Best Contact Microphone

#1. Korg CM200BK Clip-On Contact Microphone

No list of the best contact microphone can be complete without mentioning the Korg CM200BK, which has become a bit of an industry standard.

The connection between this mi and cable is extremely durable, so there’s no risk of breakage.

Also, it is just very efficient at transmitting sound and overall just works better than most other brands out there.

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What is the Best Contact Microphone?

There is no such thing as a single best contact microphone. That’s why we have listed the top 5 contact microphones with provided a review for each and every one of these.

  1. Korg CM200BK Clip-On Contact Microphone
  2. DerBlue 8 Pcs Piezo Contact Mic Pickup
  3. SUNYIN Transducer Contact Microphone
  4. Imelod Contact Microphone
  5. Andoer Piezo Contact Microphone

#1. Korg CM200BK Clip-On Contact Microphone

If you are searching for the best contact microphone, look no further. The Korg CM200BK is at the top of its game and we consider it not only great value but also excellent quality.

The CM200BK is a piezo clip-on microphone that’s designed mostly for tuners and can be attached to the bell of a brass instrument, guitar, or even the bridge of a violin.

This contact mic is an absolute lifesaver because it solves the problem when the built-in mic your tuner might have difficulty detecting the sound of your instrument.

In our opinion, the cable transmits sound very efficiently and is more flexible than most of the other brands out there. It also fits better and there’s more space to attach your instrument.

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#2. DerBlue 8 Pcs Piezo Contact Mic Pickup

Next, we have the DerBlue 8 Piece Piezo Contact Mic Pickup, which is the best contact microphone if you want a piezo transducer system with top performance and a wide-range.

Overall, this contact mic set works very nice and sounds just as nice as some of the more expensive ones out there. It also looks quite nice and is of great value for your money.

It does a pretty good job of amplifying pretty much any instrument and we find the sound very clear. They are also quite sensitive and come with 8 complete units. Also, we like the fact that it is able to eliminate interfering external sounds without being influenced by sound reflections from objects near it.

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#3. SUNYIN Transducer Contact Microphone

Another great option when it comes to the best contact microphone is the SUNYIN branded one. We really like it because it is incredibly easy to use and to install – just stick it near your instrument’s sound hole. The sound is pretty decent and for the price, you won’t be able to find a better deal. Although it is a Chinese gadget, we don’t think that it is at all cheaply made or poorly designed.

We like the fact that it is small and barely even noticeable, making it great for those who don’t want to draw too much attention. Overall, we say it sound clear, warm, and crisp. Furthermore, we really like how there’s a 90 day no questions asked refund policy on the item so rest assured that if you don’t like it you can return it.

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#4. Imelod Contact Microphone

The Imelod Contact Microphone is designed for those with a budget in mind. This thing makes out top 5 list because it is just so easy to use and is pocket-sized.

This little thing works by contacting with the sound source directly and avoiding all external sounds that aren’t directly in contact with the source. It is a great little sensitive device that gets the job done.

Although you can certainly find better options out there in terms of quality and performance, if you are just looking for a quick and easy fix without breaking the bank, then the Imelod is your answer.

The quality is more than acceptable, although, for those who are very nitpicky, it may not work. It comes with double-sided tape and self-adhesive velcro for mounting options.

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#5. Andoer Piezo Contact Microphone

an-do-er Piezo Contact Microphone Pickup for Guitar Violin Banjo Mandolin UkuleleLastly, we have the Andoer Piezo Contact Microphone, which is a nice and cheap little device that does a good job of picking up sound in direct contact with the sound source.

We like how you can carry these anywhere with you as they simply just fit into your pocket. And for most people, it is good enough and produces a pretty good sound already.

Please keep in mind that a lot of the sound quality comes in where you place the pickup.

But overall, the sound is decent, although we find that the treble is a bit high and you’ll need to EQ through the amp.

You can go out there and spending hundreds of dollars on a crazy contact mic setup, or you can spend a fraction of it on this one with 80% of the same results.

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