Best Ham Radio Antenna Reviews

#1.Solarcon I-MAX 2000 Ham Radio Antenna

For those who are interested in the best ham radio antenna, the Solarcon I-Max 2000 Ham Radio Antenna is definitely a nice solution. This antenna gives you a very clear reception and transmission with a very solid range. Also, it is built very sturdy and durable, despite its 24-foot wingspan. For the performance and quality, the price is definitely worth it.

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Best Ham Radio Antenna

#1.Solarcon I-MAX 2000 Ham Radio Antenna

When it comes to the best ham radio antenna, the Solarcon I-Max 2000 Ham Radio Antenna is certainly a nice option. This is a full 5/8-wave antenna that handles 5000 watts. Overall, we say that this is a great antenna that works well right out of the box. It gets unbelievably clear reception and transmission in a very solid range and has a very good build quality.

In fact, one of the standout features is that it can withstand some serious weather and winds, even though it is a very long antenna. The full length is 24 feet and it comes in three easy-to-assemble sections. Overall, this is just a nice and sturdy ham radio antenna that is one of the highest gain fiberglass antennas on the market. And it works with the IMAXGPK ground plane.

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#2.VFAN Ham Radio Antenna

Next up, we have the VFAN Ham Radio Antenna, which is the best ham radio antenna for those who have a dual-band magnet mount antenna with up to 3 dB of gain. It is designed to be used with ham radios and handheld radios and is meant to be mounted to any vehicle with a steel body. And just an FYI, it mounts vertically and is omnidirectional.

Furthermore, we find it pretty easy to mount to your car and it includes some heavy-duty rare earth magnets to really hold it in place. In general, we find the magnet strength quite strong. Overall, we would say that this ham radio antenna works pretty well and is durable enough for most people. Our only complaint is that the coaxial cable cord could be a little longer.

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#3.Eightwood Dual Band Ham Radio Antenna

Another great option when it comes to the best ham radio antenna is the Eightwood Dual Band Ham Radio Antenna. The operating frequencies in uhf and vhf are as follows – VHF:136-174MHZ; UHF:400-470MHZ. Also, please keep in mind that this antenna is pre-tuned for 144 & 430 MHz. What we really like about this antenna is that it just does a tremendous job of boosting your range and reception.

Also, we find that it is such a great value for such a small antenna. It is durable enough to last a long time and can even take some serious damage due to extreme weather conditions. All in all, this is a nice cheap antenna to have and is perfect for two-way ham radio. There’s also a nice and sturdy magnetic mount base.

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#4.ANLI Ham Radio Antenna

The Anli Ham Radio Antenna is another industry classic that is a pretty good amateur radio mobile antenna. It stands around 3.3 feet tall and it comes pre-tuned. We really like it because it does really well in less-than-optimum ground situations. Also, it has a pretty high gain and is rated at a 3.2/5.5 dB gain.

Overall, this unit works really well and is easy to install with no huge adjustments required. The price is also pretty good for this ham radio dual band UHF/VHF antenna. We find the durability to be a bit better than the Eightwood and VFAN antennas that we mentioned above. While it is clearly not on the same level as Solarcon, it doesn’t try to compete with it.

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#5.Workman Magnetic Mobile Antenna Ham Radio

Lastly, we have the Workman Magnetic Mobile Antenna Ham Radio. It has a nice and low profile and quite a flexible antenna which makes it easily clear overhead obstacles. Included in this set is a magnet mount with a high-quality 12ft coax cable and a PL-259 connector. The instructions are not very clear but if you know what you are doing, you can easily install it.

The quality and durability are both acceptable, but we don’t find them particularly noteworthy. What we do like is that it does a great job of boosting signal range and clarity. And it just seems to do this a bit better than most of the competition. In other words, for the small and compact style, the antenna’s range is surprisingly good.

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