does A Jewelry Engraving Machine Work? 

Jewelry engraving machines are used to create intricate designs or lettering on various types of jewelry. There are two types of jewelry engraving machines available today:

  • Manual engraving tool
  • Laser engraving machine for jewelry

In manual machines, rotary tips or router bits are used to chip off the surface of the object. These tools require you to draw the design on the object manually using a push-engraving pen or an air-powered handheld engraver, similar to traditional engraving with chisels and hammers.

On the other hand, laser tools use high-powered laser beams to burn off the object in the desired design.

In computer numerical control (CNC) tools, a computer is used to design and operate the engraving machine. The machine works by reading an electronic file that is fed to it through a computer connection. Once the design is set, the machine follows the guidelines given and carves out the design on the jewelry piece. Overall, jewelry engraving machines are essential tools for creating unique designs and personalizing jewelry.

Best engraving machine for jewelry – Buying guide

Purpose of a jewelry engraving machine

Engraving is a great way to add a personalized touch to gift items. Whether you run a gift personalization business or operate a jewelry or pawn shop, an engraver can help you create unique and memorable pieces for your clients. With an engraving machine, you can easily add letters or designs to metal, wood, glass, and other materials.

So the main benefit of engraving is that it allows you to customize items with the buyer’s name or initials. This makes the gift more meaningful and special for the recipient. For example, if you sell jewelry items like rings or bracelets, adding the buyer’s name in engraved letters can turn an ordinary piece into something extraordinary.

In addition to personalizing gifts with names and initials, engraving machines can also help you add your company logo to products.

Manual vs. Computerized engraving machine for jewelry

Engraving has been a tradition for centuries, and while manual engravers have been around for just as long, modern technology has introduced computerized cutting machines. Manual engraving requires a skilled hand to chip away at the surface of the material with precision. These machines offer maneuverability and flexibility that allows for intricate designs to be carved out of jewelry or other items. They are also more affordable than their digital counterparts.

On the other hand, computerized cutting machines are becoming increasingly popular due to their accuracy and speed. The best laser machine can produce precise cuts on materials such as metal, wood, acrylics, and plastics with minimal effort from the operator. Laser engravers are particularly useful in industries like jewelry making where minute details need to be accurately captured on small surfaces.

While both manual and computerized engraving devices have their benefits, it ultimately comes down to what works best for your specific needs.

Handheld vs. Desktop engraver

When it comes to engraving, there are two main types of tools: handheld and desktop. Handheld engravers are perfect if you’re looking to create a traditional chisel-and-hammer effect, with complete control over the tool’s movement. They’re lightweight and easy to maneuver, making them ideal for intricate designs or smaller items. However, they can be quite time-consuming and may not provide the same level of precision as desktop tools.

Desktop tools, on the other hand, are typically faster and higher-yielding than their handheld counterparts. They allow you to engrave larger items more quickly and with greater accuracy thanks to their robust motors and high-quality bits. This makes them an excellent choice for commercial or industrial applications where speed and precision are key factors in getting the job done right.

That said, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to engraving tools.

Ornament Type jewelry engraver – Choosing the Right Engraving Tool

When it comes to engraving jewelry, there are different tools that work best depending on the type of ornament you’re working with. For those who primarily deal with rings, a ring engraver that can etch on the inner side of the ring can be incredibly helpful. This allows for personalization without affecting the outer design of the ring.

However, if you also handle bangles and bracelets, a handheld pen-style engraver may be more suitable. These pens allow for more flexibility in terms of where you can place your engravings and are great for adding custom touches to pendants or charms as well.

Regardless of which tool you choose, it’s important to have a steady hand and practice before attempting any intricate designs.

Different engraver tools for different Jewelry Materials

Jewelry-making is an art that requires precision and attention to detail. One of the most important aspects of making jewelry is selecting the right material. While metal is a popular choice, there are other materials such as wood, glass, and fiber that can be used to create unique pieces. The good news is that you don’t need specialized tools for these materials.

When it comes to engraving metal jewelry, fiber, and diode laser engravers are commonly used for their accuracy and speed. They are able to engrave intricate designs on metals like gold, silver, brass, or copper with high precision without damaging the surface of the material. On the other hand, CNC routers or engravers with rotary tips are ideal for carving into harder metals like titanium or stainless steel.

For those looking to make jewelry out of wood or glass, there’s no need for specialized tools either. Just use a standard versatile and low to medium-priced engraver.

How much does jewelry engraving cost

When buying a piece of jewelry, many people want to make it unique and special. One way to achieve this is through engraving. Whether you are looking to add a personal message or simply enhance the design, engraving can transform an ordinary piece of jewelry into a cherished keepsake. But how much does jewelry engraving cost? The answer depends on several factors.

Firstly, the type of engraving plays a significant role in determining the cost. Basic text engravings typically cost less than intricate designs or custom logos. Secondly, the complexity of the design also affects pricing. More detailed and complicated engravings require more time and skill from the engraver, which results in higher costs for the consumer. Lastly, cutting-edge technology may also increase costs as laser engravings tend to be more expensive than traditional hand-engraved pieces.

Also, handheld engraving using an engraving pen may be cheap, but if it is done by a well-known engraver for a custom engraving, then chances are prices will go up.

However, a good rule of thumb the engraving process (laser technology including fiber laser engraver), the technology being used and the name of the person doing it will decide on the final price. Note that engraving will cost between $10 to $100.

#1. Dremel 209-02 Jewlery Engraving Machine

The Dremel Jewelry Engraving Machine is a great versatile device that can laser engrave on all sorts of materials including metals and all types of jewelry. And as a bonus, it is the most affordable jewelry engraving machine, which is highly rated.

Its standout feature is that it can literally engrave on everything which is something many machines just can’t replicate. In fact, it is hard to find a machine that can even engrave metals.

Also, we find that the Shuogou is actually pretty easy and intuitive to use.

Luckily, this DIY kit comes with tons of instruction manuals on how to operate it, which is definitely a relief because not many kits are so user-friendly.

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#2. Mayiya Pneumatic Engraving Machine – Best Pneumatic

The Mayiya Pneumatic Engraving Handpiece is a perfect combination of precision and durability. Made from high-grade alloy metal material, this engraving handpiece boasts an exceptionally sharp edge and wearing resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance. The pack includes 7pcs function bits, which make it an ideal tool for abrasive, engraving, cutting, polishing, carving, and etching.

The round hole design of the engraving handpiece allows for easy insertion of cutting bits, while the chuck ensures quick replacement of bits. This handpiece is specifically designed for use with a pneumatic impact engraving machine, delivering a highly effective and precise engraving output.

In addition to the main handpiece and cutting bits, the package includes a 7pcs chuck, 1 spring, and a hexagon wrench. This engraving handpiece is perfect for professional artists, engravers, or anyone who wants to create high-quality engraving outputs, with ease and precision. Get the Pneumatic Engraving Handpiece with 7pcs Engraving Cutting Bits and elevate your engraving game today.

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#3. OrangeA Ring Engraver – Best for Gold and Silver (not always available)

Another really good option when it comes to the best jewelry engraving machine is the OrangeA Ring Engraver. This machine is specifically engineered for rings and works almost effortlessly.

This machine has 360-degree rotatable jaws, which will fix the ring in place. You can also turn the ring by shaking the handle and adjusting the letter spacing.

With this ring engraver, you can engrave Arabic numerals, uppercase English letters, and a plethora of special signs on the inner side of rings. It is also an excellent Lettering Pen that uses the sharp diamond nib, which can professionally carve gold, silver, and other materials.

Overall, if you are specifically looking to engrave rings, this is your best bet and also the most economical. It is easy to use and learn how to use and will not jam on you.

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#4. DIY CNC Engraving Machine – Easy to use

Next up, we have the DIY CNC Engraving Machine, which is the best jewelry engraving machine for artists, hobbyists, and amateur jewelry makers.

This is truly a do-it-yourself kit that is far superior to hand tools and engraver tools if you have the time and patience to learn the ins and outs.

Also, keep in mind that you have to assemble it from scratch which does take some mechanical skills, but is sort of an entry-level requirement if you want to have a chance at operating this.

There’s also no manual and no instructions, so you basically have to figure everything out on your own. But if you are smart enough, this can be your best friend.

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#5. Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO 3-Axisv – Best for all materials

Lastly, we have the Genmistsu CNC 3018 Pro, which is much better than the previous version, which just couldn’t handle anything metal.

This machine is pretty easy to assemble and only takes about 20 minutes to put together, which is a lot shorter than many of the other brands on the market.

Yes, while we do realize that it is a CNC kit, you can install a smaller cutter on it to get precision cutting for smaller metals like jewelry.

It is capable Of Cutting All Types Of Plastics, Soft Aluminum, Woods, Acrylics, Pvcs, and Pcbs. Note the Genmitsu 3018-Pro Uses Grbl, A High-Performance Open-Source Software For Controlling Movement, and runs on Arduino (a very cheap controller).

Overall, this is a very good jewelry engraver machine for beginners to learn on. It gives you a lot of room for error and is quite durable.

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#6. Makeblock xTool D1 Pro Laser Engraver – Best laser engraving machine

The Makeblock xTool D1 Pro Laser Engraver is a top-of-the-line addition to your workshop, offering incredible precision and power that is sure to impress. One of the standout features of this laser engraver is the ability to add over 340 colors to metal surfaces, allowing for truly stunning designs and images.

The sturdy and long-lasting structure ensures that you’ll be able to rely on this engraver for years to come, while the instant stop feature ensures that you’ll always be safe while using it.

This engraver is also incredibly user-friendly, with software compatibility for both beginners and experts alike. It’s even compatible with a multi-use rotary axis, providing even greater versatility and flexibility.

The diode laser engraver technology ensures that your engravings will be super fine and precise, while the impressive 24,000 mm/m speed ensures that you’ll be able to work quickly and efficiently.

With 60w machine power and 10w output power, this engraver can even cut through a 10mm basswood board and a 5mm black acrylic board in just one pass. If you’re looking for a top-quality laser engraver that offers both precision and power, the Makeblock xTool D1 Pro Laser Engraver is the perfect choice. This is why it has been named the best laser cutter for jewelry (well for printing on hard materials).

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Final words on the best jewelry engraving machine

There are several engraving machines available in the market for various purposes. The Dremel Jewelry Engraving Machine is suitable for home practice jewelers. This engraver is made for handcrafts and has no automation.

On the other hand, the Mayiya Pneumatic Engraving Machine is ideal for professional engraving on metal, glass, and ceramics. The OrangeA Ring Engraver is a portable option for personalizing rings and small objects, including gold and silver.

The DIY CNC Engraving Machine allows for larger and more intricate designs and is tailored for artists, hobbyists, and amateur jewelry makers. The Craftsman Upgrade CNC 3018 Pro is an affordable and versatile option for beginners and professionals alike. Lastly, the Makeblock xTool D1 Pro jewelry laser engraving machine is perfect for high-precision engraving and cutting on a wide range of materials. Ultimately, the choice of engraving machine should be based on your specific needs and preferences.


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