Best Hummingbird Feeder

best hummingbird feeder

More Birds Hummingbird Feeder

The More Birds Vintage is the best hummingbird feeder if you want a classic looking vintage design. Like all hummingbird feeders, this one also contains red to attract the hummingbirds. But instead of having the design all flashy red, it places the 5 feeding orifices as red flowers, so the hummingbirds don’t need to search too hard to find the nectar.


If you enjoy taking care of hummingbirds, feeding them is a rewarding pastime. Hummingbirds are a great part of nature and beautiful to observe in action. By using the best hummingbird feeder, you can attract lots hummingbirds to your feeder, supply them with lots of liquid nourishment as well as make it easy on yourself to clean. Hummingbirds feed off of nectar, which can be made with water and sugar.


In order for them to eat, they must find the food first. Most hummingbird feeders are made of a red color because they are more attracted to this color. You should be able to easily clean and fill your hummingbird feeder as well. We have taken all of these factors into account when we researched and tested various feeders on the market. We have weaved through over a dozen different products and hand tested them in the wild. Please see below for our top recommendations.

Best Hummingbird Feeder Reviews

More Birds Vintage Hummingbird Feeder

best hummingbird feederThe More Birds Vintage is the best bee proof hummingbird feeder if you want a classic looking vintage design. Like all hummingbird feeders, this one also contains red to attract the hummingbirds. But instead of having the design all flashy red, More Birds is more strategic. It places the 5 feeding orifices as red flowers, so the hummingbirds don’t need to search too hard to find the nectar. The More Birds washes easily with regular soap and is quite easy to clean with its wide mouth design.  The metal base can be washed as well and unscrews easily.

We really like the More Birds Feeder for its cool subtle design. It isn’t just made of some red piece of cheap plastic. Its nectar storage is made of clear light green glass and looks pretty awesome. Some people say it has the look and texture of a coke bottle. The feeder holds about 5 fluid ounces of nectar, the nectar is not included but if you are lazy to make you own you should check out the commercial made nectar here.  There’s not much else to say about the More Birds Hummingbird Feeder other than it looks good and supports enough weight on the metal base for multiple hummingbirds.

We ask around and get the inside scoop on the More Birds Vintage feeder. Apparently, it is quite popular amongst the bird watcher forums and is a collector’s item. Many people like it because it has an antique vintage look that can also be used as a decorative piece in your lawn. People cited that they even put this thing in the dishwasher to clean it and nothing bad came out of it. Of course, the most common issue or complaint we heard is that although it is made of glass, you have to be extra careful with it. It does get annoying if it gets blown over and the glass breaks. Because then, you have to clean up the little shards and replace the unit. Other than that, it is definite the best hummingbird feeder around if you want a glass piece.


Schrodt Crystal Spiral Hummingbird Feeder

best hummingbird feeder

If you want the best hummingbird feeder with an artistic look, you should consider the Schrodt Crystal Spiral. It stands about one foot tall and the base is crafted with fine copper. There is a perch on the edge that the birds can stand on while feeding from the Schrodt. The base itself has four flowers cut into it that act as openings so that hummingbirds can suck out nectar. The flowers are engraved in the metal itself and don’t protrude out, so you don’t have to worry about these breaking or anything.

We also like the fact that the vase that contains the nectar is made of a nice red glass. In terms of hummingbird feeders, this is probably towards the larger end. The red glass design seems to do well to attract hummingbirds. Like all hummingbird feeders, this device is not fancy and doesn’t have any working parts. You are simply paying for an artistic design that is easy to clean. Overall, we like the Schrodt for several reasons: it holds more nectar than the average feeder, the glass is clear enough to see your nectar levels, and it looks nice. Schrodt is kind enough to also provide instructions on how to make nectar.

We asked some bird watcher enthusiasts and long term users their thoughts on the Schrodt CSH-F-R Crystal Spiral. Most people said they chose to stick with Schrodt because it has one of the largest capacities out there and it just looks really nice. Many avid users said that even if you don’t put nectar inside, it still looks like a nice piece of ornament around your house. Also, it is quite easy to clean and because it is made of glass, the nectar is quite easy to wash off with soap. Most people said the feeder is made very sturdy and doesn’t break as long as you know how to hang it right. The most common complaint is also what makes it nice. Since it is made of glass, if it does fall during a wild storm, it will break.


First Nature 32-ounce Hummingbird Feeder

best hummingbird feeder

First Nature is the best bee proof hummingbird feeder if you want a simple functional feeder that gets the job done. Let’s face it, there is nothing fancy about this feeder. It is not made of glass or particularly good looking. It is cheap, but it gets the job done. A hummingbird feeder is not like an iphone. There really isn’t anything that differentiates one from another other than looks and ease of cleaning. You can actually make a hummingbird feeder yourself, but since it is the First Nature is so cheap, you might as well just pay a few bucks for it.

This thing stands 11 inches tall, holds 32 ounces of nectar, and has 10 feeding ports. It so made of solid red plastic and can support the weight of 10 hummingbirds at one time. Unfortunately it does not come with nectar so you have to either have to buy your own and make it yourself. Also, there were no signs of leaking when we tested it. For the price range, this is an extremely functional hummingbird feeder. The only thing you need to get over is how bad and cheap it looks.

When we asked a few users of the First Nature 32 Ounce hummingbird feeder, we got mostly positive reviews. Many people praised the fact that it had 10 feeding ports and can sustain a lot of weight. One user said he had 15 or so hummingbirds perched on this feeder at one time. For a little gadget made of plastic, this is quite a lot of birds to support. A couple of people did mention that they didn’t really like the fact that it was made of rather cheap plastic. But then again, for this price, you are getting some good value for your dollar. We don’t think the cheap plastic effects the durability of the feeder too much.


Perky-Pet 203CPBN Pinch Waist Glass Hummingbird Feeder 

best hummingbird feeder

Perky-Pet makes a very nice hummingbird feeder that really attracts lots of hummingbirds. First of all, it is bright red and definitely stands out for birds of all types. Perky Pet comes with a 8 ounce nectar capacity, which is big enough to last several weeks. The nectar is taken in at the yellow flower core, which is made of plastic and has holes built to accommodate hummingbirds. The base has four artificial flowers, which also act as feeding areas. These flowers are bright red and with a yellow center, that really seems to attract hummingbirds.

A good thing about the Perky-Pet is the amount of protection it has against other insects getting into the nectar. It has built in bee guards to prevent bees from getting to your nectar supply.  The bee guard also opens up if you want to wash it off. The Perky-Pet also has a built in ant moat that helps keeps the ants away.

The base of the hummingbird feeder is meant to come apart for easy cleaning. This allows you to easily keep the feeder cleans and filled so that you can ensure hummingbirds come back for more. In general, you should be cleaning your feeder once every two weeks or so. This also depends on what kind of climate and environment you are in.  If you buy the Perky-Pet 203CPBN, it also comes with a supply of free nectar. This means you don’t have to go through the trouble of trying to make your own.


Stokes Select Ruby Prism Hummingbird Feeder

best hummingbird feeder

The Stokes Select Ruby Prism Hummingbird Feeder is always a nice choice if you have decided on getting something to attract hummingbirds. It is one of those devices that looks good both for you and the hummingbirds. It comes in a nice attractive and sleek modern design. The nectar container is made of a rub prism and definitely does not feel like cheap plastic. So don’t worry, as this thing will definitely weather the storm. The ruby is made of a polycarbonate that is durable and shatter proof.

Additionally, the base is quite sturdy as it is made of stainless steel. There are also four flowers attached to the base which act as the feeding portals. These flowers are pretty sturdy and locked in place, so all pretty weather resistant. There is nothing too fancy about the Stokes Select Hummingbird feeder. So no small openings or crazy lock mechanisms that you need to fiddle around with.

There is a reason why the Stokes Select continues to be the brand of choice for many homes and birdwatchers. It is a nice piece of art and it definitely attracts the most amount of hummingbirds. Also, Stokes Select will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales to helps birds out in nature. So this is a win for the birds and a win for you.

This unit comes with a 24 oz nectar capacity, which is more than enough capacity to last at least a week. It has a wide mouth opening which allows it to be filled very easily. The feeder base also comes apart quite easily for cleaning. Additionally, there is a leak resistant seal to prevent the nectar from dripping all over the place. All in all, if you want to have a nice looking hummingbird feeder that goes a great job attracting them, you should give Stokes Select a try.


What is the Best Hummingbird Feeder?

Since hummingbird feeders are not very technical, there is no real way to create any quantifiable ranking factors. There are some aspects that make one feeder better than another. Generally you should be buying hummingbird feeders that are easy to clean. Since nectar left out on the open is prone to germs, it is crucial to constantly maintain fresh nectar. Also, you should probably get a hummingbird feeder that does a good job attracting hummingbirds.

Usually hummingbirds like the color red, but equally it doesn’t have to be all over the feeder. You should also factor in quality of the materials used and looks. Sure a plastic feeder will function and hold nectar just as easily has a glass feeder, but a glass feeder is more durable and simply looks better. Finally, you need to find a hummingbird feeder that is big enough for your needs. If you plan on attracting lots of hummingbirds, you should be getting a bigger feeder.

What are Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are tiny little birds that have extremely high metabolisms. They can weigh less than a penny and hover in the air rapidly, often beating their wings up to 50 times a second. Because of their high metabolism, they constantly need energy and food. To conserve energy, they often do into a state called torpor where their metabolism dramatically slows down.

Hummingbirds are known for their sharp beaks and for being able to hover over object by rapidly flapping their wings. Humans often find hummingbirds fascinating and they have become a mainstream part of bird watching. By using the best hummingbird feeder, you can attracts tons of hummingbirds to your feeder, get some great photos, and observe them feed on nectar. It really is a beauty to watch.

Hummingbird Food

Out in the wild, hummingbirds feast on bugs and nectar. Since flower nectar is around 1/5 table sugar, it is quite easy to reproduce nectar in your kitchen. If you are making nectar yourself, just mix 4 parts water to one part sugar. Try to use natural high quality sugar like cane sugar. Definitely try not to use artificial sweeteners.

There is no need to get fancy and add other materials in your nectar. Since homemade nectar is a rich growth medium, it is also a great grow environment for germs, mold, and bacteria. You should be changing your nectar frequently and cleaning your container as well.  Generally, you should be changing nectar and cleaning your container every 4-5 days. However, in scorching heat of 85+ degrees, you should probably change out every other day. If you notice your nectar turning milky, change it out immediately.

Feeder Placement

We recommend you put the hummingbird in the shade where it will keep cool for longer. If it is hanging out in the sun for too long, it will likely go bad sooner. You can also hang the hummingbird feeder outside your window so you can see the hummingbirds feed without even going outside. You should also place the feeder in a place with lots of overhead protection, preferably below thick trees. When it rains, snows, or storms, without proper protection above your hummingbird feeder may end up on the ground and destroyed.

Dealing with Pests

Ants and bees are probably your worst enemy because hummingbirds will don’t dip into the nectar if there are tons of other creatures in them. To deal with this, you can purchase an ant spray or bug spray and place it around the feeder. The smell will turn away most small bugs and will be unscented for the hummingbirds. Bees are harder to deal with as they tend to like to fight with hummingbirds for nectar. They are also sometimes immune to bug sprays. The best way to deal with bees is to make sure there is no dripping or leaks.



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