Best Electricians Knife

#1. SOG Pocket Knife Wire Stripper

The SOG Pocket Knife is clearly the best electrician’s knife in our opinion because it is just fully loaded with options. This knife comes with a very durable and sharp blade along with many ways to strip wires, from tiny wires all the way up to large ones. Also, there is a generous lifetime warranty.

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Best Electricians Knife

SOG Pocket Knife Wire Stripper

#1.SOG Pocket Knife Wire Stripper

When it comes to the best electrician’s knife, we can think of no better choice than the SOG Pocket Knife Wire Stripper. This knife is basically built like a tank and has a wire stripper built in. What makes this knife stand out amongst the competition is that it has an incredibly sharp and durable blade along with three wiring stripping options, which other knives don’t have.

The knife blade itself is made of a 3.4-inch australian-8 stainless steel which is a code word for pretty freakin strong. Also, it has a conventional wire stripper for wires from 10-22 AWG. Next, there are spring-loaded UTP strippers and a three-hole stripper for large cables. Finally, just note that there is a lifetime warranty.

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#2.Electrician’s Pocket Knife Klein Tools

We really like the Klein Tools Pocket Knife and think that it is the best electrician’s knife for those who want a well-pricing knife that is also pretty good a stripping out wires. So first and foremost, this knife is equipped with the ability to strip out wires with sizes 14-10 AWG, which is a pretty decent range. It is nothing like the SOG knife but it gets the job done.

Next, it features a Satin 440A stainless steel drop point blade, which is basically pretty durable, long-lasting, and stays sharp for a long time. Finally, in terms of usability, it features dual thumb studs for one handed opening and an anodized aluminum handle for corrosion resistance.

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#3.Morakniv Craftline Electrician Trade Knife

The Morakniv Craftline is certainly a nice little electrician’s knife for scaling cable or electrical wire. It features a short but very powerful, accurate, and sharp stainless steel blade. Its standout feature is probably the fact that the blade features a double ground spur, which means it can be used by both left and right-handers.

Next, we really like it because it has an ergonomic, double-molded handle with a high-friction grip, which means you will get a firm grip without slipping out. And in this business, control and proper leverage are key to getting a job done right. Also, it comes with a hard plastic sheath with a belt clip.

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#4.Lansky Utility Electricians Knife

For those looking for the best electrician’s knife while being on a budget, the Lansky Utility Knife is certainly a great option. After trying so many cheap electrician knives that weren’t sharp at all and broke after using some serious force, we were ready to give up.

Luckily, we found the Lansky Knife, which happened to be really cheap but also ended up performing decently well on wiring cutting. There is a wire stripper notch included. We also like the fact that it has insulated black handles which gives you a pretty decent grip on things and gives you a fair amount of control.

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Stanley Proto Electrician's Knife

#5. Stanley Proto Electrician’s Knife

The Stanley Proto Electrician’s Knife is perfect for anybody who wants a small compact multi-functional knife with a stripping blade. It features a spear blade, a stripping blade, a self-locking combination screwdriver, and an insulation cutter and wire scraper blade, which is already plenty to get most jobs done.

Our biggest complaint with this knife is that the different blades are a bit tough to open and close and to lock into position. It is definitely a bit tough to do with gloves on. If you have tried various electrician knives out there and none of them seem to fit your style, you should definitely give the Stanley Proto a go.

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