Best Drill Bits

1. Dewalt Titanium Drill Set

The Dewalt Titanium Set is the best drill bit if you want value.  Dewalt is a well-known company in the tools space and every they make is pretty solid. We think the price/quality ratio is especially in your favor here. You get titanium-coated bits at a great entry-level price. This is a 21-piece titanium-coated steel drill bit set that consists of twist bits.


Why do you want the Best Drill Bits?

best drill bitWhen you are drilling into any type of material whether it is metal, wood, glass, masonry, or tiles, you need to carefully select the correct bit so that you can bore the hole that you intended with ease.  With the best drill bits, you ensure that you can create the perfect hole for everything. Drill bits come in many sizes and shapes and are attached to an electric drill that rotates the bits at high speeds.

In general, you want to look for a drill bit set that has a wide selection of different drill bits as well as a set that lasts a long time. You probably want to factor in the cost as well. The high-end drill bits are usually coated so they stay sharper longer. They also are made of stronger materials and tend not to snap easily. We have taken to a wide selection of drill bit sets and analyzed their durability and efficacy on a bunch of materials. Please see below for our top recommendations.

Best Drill Bits Review

  1. Dewalt Titanium Pilot Point Drill Bit Set – 21 Piece (Top Pick)
  2. Wilmar Performance Tool Master Drill Bit Set- 204 Piece 
  3. Dewalt Cobalt Pilot-Point Drill Bit Set- 29-Piece 

1. Dewalt Titanium Pilot Point Drill Bit Set – 21 Piece (Top Pick)

The Dewalt Titanium Set is the best drill bit if you want value.  Dewalt is a well-known company in the tools space and every they make is pretty solid. We think the price/quality ratio is especially in your favor here. You get titanium-coated bits at a great entry-level price. This is a 21-piece titanium-coated steel drill bit set that consists of twist bits. The size ranges from 1/16 inch to ½ inch, so enough range for all types of holes and projects.

These drill bits are designed for wood and plastic, but we also tested them on metal, which works alright although the bits do tend to wear down much faster. In terms of masonry and concrete, we would suggest using another set of drill bits.

The titanium coating really helps with the durability and prevents the bit from getting scratched. In terms of fitting into a drill, most are straight shanks, some are hex shanks, and some are round. So basically, most types of drills with Jacobs-type chucks can fit these drill bits. Overall, this is a great basic set of twist drill bits that you should have around your house for basic repairs and do-it-yourself projects. If you are a professional and looking for more specialized bits to drill into harder material, we suggest you look somewhere else.


2. Wilmar Performance Tool Master Drill Bit Set- 204 Piece 

If you are looking for the best drill bits and want a lot of variety, we recommend you look at the Wilmar Performance Tool W1368 Set. This is an astounding 204-piece set and includes all types of bits for every situation you can possibly think of. This kit includes a titanium-coated drill bit, pilot bits, wood Dorin bits, flat wood bits, masonry bits, hole saws, bit drivers, drill stoppers, nail setters, and more.  Wilmar Performance Tool even throws in some screwdriver bits in there with the mix.

It comes with a cool carry case as well. In terms of quality, let’s be honest, you can’t really expect great durability with all that you are getting here. Of course, they wear down sooner than a Dewalt bit and sometime the smaller thinner bits may even break if you use enough force. However, they are definitely brittle like some people claim. They don’t just break like twigs. Most of the bits are titanium coated and made of steel.

We think this tool set is perfect for the everyday handyman as a backup set. We would buy high-quality drill bits for the main ten or so bit sizes you use regularly. For the odd job or the situation where you need a very specific type of hole or dealing with tough material, the Performance Toolset really comes in handy.  The 204-piece set really offers the lowest dollar per drill set, so it is the ultimate value as well as selection. So they are not built to last, but how often will you be using all 204 pieces?


3. Dewalt Cobalt Pilot-Point Drill Bit Set- 29-Piece 

best drill bitsThe Dewalt 29-Piece Cobalt Set is the best drill bit if you are looking for a premium set.  We think Dewalt makes some of the top drill bits on the market and their premium cobalt-coated set is a good representation of quality. You should look into this set if you are going for maximum speed and life in a drill bit. With the Dewalt Cobalt set you get 29 pilot point cobalt drill bits ranging from 1/16 of an inch to ½ of an inch.

The pilot point tip ensures the makes the initial contact is clean and accurate so you don’t get crooked holes. The Cobalt plating is much more durable than the standard titanium coating, which makes it tough enough to go through metal. We even tried them on masonry, which kind of worked but damaged the bits.

You will need special masonry bits if you are serious about drilling holes in brick. In terms of drill compatibility, there are no hex ends: only flats and round ends.  These bits have a no-spin shank so you don’t have to do any bit of spinning into the chuck. There is a tapered web for added durability and size marking above the shank so that these markings don’t wear away over time. Overall, this Dewalt Cobalt makes some of the best drill bits in terms of quality, but keep in mind that you are also paying up for this quality.


What is a Drill Bit?

best drill bitsA drill bit is a piece of metal that is attached to the end of the drill and used to make holes in different types of material. It is made of four major parts: the shank, the lip, the flute, and the tip. The Shank is the non-working end of the drill bit and is the part that fits into the drill’s chuck. The lip is the cutting edge of the drill bit and the flute are grooves along the drill bit that help eject material.

The tip is pretty self-explanatory in that it is the working end of the bit that cuts into your material. Drill bits are also defined by four different characteristics: spiral, point angle, lip angle, and length. The spiral is also known as the rate of twist and is associated with the rate of chip removal. The point angle is the angle formed at the tip of the bit and the most common point angle of a twist drill bit is 118 degrees. Harder materials generally require larger point angles.

The lip angle is the amount of support for the cutting edge. A higher lip angle generally means your drill bit will cut more aggressively. Finally, the length of the drill bit determines the depth of the drilled hole as well as the strength of the bit, and the accuracy. This is just a very high-level overview. Drill bit geometry is not easy and a lot of science goes into forming the best drill bits!

The Different Types of Drill Bits

best drill bitsTwist Bits

These are the most common type of drill bits. They have pointy ends and helical flutes to help spit out material from the hole being made. The reason they are popular is because they are extremely versatile and work on a wide variety of materials. They come in many sizes and are generally pretty cheap.

Step Drills

Also known as a unit, it has a bit of an arrow-type shape with staircase flutes on the sides. The tip can be pointy or blunt depending on what you are trying to use it for. They work great on sheet metal and construction.

Hole Saw

These are basically saw blades bent into a circle. There is also a twist bit in the middle to keep the entire thing centered. Hole saw drill bits are unique in that they only cut around the outside and leave a bit of solid material in the middle.


These drill bits are used to form holes with a flat bottom, such as for cupboard hinges.

Tile Bit

It is a drill bit designed for drilling into ceramic tiles and glass as it has a ground tungsten carbide tip.

Masonry bit

These drill bits are special bits designed for drilling into masonry such as brick, stone, concrete, and block.

Screwdriver drill bits

These bits are designed to fit into a screwdriver and usually have hexagonal shanks.

What are Drill Bits Made Of?

The best drill bits are generally made of a steel mixture with other strengthening elements such as chrome or vanadium.  The steel can range from very soft to very hard. Soft low carbon steel is generally the cheapest and also the most common. They frequently need sharpening and are only really suitable for drilling into wood. Then you have harder materials such as high carbon steel and cobalt steel alloys that are more durable and can be used in both wood and metal. Finally, you have tungsten carbide or polycrystalline diamond, which are pretty much the hardest materials known to mankind. These drill sets are very expensive but cut through anything.

You also have various types of coatings, which strengthen the drill bits, make them corrosion-resistant, and well as extend the cutting life. Black oxide is probably the most common and cheapest type of coating. It makes the drill bit more heat resistant and extends the life of the bit. Titanium coating is also common and a bit more durable than black oxide coating. It can extend the cutting life of your drill bit by 3-4x. They are also more expensive than black oxide bits. Finally, you have cobalt coating bits that can withstand higher temperatures without losing their edge. They are extremely durable and greatly extend the life of your bit. However, the trade-off is they are quite expensive.



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